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This article concerns a minigame or feature on the Hypixel Network that has since been removed.

The Battle Pass was a purchasable progression system that awards cosmetics awards to players as they progress through tiers. It was added to the in-game store on May 6th, 2019.[1] It was purchasable via the in-game store for 399 Gold.


Free Pass[]

Players who had not purchased the Battle Pass were given the Free Pass, a pass that worked similarly to the Battle Pass, but gave less rewards and challenges.


For progression towards rewards, players could earn battle pass experience. Each tier required 1,000 battle pass experience. To earn battle pass experience, players could play minigames on the Hypixel network, or complete missions assigned to games, with daily and weekly missions that give battle pass experience.


Upon reaching a new tier with the Battle Pass, users were given a reward. Free pass rewards included 15,000 Hypixel experience, 10 Mystery Boxes, and 30 loot chests in BedWars, SkyWars, Duels, and Murder Mystery. For users with the Battle Pass, these rewards included 45 Mystery Boxes, 100+ loot chests across various game-modes, 50+ cosmetic rewards for BedWars, SkyWars, Duels, and Murder Mystery, Build Battle, and lobbies. It also included free days of the MVP++ rank, adding up to a full 30 days.


  • The Battle Pass is likely based off Fortnite's Battle Pass, which works in a similar manner to Hypixel's Battle Pass.
  • The Battle Pass was removed from the store
  • All of the previous battle pass rewards are currently unobtainable for people who did not get the pass