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Bed Wars


Bed Wars Lobby Info Board

In Bed Wars, you and up to 4 teammates spawn on islands. You must gather 4 resources: Iron, Gold, Diamonds and Emeralds to buy items and upgrades at the Shopkeepers on your island.

Each island has a Bed - if your Bed is destroyed you can no longer respawn. Place blocks around your bed to defend it from being destroyed. Destroy other teams' beds then kill them to win!

Bedwars Slumber Hotel Lobby

The Bed Wars lobby after the Slumber Hotel update.

Bed Wars is a team survival game where players battle across floating islands, attacking enemy beds and defending their own, in an attempt to be the last one standing. As of March 2024, it is the second most popular game on Hypixel, only behind Hypixel SkyBlock.[3] Bed Wars was initially released on January 19, 2017 alongside the Prototype Lobby release,[1] and it received a full release on June 29, 2017.[2]


Bedwars Lobby Render

The Bed Wars Holiday Lobby

Teams spawn on separate islands with 1–4 players per team depending on the mode. Each player is given a wooden sword when lacking a better sword and a compass with a menu enemy tracking and one for team communications if not in solos mode. Each team's island has a bed and a resource generator. The bed allows team members to respawn and must be protected from enemy teams, and players will be eliminated or "final killed" when they die without a bed. Beds do not need a specific tool to break. The resource generator spawns iron and gold (and emeralds if the Emerald Forge upgrade is purchased) which are used purchase items at the Item Shop.

There are islands separate from team islands with Diamond and Emerald Generators. Diamonds generate at islands usually closer to the islands of other teams at a moderate speed (30s at Tier I) and can be used to purchase team upgrades or traps. Emeralds generate closer to the center of the map at a slower speed (65s at Tier I) and can be used to purchase stronger items from the Item Shop.

Bedwars Summer Lobby Sized

The Bed Wars Summer Lobby

Over time, events will occur to speed up the game. These events start with alternating Diamond and Emerald generator upgrades up to level 3, then bed destruction where all remaining beds are automatically destroyed, and then sudden death where dragons spawn. When all opposing beds and players are eliminated, the last team alive wins.


There are four core modes, those being Solo, Doubles, 3v3v3v3, and 4v4v4v4. These modes follow standard Bed Wars gameplay but have differences in map design and prices. There's also a separate 4v4 mode, a rotational Dreams mode with unique twists on the Bed Wars formula, and a practice mode.


Solo and Doubles share the same maps and gameplay. There are eight teams, each with access to a Diamond Generator and an opposing team. Upgrades and prices are generally cheaper in this mode, and island resource generation varies by map. Diamond Generators hold up to four Diamonds, and Emerald Generators hold up to two Emeralds.


3v3v3v3 and 4v4v4v4 share the same maps and gameplay. There are four teams, each with access to two Diamond Generators and a straight-forward middle island. Items and upgrades generally have higher prices, but there is easier and faster access to generators. Diamond Generators hold up to eight Diamonds, and Emerald Generators hold up to five Emeralds.


4v4 is a special mode released on August 22, 2019, replacing the original 4v4 Capture mode.[4] It is a mode with unique maps, but shares prices and resource generation with 3's and 4's. The mode has eight players on two teams, Red and Blue, facing a middle island, with said island containing the Emerald Generators and access to Diamond Generators. As of March 5, 2021, 4v4 leaderboards are split from core modes, but they still count to a player's overall stats.


Dreams are a series of modes that rotate between different modes every Thursday afternoon (Eastern Time). These modes use Doubles and 4v4v4v4 modes (except 40v40 Castle) and add unique twists to the base Bed Wars formula. These modes only count towards their own statistics and the "Sleep Tight" weekly quest. There are currently six modes in the Dreams rotation: Rush v2, Ultimate v2, 40v40 Castle v2, Voidless, Armed, and Lucky Blocks v2.


Bed Wars Practice

Practice is a single player limited sandbox mode meant for practicing five common techniques in Bed Wars and other games. It was released on March 3, 2021[5] with Bridging and MLG practice modes, but Fireball/TNT Jumping, Pearl Clutching, and Bow Practice were added in later updates.[6][7] These modes have a few customization options for each mode, including water/ladder options in MLG; fireball/TNT options in Fireball/TNT Jumping; diagonal, straight and staircase options for bridging; players facing a random direction and the pearl being shuffled into a random hotbar slot; and distance changes for bow practice; alongside many other options to customize a practice environment.

4v4 Capture[]

4v4 Capture is a removed mode released on February 1, 2018.[8] It was an inverse Capture-the-Flag mode where two teams of 4 started off with a bed and 1,500 points. There were five capture points including each team's spawn, and players could purchase beds for 2 Diamonds to place on these capture points. Each bed from one team would subtract that amount every second from the other team, and a team could win the game either if the opposing team lost all of their points, or if they were eliminated without any beds placed. If a player on a team with no bed placed a bed, all dead members on that team respawned shortly after. 4v4 Capture was replaced by 4v4 on August 22, 2019.

Play commands[]

These commands can be entered to join the mode specified in the command.

