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Achievements are tasks and challenges for each game that players can perform to receive achievement points (abbreviated as AP). Achievement points collected are used to unlock achievement rewards, obtained by reaching certain achievement point goals.

Achievement Types[]

All achievements are divided into two main types: challenge and tiered achievements.


Challenge achievements are tasks (or "challenges") the player can complete a single time to earn achievement point rewards. These achievements are represented by a single coal in your Achievement Menu, which becomes a diamond once you complete them.


Tiered achievements require the player to do a repetitive task or increase a certain stat (e.g. kills, wins, etc.). These achievements are represented in a column, usually with five tiers, with each tier requiring more and more of the specified action to obtain (e.g. 25; 100; 250; 500; 1,500 final kills). Achievement point rewards are also given for each tier, usually by fives from 5–25, totaling 75 AP (or less if there isn't 5 tiers).


Secret achievements are challenge achievements which do not reveal the task to complete them, making them difficult to obtain. Once completed, the challenge is revealed and achievement points are given.


Legacy achievements are discontinued or removed achievements. Achievements may be removed due to the feature they required being removed (e.g. Punch the Bat for "Party Games: Batman"), the year they specified having ended (e.g. the holiday achievement: The Hunt Begins (2022)), or their game being removed (e.g. SkyClash achievements). Their achievement points are removed from the player's total and are instead converted to legacy points.

Achievement Rewards[]

Achievement Rewards are the rewards given by obtaining a certain amount of achievement points. Minor rewards are given every 100 AP, and major, special, and awesome rewards are given at other AP amounts. Rewards are given in a snaking menu with different tiers, ranging from "Starter" to "Dark Ender" with each tier giving better and better rewards. The Achievement Reward menu is accessed through the gold ingot at the bottom of the Achievements menu. It is a horizontal scrollable menu.
Achievement Rewards
Achievement Rewards
Achievement Rewards
Achievement Rewards
Achievement Rewards
Achievement Rewards
Achievement Rewards
Achievement Rewards
Achievement Rewards
Achievement Rewards


There are 2,795 Achievements, giving a total of 30,990 Achievement Points.

Last updated June 22, 2024.[1] Partial check which did not include seasonal achievements. Numbers may be incorrect.

Game Achievements Achievement Points
Gameicon-Arcade Games Arcade Games 248 3,020
Gameicon-Arena Brawl Arena Brawl 64 710
Gameicon-Bed Wars Bed Wars 84 930
Gameicon-Blitz Survival Games Blitz Survival Games 145 1,810
Gameicon-Build Battle Build Battle 48 560
Gameicon-Cops and Crims Cops and Crims 94 1,085
Gameicon-Duels Duels 117 1,425
Gameicon-PC General 63 715
Gameicon-Housing Housing 11 55
Gameicon-Mega Walls Mega Walls 254 2,830
Gameicon-Murder Mystery Murder Mystery 100 1,170
Gameicon-Paintball Warfare Paintball Warfare 62 685
Gameicon-Quakecraft Quakecraft 92 940
Gameicon-SkyBlock SkyBlock 308 2,835
Gameicon-SkyWars SkyWars 133 1,580
Gameicon-Smash Heroes Smash Heroes 45 430
Gameicon-Speed UHC Speed UHC 44 485
Gameicon-The TNT Games The TNT Games 158 1,840
Gameicon-The Walls The Walls 47 520
Gameicon-Turbo Kart Racers Turbo Kart Racers 57 600
Gameicon-UHC Champions UHC Champions 84 935
Gameicon-VampireZ VampireZ 54 610
Gameicon-Warlords Warlords 110 1380
Gameicon-Wool Wars Wool Games 30 380

Seasonal Achievements[]

Season Achievements Achievement Points
Holidays 77 750
Halloween 75 700
Summer 41 380
Easter 53 550

Legacy Achievements[]

Legacy achievements come from games that were removed or is just an achievement that was removed.

Game Legacy Achievements Legacy Achievement Points
Gameicon-Crazy Walls Crazy Walls 71 785
Gameicon-SkyClash SkyClash 70 715
Gameicon-Arcade Games Arcade Games 1 5
Gameicon-Duels Duels 9 110
Gameicon-SkyWars SkyWars 7 65
Gameicon-Speed UHC Speed UHC 7 90

Seasonal Achievements[]

Season Achievements Achievement Points
Holidays 690
Halloween 380
Summer 185
Easter 125


  • Achievement Points used to reward "perking" which gave a chance to receive double coins in a match. Each hundred of AP, up to twenty-nine hundreds / 2900 AP gave you one percent chance to get this multiplier (example : having 755 AP would give you 7% chance of having a double coin). But it was removed the 31st of July 2014: some achievements can be easier with (or need) bought store content, so the EULA forbids to get a coins multiplier with the points rewarded by these "store" achievements.
    • An example is Quakecraft's achievement for crafting the Apple Corer. Many of the parts required (with the 0.9s trigger being the exception) require ranks to obtain, thus requiring MVP to complete.