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The 2020 Easter event was a server-wide event that began on April 7, 2020, and ended on May 7, 2020.[1] This event introduced Easter Mystery Boxes, a new arcade game (Easter Simulator), new cosmetics in Collectibles, SkyBlock, SkyWars, Bed Wars, and Murder Mystery, and introduced new maps/map reskins, while also reintroducing reskins for the Main Lobby and Bed Wars, Easter Egg hunts, and older Easter maps.

Easter Bundles[]

Easter Bundles went on sale for the Easter event, and exclusive items were introduced alongside the bundles, with the Lil Easter Bundle and Big Easter Bundle containing three new collectibles; the Swarm Cloak, Damage Indicators Click Effect, and Buggy Companion. The Buggy Companion and Damage Indicators Click Effect can be found in both bundles, but the Swarm Cloak can only be found in the Big Easter Bundle.

Egg Hunt[]

The Egg Hunt returns from the 2019 Easter event, with 22 eggs to collect in the Main Lobby. Collecting all 22 eggs will reward an achievement (All Eggs (2020)), along with a prize of 20,000 Hypixel Experience, 5,000 Bed Wars Coins, 5,000 SkyWars Coins, 5,000 Murder Mystery Coins, and 50,000 Arcade Coins.

Easter Simulator[]


Easter Simulator is a new Arcade game released alongside the start of the event. It is based off the Grinch Simulator Arcade game available during Holiday events. In Easter Simulator, eggs are hidden around houses scattered across the map, and collecting them will count towards the player's score. The player with the most eggs found when the time is up wins the game.

Easter Mystery Boxes[]

Easter Mystery Boxes are a new type of Mystery Box, being the first type of Mystery Box to be introduced since the Golden Mystery Boxes on June 1, 2018.[2] The Easter Mystery Boxes are given to players with ranks, with four Easter Mystery Boxes available for each rank. The Easter Mystery Boxes introduce new and exclusive collectibles, including new cloaks, pets, particle packs, hats, etc. Easter Mystery Boxes can also be purchased on the Hypixel Store, with prices slightly higher than normal Mystery Boxes.

List of collectibles[]

Name Category Rarity
Monarch Wings Cloaks Legendary
Easter Egg
Growing Zombie Pets Epic
Spring Particle Packs
Rabbit Hat Hats Rare
Easter Egg Hat
Lady Bug Hat
Bee Hat
Chicken Suit Helmet Suits Legendary
Chicken Suit Chestplate Epic
Chicken Suit Leggings
Chicken Suit Boots Rare
Easter Egg Helmet Legendary
Easter Egg Chestplate Epic
Easter Egg Leggings
Easter Egg Boots Rare
Tree Planter Gadget Rare
Rabbit Morphs Epic
Easter Egg Click Effect
Grand Plains Housing Themes Legendary
Egg Workshop
Spring Village Epic
Easter Egg Village Rare

SkyBlock cosmetics[]

The event brought new and exclusive cosmetics to SkyBlock that are available exclusively to players with ranks. These cosmetics can be collected at the Bunny Man NPC in the Hub.

List of SkyBlock cosmetics[]

Name Category Rank
Golden Egg Sprays MVP++
The Wrong Eggs
Rabbit Costume MVP+
Easter Creeper
Bunny GG MVP
Easter Eggs
Egg Hunt VIP+
Chocolate Feast
Egg Surprise VIP
Easter Basket
Bunny Jerry Furniture MVP++
Chick Nest MVP+
Bunny MVP
Easter Basket VIP+
Egg Pile VIP
Lady Bug Minion Skins MVP++
Bunny MVP+

Easter Loot Chests[]

Easter Loot Chests return from earlier Easter events for SkyWars and Bed Wars, though making a new appearance for Murder Mystery. These Loot Chests can be obtained from the Hypixel Store, and grant event-exclusive cosmetics when opened. These cosmetics can also be purchased from the cosmetic shop for the desired game. New cosmetics were introduced to games, along with cosmetics from previous events.

