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The Hypixel Wiki staff team is not affiliated with the Hypixel admin team. To apply for a staff position on the wiki, see the Rights Request page; to apply for a Hypixel admin job, see the Application section on this page or visit Hypixel's jobs page.

The Administrator (Admin) rank is the highest staff rank on the Hypixel server and is granted to all employees who take on administrative responsibilities. This rank provides extensive access to server commands and network permissions, allowing them to perform critical tasks necessary for the smooth operation of the server. Admins are involved in development, management, and moderation, whereas the Game Master rank, the second-highest position, is more specialized towards moderation responsibilities.

Hypixel Admins bring diverse skills to their roles, spanning community and staff management, customer support, video production, and game design. They also specialize in various technical areas, including network and minigame development, website development, and anti-cheat development.


Hypixel Application Process

To apply for the rank, one must submit an application on the Jobs page of the Hypixel website or the Hypixel BambooHR page, which should include a resume and other required information. The applicant will then go through Hypixel's application process, which could take anywhere between 2–4 weeks. Applicants must be over 18 years of age.

If an applicant has been contacted at least once, they will always be notified if their application is unsuccessful. The only time they will not be notified is if they were not shortlisted at the start of the application process, meaning they were not contacted.

Hypixel also does not use cameras or video chats, so all interviews are done over voice calls only.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Application Shortlisting: Applications are first shortlisted. 1-2 team members relevant to the role being applied for will review the application. If the applicant does not recieve a response, the application will not be considered. The staff team will also ask for more information if needed before moving on to the next stage.
  • Screening Interview: Applicants discuss their skills, knowledge, and experiences with one team member.
  • Blind Panel Interviews: Applicants go through 3-5 interviews with various team members related to the role to assess skills, culture fit, and work ethic. "Blind" panel means that the interviewers do not discuss the applicant until all the interviews are completed to remove bias. It also helps the interviewee to become more confortable with the team.
  • Final Interview: The "boss stage" where the interviewer asks questions based on the discussion from the Blind Panel interviews clearing up any uncertainty brought forth by the team.
  • Successful Application: Applicants are notified if they are accepted and welcomed to the Hypixel team!

Global Perks/Permissions[]

All the perks and permissions of the Admin rank are not publicly listed or available, so this is not an exhaustive list. The permissions given to admins may vary depending on their job/role on the staff team such as backend infrastructure access, access to XenForo permission in managing the forums, Zendesk ticket access for customer support, etc.

  • All the perks of every rank below, plus operator status.
  • [ADMIN] chat prefix
  • Access to high level moderation and punishment commands (/mute, /ban, etc.)
  • Access to most or all plugin, module management, and backend utility commands
  • Access to the Goliath moderation and administrative framework (used for various network management tasks such as guild and punishment management, user lookups, config editor, chat history, reports, server stats, etc.)
  • BungeeCord permissions
  • Ability to set player ranks
  • Admin forums avatar frame
  • "Admin diamond" reaction on the forums
  • Admin rank on the Hypixel Discord server
  • and more...?

Current Administrators[]

There are currently a total of 62 Administrators, including the owners.


Network Development Team[]

  • Plancke - Network Development Lead
  • ConnorLinfoot - Network Developer/Minigame Development Lead
  • inventivetalent - Network Developer
  • OrangeMarshall - Network Developer

SkyBlock Development Team[]

  • Jayavarmen - Game Designer - SkyBlock
  • TimeDeo - Game Designer - SkyBlock
  • xHascox - Game Designer - SkyBlock
  • aPunch - SkyBlock Developer
  • Cerus - SkyBlock Developer
  • Heatran - SkyBlock Developer
  • LandonHP - SkyBlock Developer
  • Minikloon - SkyBlock Developer
  • mrkeith - SkyBlock Developer
  • Nitroholic_ - SkyBlock Developer
  • pollieboy - SkyBlock Developer
  • Relenter - SkyBlock Developer
  • skyerzz - SkyBlock Developer
  • TacNayn - SkyBlock Developer
  • TheBirmanator - SkyBlock Developer
  • TheMGRF - SkyBlock Developer

Minigame Development Team[]

  • Kazius1 - Minigame Designer
  • 2008choco - Minigame Developer
  • BattleDash - Minigame Developer
  • Brandonjja - Minigame Developer
  • Fadest - Minigame Developer
  • Hulk_ - Minigame Developer
  • Likaos - Minigame Developer
  • NoxyD - Minigame Developer
  • Paul19988 - Minigame Developer
  • RapidTheNerd - Minigame Developer
  • Sethkins - Minigame Developer

Site Development[]

  • Externalizable - Website Developer

Customer Support Team[]

  • Bembo - Customer Support Manager
  • _PolynaLove_ - Support Agent
  • Nausicaah - Support Agent
  • Revengeee - Support Agent
  • Taytale - Support Agent
  • TorWolf - Support Agent/Hypixel Wiki Manager

Community Management Team[]

  • Fr0z3n - Community Manager
  • LadyBleu - Community Manager
  • Judg3 - Community Manager/Translation Support Lead

Content Management Team[]

  • ChiLynn - Support Agent/Social Media & Graphics
  • Donpireso - PC/Java Edition Team Lead
  • eeyitscoco - Graphics
  • jtsandman45 - Video Producer

Hypixel Bugs Team[]

  • Sylent - Quality Assurance Lead/Minigame Developer
  • Bloozing - Quality Assurance Manager
  • Citria - Quality Assurance Manager

Build Team[]

  • vinny8ball666 - Build Team Lead
  • Cheesey - Build Team Lead - SkyBlock
  • _fudgiethewhale - Build Team Member
  • AdamWho - Build Team Member
  • BlocksKey - Build Team Member
  • carstairs95 - Build Team Member
  • DEADORKAI - Build Team Member
  • DistrictGecko - Build Team Member
  • MistressEldrid - Build Team Member
  • Plummel - Build Team Member
  • Rozsa - Build Team Member
  • ZeaBot - Build Team Member