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Murder Mystery

Defile a burial ground in Ancient Tomb. Archaeologists recently unearthed the burial ground of an old civilization filled with clay soldiers and mysterious altars. Raise your favor with their Goddess by giving gifts at altars, and pull the lever to pray for a Blessing - or if you're unlucky, a terrible Curse. Praise Kali!




Kali is a god that you can worship at the altars, which you can give items such as gold to increase your favor. The favor increases your chance of not getting cursed. If you feed the altar 10 Gold, you will unlock an achievement and will guaranteed to receive something good. However, if you get cursed... have fun.

Although praying will be guaranteed to a blessing after 10 levels of prayer, the levels can be stacked further. Praying to Kali will consume 3 levels of favor per pray. Donating a map or bow will grant a whopping 5 levels of prayer alone, alongside the message "Kali kindly accepted your gift". Arrows can be donated, yielding 1 level per arrow. Murderer knives and the Gestures stand cannot be gifted.

Note that you can kill Kali's fake warriors, like in the image above. You can punch all of them, and once they all die, you get an achievement "History Erased".

Blessings (complete)
Effect Blessing Description
Show who is detective

In your mind, a friendly face forms. Kali shows you that <player> is the detective.

You receive the name of the detective.
Show who is murderer You can see into the minds of others. You see that <player> has murderous thoughts! You receive the name of the murderer.
Receive Bow and 5 arrows What can you do with gold? Have some arrows instead. You receive a bow and 5 arrows. They can be gifted back to Kali.
Receive Bow and one arrow In your hand you find a bow and arrow. You are ready to defend her name! You receive a bow and a single arrow. Can be gifted back to Kali.
New life You gain a 2nd life, so will come back from the dead 1 time. If you dead, you respawn. If you received several new life, you can accumulate them and respawn as many times as you got many new life.
Teleport back to spawn point for short time Someone want to help you, you have been teleported to a safe place for a short time. You are teleported to the spawn area for 30 seconds.
Show all players in map. Through her eyes, you can see where every player is on your map. All players are marked on the map. Does not reveal detective or murderer.
Bow with infinite arrows You Feel a divine sense of bliss, like Kali herself has chosen you for glory. You find Kali's ancient bow in your hands, you are ready to dispense justice. A bow with the infinity enchantment and one arrow. Has no cooldown.
Gold collected is tripled. Ancient knowledge courses through you. For each gold you collect, you will receive 3 gold. Any additional piece of gold collected gives you 3 pieces.
Effect Curse Description
Scoreboard broken Kali's anger has broken your scoreboard. Normal scoreboard text is replaced with obfuscated text.
Chat disabled You open your mouth to protest, but nothing comes out. Kali has taken your voice.
Chat spammed Maybe this will teach you a lesson. For the rest of the game, your chat is spammed with 'KALI HAS STRIKEN YOU WITH THE CURSE OF SPAM'.
Can't collect Gold The sight of Gold now disgusts you. You can no longer collect Gold.
Inventory filled Kali's servants filled your bags.
Cannot see chat You feel a deep sense of dread run through your bones. Kali has taken your ability to hear other players talk.
3 Spiders Kali misheard your prayer, and sends you 3 angry spiders. Is that not what you wanted?
Slowness You feel your knees weaken as strength leaves your body. You feel a lot slower.
If you stand still, you take damage. Suddenly your knees stop dancing. If you stand still, you will take damage.
Required to say message in chat You must say Praise Kali at least every 60 seconds otherwise you die.