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Achievements are challenges or actions that a player can perform to receive Achievement Points. There is no current reward for obtaining Achievement Points. Achievement Points are divided into two groups: Challenge Achievements and Tiered Achievements.

A Challenge Achievement is a quick action that can be performed, such as "Chat for the first time". These Achievements are represented by a single coal in your Achievement Menu, which becomes a diamond once you complete it. 

A Tiered Achievement requires you to have specific stats to unlock it, such as "Kill 20 players in Blitz Survival Games". These Achievements are represented by a coal block, which becomes a diamond block once you complete them. Progressive Achievements "stack", and get progressively larger over time. For example, the first tier of a Tiered Achievement may ask you to kill 20 players, while the highest tier may ask you to kill 5,000 players.

Achievement Points that are recieved can be used for Achievement Rewards, which are rewards given for reaching certain Achievement Point goals. Some rewards given include Hypixel EXP and Mystery Boxes.


There are Over 1388 Achievements, giving a total of 17875 Achievement Points.

Game Achievements Achievement Points
Gameicon-Arcade Games Arcade Games 117 1,340
Gameicon-Arena Brawl Arena Brawl 64 710
Gameicon-Bed Wars Bed Wars 73 795
Gameicon-Blitz Survival Games Blitz Survival Games 131 1,650
Gameicon-Build Battle Build Battle 48 560
Gameicon-Cops and Crims Cops and Crims 69 780
Gameicon-Crazy Walls Crazy Walls 71 785
Gameicon-PC General 36 410
Gameicon-Mega Walls Mega Walls 184 2,150
Gameicon-Murder Mystery Murder Mystery 74 805
Gameicon-Paintball Warfare Paintball Warfare 62 685
Gameicon-Housing Player Housing 11 55
Gameicon-Quakecraft Quakecraft 92 940
Gameicon-SkyClash SkyClash 65 675
Gameicon-SkyWars SkyWars 112 1,265
Gameicon-Smash Heroes Smash Heroes 45 430
Gameicon-Speed UHC Speed UHC 44 485
Gameicon-The TNT Games The TNT Games 146 1,680
Gameicon-The Walls The Walls 48 525
Gameicon-Turbo Kart Racers Turbo Kart Racers 57 600
Gameicon-UHC Champions UHC Champions 75 855
Gameicon-VampireZ VampireZ 54 610
Gameicon-Warlords Warlords 110 1380

Seasonal Achievements

Game Achievements Achievement Points
Halloween 2017 Achievements 23 250
Christmas 2017 Achievements 33 365


  • Achievement Points used to reward "perking" which gave a chance to receive double coins in a match. Each hundred of AP, up to twenty-nine hundreds / 2900 AP gave you one percent chance to get this multiplier (example : having 755 AP would give you 7% chance of having a double coin). But it was removed the 31st of July 2014: some achievements can be easier with (or need) bought store content, so the EULA forbids to get a coins multiplier with the points rewarded by these "store" achievements.
    • An example is Quakecraft's achievement for crafting the Apple Corer. Many of the parts required (with the 0.9s trigger being the exception) require ranks to obtain, thus requiring MVP to complete.
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