Hypixel Adventure Lobby

The Adventure Lobby has been removed and is no longer a feature in the Hypixel Network.

The Adventure Lobby was a feature in the Hypixel Network that was super awesome and amazing and hosted popular adventure maps published by Hypixel. The Adventure Lobby allowed players to play co-op for up to 5 players easily, without the worry and hassle of hosting their own server with hosting services, port forwarding etc. This lobby was one of the most popular in the server and was well received for its smooth server performance and convenience.

Complications Edit

Due to newer Minecraft versions changing redstone behavior, it was difficult for the staff to fix the maps and keep them up to date, as well as falling vital resources and staff motivation. Minecraft Realms' debut also made it difficult for the lobby to compete. Not only that but running the Adventure Lobby was very expensive and required more power than any other minigame, accompanied by changes to the Minecraft EULA, which further complicated the lobby's lifetime.

Because of all these factors, the lobby was shutdown and endlessly stated "Under Maintenance" as the staff tried to save the lobby. On October 2015 it was announced that the Adventure Lobby would return in a closed beta status, however this didn't last long and went back to "Under Maintenance".

On August 4th 2016, Hypixel announced that the staff would ditch the Adventure Lobby due to the complications written above.

Example of the posts are:

"We have decided to abandon the Adventure Lobby Project as we no longer have the resources and motivation to be able to keep up with the updates and compete against Minecraft Realms."

"Today’s announcement by Mojang for Minecraft 1.11 coming up shortly, The constant map breaking feature changes and constant rewrites makes it impossible for us to bring back the Adventure Lobby and reach the quality that we want and that you expect from us."

Read more about it here

The lobby has since been removed entirely and is highly unlikely that it'll ever return to the Network.


Wrath of the Fallen Edit

Wither's Challenge Edit

Creeper Dungeon Edit

Herobrine's Mansion (Herobrine I) Edit

Herobrine's Return (Herobrine II) Edit

Herobrine III Edit

  • Progress: Unknown
  • 'The future of Herobrine 3 is uncertain.' said Hypixel.

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Trivia Edit

  • Few maps in the Adventure Lobby is single-handedly made by Hypixel.