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Bed Wars

Ambush is a Solo/Doubles map for Bed Wars released on May 4, 2023.

Ambush is often rotated in and out of the weekly map rotation that began on August 2, 2021. [2]


  • Ambush was added to the game alongside 3 other maps, these being Impere, Sanctum and Urban Plaza.
  • Team bases are made of different block types: Red and Aqua team bases are made of diorite, Blue and White are made of granite, Green and Pink are made out of sandstone and Yellow and Gray are made out of andesite.

Gameplay Information[]

  • Rush Direction: Side Rush
  • Generator Speed: Fast Iron
  • Playstyle: Quick and Rushy
  • Minimum Build Limit: 75
  • Maximum Build Limit: 101
  • Build Radius: 131