New cosmetics[]

Name Game Category Rarity
Swarm SkyWars, Bed Wars, Murder Mystery Victory Dance Legendary
Golden Egg Sprays/Kill Notes Epic
Egg Surprise
Easter Basket Rare
Egg Hunt
Rabbit Costume
Bunny GG Common
Squeal Death Cries Rare
Eggy Kill Messages/Last Words Epic
Buzz Rare
Raining Eggs SkyWars and Bed Wars Kill Effects Epic
Hatching Egg
Bunny in a Suit Bed Wars Shopkeeper Skins
Bunny Costume Rare
This is Fine Glyphs Legendary
Party Rare
Bunny Guy
Big Smile Common
Lady Bug Bed Destroys Legendary
Eggsplosion Epic
Tulips Island Toppers Legendary
Rabbit Ears Epic
Carrot Rare
Easter Basket (Boat) Murder Mystery Knife Skins Legendary
Prickly (Rose Bush)
Chick SkyWars Balloons Epic
Creeper Egg Rare
Carrot Common
Painted Egg


This year's Easter event introduced two new maps for SkyWars and Bed Wars, those being Easter Isle (EggIsle) for SkyWars Solo/Doubles, and Easter Basket for Bed Wars Solo/Doubles. Three maps are also brought back from previous years, those being Egg Hunt for Bed Wars Solo/Doubles, Pralines for SkyWars Solo/Doubles, and Easter World for Murder Mystery.


There are 41 Easter 2020 Achievements, giving a total of 430 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
All Eggs (2020) Find all easter eggs in the Main Lobby 15
Faster than Wind Find 40 eggs in one Easter Simulator game 15
Close Enough? Win a game of SkyWars using the Frog Kit 10
Genius Summoner Spawn a rabbit in Blitz Survival Games 10
The Crowd Goes Boom Kill 2 players using grenades in a Defusal game of Cops and Crims 10
Egg Layers Lay 50 eggs with the Chicken Hat in SkyBlock 10
Secret Easter Egg Acquire the secret easter egg (/easter ) 10
Check Your Produce Kill 3 survivors in one game while holding the carrot/carrot-on-a-stick Knife Skin in Murder Mystery Classic 10
Golden Survival Craft a Cornucopia in UHC 10
Fill the Void Throw 3 players in the void using eggs in a game of SkyWars 10
What Have We Done? Bring 10 or more Zombies close to a Growing Zombie Pet 10
A Tower Ain't One Spawn 99 chickens in a game of Tower Wars 10
Patient Hunter Spawn a Chicken Jockey using the Hunter passive in Mega Walls 10
Egg Betrayer Kill a Chicken with eggs in SkyBlock 5
Cluckindoshin Kill 3 different players in a game of Smash Heroes using General Cluck 5
Environmental Protection Grow a tree in Hypixel Says 5
Egg Assault Kill a Zombie with eggs in SkyBlock 5
Turbo Chicken Racers Win the flying chicken race in Arcade Party Games 5
At Least I got Paintball Activate the Leeroy Jenkins killstreak in Paintball 5
Inner Rabbit Use a Mars Potion on the map Archives Top Floor in Murder Mystery. 5
Does it Count? Click the dragon egg in the Dragon Egg event in The Pit 5
What's This? Bring a Zombie Pet close to a Growing Zombie Pet 5
Happy Easter (2020) Login on Easter Sunday 2020 5
Jumpstart Investment Buy 3 Jump Boost potions in a game of Bed Wars 5
The Chase Begins (2020) Find an Easter Egg in the Main Lobby 5
Modern Problems Kill a vampire while holding a carrot in VampireZ 5

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Egg Finder I Find 20 eggs in Easter Simulator 5
II Find 100 eggs in Easter Simulator 10
III Find 240 eggs in Easter Simulator 15
IV Find 600 eggs in Easter Simulator 20
V Find 1,200 eggs in Easter Simulator 25
Egg Thrower I Throw 8 eggs 5
II Throw 32 eggs 10
III Throw 128 eggs 15
IV Throw 512 eggs 20
V Throw 2,048 eggs 25
Master Tracker I Win 5 games of Easter Simulator 5
II Win 10 games of Easter Simulator 10
III Win 15 games of Easter Simulator 15
IV Win 25 games of Easter Simulator 20
V Win 50 games of Easter Simulator 25