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The 2020 Summer event was a network-wide event that began on June 16, 2020 and ended on September 8, 2020.[1] This event introduced a new Arcade Game (Scuba Simulator), new Summer Bundle cosmetics, a new Fishing Hut section in the Main Lobby, Summer cosmetics for SkyBlock, new Summer Achievements, and an In-Game Store redesign. The event also reintroduces the Summer-themed Main Lobby and Golden Mystery Boxes/Bed Wars Loot Chests.

Summer Bundles[]

Summer Bundles went on sale for the Summer event, and exclusive items have been introduced or reintroduced in the bundles. Summer Bundle 1 and Summer Bundle 2 are the two new bundles, with some similar and some unique cosmetics. Summer Bundle 1 contains the Bouncy Sheep Companion and Little You Companion, and Summer Bundle 2 contains the Flying Squid Pet, Bouncy Sheep Pet, Storm Cloak, and Little You Companion.

Scuba Simulator[]

Scuba Simulator is a new Arcade Game released with the event. It is based off the Holiday Arcade Game Grinch Simulator, though with some changes. Players must hunt down items on the maps to earn points, though there are five different items with unique point values ranging from 1 to 5. The player with the most points when time is up wins the game.

Fishing Hut[]

A new Fishing Hut section west of the Main Lobby has been introduced alongside the event. The Fishing Hut will give players a Fishing Rod 3000, which can be used to fish in the open water for items or treasure.

SkyBlock Cosmetics[]

Five new SkyBlock cosmetic Summer Bundles were introduced for each rank, with unique Furniture, Minion Skins, and Sprays. These bundles can be claimed at the Summer Sloth NPC in the Hub Island.

Golden Mystery Boxes and Loot Chests[]

Golden Mystery Boxes and Golden Bed Wars Loot Chests return from the 2018 Summer sale, with the ability to collect items from seasonal Mystery Boxes (Easter, Summer, Halloween, Holiday) and seasonal Bed Wars Loot Chests (Lunar, Easter, Halloween, Holiday). These Golden Mystery Boxes and Loot Chests can be purchased from the Server Store in their respective categories.


There are 29 Summer 2020 Achievements, giving a total of 385 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
Collector's Edition (Secret Achievement) Collect all Special Fish while fishing in the Main Lobby 20 + School Cloak
Bird? Plane? Nope, just a Pink Sheep Win a game of Farm Hunt as a Pink Sheep 15
Expert Diver Reach 85 points in a game of Scuba Simulator 15
Pool Party Win a game of Hide and Seek: Party Pooper on the Pool Party map 10
Australian Winter Have your snowmen hit players with snowballs 500 times while using Snowman in Mega Walls 10
Shockwave Get 15 kills in one game of TNT Wizards using Storm Wizard 10
Bring the Storm Win a game of Warlords using the Thunderlord subclass of Shaman 10
Grillmaster Kill 5 players in a SkyWars game with the BBQ Kill Messages 10
Home Run Knock a player into the void while using the Baseball Player Kit in SkyWars 5
Lightning Rod Get struck by lightning in Murder Mystery 5
Punch Out Knock a player into the void using a Punch enchanted bow in Bed Wars 5

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Gone Fishing I Fish 10 treasure items while fishing in the Main Lobby 5
II Fish 50 treasure items while fishing in the Main Lobby 15
III Fish 100 treasure items while fishing in the Main Lobby 25
Shopaholic! I Buy 750 items in Bed Wars 5
II Buy 1,500 items in Bed Wars 10
III Buy 2,500 items in Bed Wars 15
IV Buy 5,000 items in Bed Wars 20
V Buy 7,500 items in Bed Wars 25
Treasure Hoarder I Score 100 points in Scuba Simulator 5
II Score 1,000 points in Scuba Simulator 10
III Score 3,000 points in Scuba Simulator 15
IV Score 6,000 points in Scuba Simulator 20
V Score 10,000 points in Scuba Simulator 25
Treasure Master I Win 5 games of Scuba Simulator 5
II Win 10 games of Scuba Simulator 10
III Win 15 games of Scuba Simulator 15
IV Win 25 games of Scuba Simulator 20
V Win 50 games of Scuba Simulator 25