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Image promoting the 2020 Lunar New Year event.

The 2020 Lunar New Year event is a server-wide event that began on January 21, 2020, in celebration of the Chinese new year.[1] It is set to end one week from the start of the event.


Limited Time Collectibles[]

Three new cosmetics are now available for a limited time as part of the event. They can be purchased with gold in the Ingame Store.

Cosmetic Type Rarity Price
Artemis Cloak Cloak Legendary 500 Gold
Mice Gadget Gadget Legendary 500 Gold
Lunar Particle Pack Particle pack Epic 250 Gold

Loot Chests[]

In previous years, lunar loot chests were only available for Bed Wars. In this event, SkyWars and Murder Mystery have received lunar loot Chests with special cosmetics, with each game having some exclusive cosmetics for their unique categories. Cosmetics from previous years are also available in chests and cosmetic shops.

Seasonal Quests[]

Five special quests are available for five different games as part of the event, one quest per game. These quests can be completed until the event ends, and can only be completed once. The five games with special quests are SkyWars, Bed Wars, Murder Mystery, Mega Walls, and The TNT Games.

Lunar Maps[]

Several maps and reskins from previous years were brought back into rotation for the lunar event. Maps are available for Duels, SkyWars, Quakecraft, and Bed Wars.