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The 2024 Summer event is a seasonal event that began on June 25, 2024 and is set to end sometime around September 3, 2024. Similar to other seasonal events, it came with a Hypixel Store discount, an updated event shop, seasonal bingo, new maps, lobby reskins, and more!

Summer bingo[]

Seasonal bingo returned for the summer event with three new bingo cards, tasks, and rewards given to every player. Some new rewards for the easy, medium, and hard cards include the Epic Squid Morph, Rocket Punch Messages, and the Legendary Flying Guardian Pet respectively. The bingo cards are accessed in the Profile menu above the event shop, or by typing /bingo in any lobby.

Summer Bingo
Bingo Card: Easy
Bingo Card: Medium
Bingo Card: Hard

Event shop[]

The event shop was updated with 23 new items being added to the shop.

With the removal of mystery boxes, all of the Summer-themed Mystery Box loot was moved to the event shop, meaning the shop spans from 2016–present day. These items have a 25% discount applied to them, similar to the discounts applied on older items from previous events.

Maps and lobby reskins[]


The following three maps were added for Bed Wars and SkyWars:

Image Name Mode Game
Retreat (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Retreat Solo/Doubles Bed Wars
Salmon Bay (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Salmon Bay 3's/4's
Kingdom (SkyWars - Seasonal) Kingdom Solo/Doubles SkyWars

The following map was revamped for Murder Mystery:

Image Name Game
Skyway Pier (Murder Mystery - Seasonal (Revamped)) Skyway Pier Murder Mystery


The following three lobbies were given a seasonal reskin:

Image Lobby
Main Lobby Summer 2024 Main Lobby
Bed Wars Lobby Summer 2024 Bed Wars
SkyWars Lobby Summer 2024 SkyWars

Miscellaneous updates[]

Summer sale[]

The Hypixel Store offered a 25% discount off items in the in-game store and a 20% discount off items on the web store for the duration of the event.

SkyBlock bundles[]

Like past events, seasonal sprays and furniture were claimable in SkyBlock for players with ranks.