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The 2015 Halloween event is a seasonal event that began on October 9, 2015[1] and ended on November 2, 2015.[2] The event's content was split into two updates fittingly known as "Trick" and "Treat".

The "Trick" Update was released on October 9, 2015[1] and the "Treat" Update was released on October 11, 2015.[2]


The "Trick" Update introduced the first ever lobby reskin as well as skellingtons and "other features." The lobby also contained the song, "Spooky Scary Skeletons" made by WeeWeeGaming.

Image Lobby
Main Lobby Halloween 2015-16 Main Lobby


The "Treat Update" introduced seasonal mystery boxes with Halloween boxes being available from October 11, 2015 to 00:00 November 2, 2015 EST. A total of 17 Halloween-themed cosmetics (pieces of a suit are different cosmetics) were available to earn from the Halloween mystery boxes.


Halloween mystery boxes are only available during the Halloween season/event. They can be obtained rarely—about once every three days—through playing games, through the delivery man (or "Spooky Man" for Halloween) who gives extra boxes to ranked players, or on the Hypixel store through a Halloween bundle. VIP and VIP+ players are able to claim an additional 7 Halloween boxes, and MVP and MVP+ are able to claim an additional 14 Halloween boxes.

More info[]

Unlike normal mystery boxes, Halloween boxes do not have a star count and thus all are able to be opened by any player, regardless of their rank. They are also bonus/extra, so Halloween boxes do not affect the drop rate of normal mystery boxes.

Halloween content also stays on the player's account even when it is not the Halloween season forever.

Halloween Mystery Boxes from The Spooky Man

Halloween Mystery Boxes from The Spooky Man


Rarity Name
Rare Bat Launcher Gadget
Ghast Hat
Pig Zombie Hat
Skull Hat
Vampire Suit Boots
Epic Evil Pumpkin Hat
Marionette Hat
Skeleton Morph
Vampire Suit Chestplate
Vampire Suit Leggings
Witch Pet
Legendary Haunted Mansion Theme (Housing)
Scarecrow Gadget
Skeleton Horse Pet
Vampire Suit Helmet
Vampire Wings Cloak
Witch Morph

Note: Full Vampire Suit Bonus: Allows the wearer to turn into a bat when they fly.


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