Core Modes[]
Mode Command
Solos /play bedwars_eight_one
Doubles /play bedwars_eight_two
3v3v3v3 /play bedwars_four_three
4v4v4v4 /play bedwars_four_four
4v4 and Dreams Modes[]
Mode Command
4v4 /play bedwars_two_four
Armed Doubles /play bedwars_eight_two_armed
Armed 4v4v4v4 /play bedwars_four_four_armed
Castle /play bedwars_castle
Lucky Doubles /play bedwars_eight_two_lucky
Lucky 4v4v4v4 /play bedwars_four_four_lucky
Rush Doubles /play bedwars_eight_two_rush
Rush 4v4v4v4 /play bedwars_four_four_rush
Ultimate Doubles /play bedwars_eight_two_ultimate
Ultimate 4v4v4v4 /play bedwars_four_four_ultimate
Voidless Doubles /play bedwars_eight_two_voidless
Voidless 4v4v4v4 /play bedwars_four_four_voidless
Removed Play Commands[]
Mode Command
4v4 Capture /play bedwars_capture


Bed Wars Challenges
Bed Wars Challenges

Challenges are gameplay restrictions that can be applied to matches in any of the four core modes, though an entire team must agree to a challenge in team modes. These challenges can range from restricting mechanics, setting tasks to complete, or generally making gameplay more difficult. Each challenge completion rewards a unique cosmetic and unlocks new challenges in the menu. There are thirty challenges to complete; three are available by default and the rest are unlocked by completing unlocked challenges.

Name Challenge Rules Reward(s)
Renegade 1. Team upgrades and traps are disabled

2. You cannot pick up diamonds

Cat Death Cry
Warmonger 1. You cannot purchase nor use any utilities to aid you in battle Warrior Shopkeeper Skin
Selfish 1. You are too selfish to drop any items to other players

2. Your team chest and Ender Chest are locked

Bite Projectile Trail
Minimum Wage 1. Your island resource generator is 2x slower Its Raining Gold Final Kill Effect
Assassin 1. You can only break the bed of your assigned target

2. No other beds can be broken until you eliminate your target's entire team
3. After successfully eliminating your target team, a new target will be assigned

Assassin Island Topper
Regular Shopper 1. Any purchased item upgrade will be removed upon death

2. Any purchased tool upgrade will be reset upon death

Shopping Cart Island Topper
Invisible Shop 1. Every item slot in the Item Shop and Team Upgrades is randomized and hidden

2. The locations of each item will remain the same throughout the game

Invisible Villager Island Topper
Collector 1. Collect all wool colors and return them to your shop keeper

2. You must win the game after all team members return all wool colors

Collector's Chest Island Topper
Woodworker 1. You can only purchase and pick up items made of wood

2. You cannot use your Ender Chest, it isn't made of wood!

Lumberjack Shopkeeper Skin
Bridging for Dummies 1. You cannot purchase any blocks other than sponge

2. You cannot pick up any blocks

Bridging for Dummies Kill Messages
Toxic Rain 1. There will be toxic rain throughout the game

2. Standing in the rain drains items from your inventory
3. The longer you are in the rain, the faster items drain

Toxic Rain Island Topper
Defuser 1. Every enemy team's bed needs to be defused before being able to break it

2. Once you defuse an enemy's bed defense, it will stay defused for 2 minutes

Defuser Shopkeeper Skin
Lazy Miner 1. You gain permanent Mining Fatigue throughout the game

2. If you activate a Mining Fatigue Trap, you receive a greater Mining Fatigue effect
3. TNT and fireballs are disabled

Lazy Miner Island Topper
Ultimate UHC 1. Natural health regeneration is disabled

2. Golden Apples do not provide health

Heartbleed Island Topper
Sleight of Hand 1. You only have 1 available hotbar slot to use Magic Bunny Island Topper
Weighted Items 1. Each item has a unique weight to them

2. Carrying heavy items will make you move slower

Anvil Smash Final Kill Effect
Social Distancing 1. You can only use Knockback Sticks and Punch Bows to attack players Social Distance Kill Messages
Swordless 1. You cannot purchase any swords from the shop

2. You cannot pick up any swords
3. Using axes or pickaxes will only deal 1 damage to players

The End Projectile Trail
Marksman 1. You cannot hit any players with melee weapons, including your fist

2. You can only attack players using a bow

Ballista Island Topper
Patriot 1. You can only walk on blocks your team has placed

2. You cannot pick up any items from enemy players
3. You do not receive any items from killing a player
4. You can only pick up resources from your own generator
5. If you walk on blocks placed by an enemy team, the challenge will be failed

Patriotic Eagle Shopkeeper Skin
Stamina 1. Any action in the game such as running or breaking blocks consumes stamina

2. If you don't have enough stamina, you won't be able to sprint or break blocks
3. Your stamina is represented by your hunger bar
4. Golden Apples double your stamina recharge rate for 10 seconds

Cake Walk Victory Dance
Old Man 1. You cannot sprint during the whole game

2. If you sprint, the challenge will be failed

Old Man Kill Messages
Capped Resources 1. All shop items have a limited purchase cap for your entire team

2. You cannot pick up any items from enemy players
3. You can only pick up resources from your own generator

Merchant Shopkeeper Skin
Red Light Green Light 1. At random intervals the stop light will switch between red and green

2. If you move when the light is red, you fail the challenge

Traffic Light Island Topper
Slow Reflexes 1. You can only hit enemies once every 2 seconds Guardian Death Cry
Pacifist 1. You cannot hit any players with melee weapons, including your fist

2. You cannot use any bows to deal damage
3. You can only use Utilities to deal damage

Aura Victory Dance
Master Assassin 1. You can only break the bed of your assigned target

2. You can only damage players of your target team
3. No other beds can be broken until you eliminate your target's entire team
4. After successfully eliminating your target team, a new target will be assigned

Assassin's Blade Island Topper
Standing Tall 1. You cannot sneak during the challenge

2. If you crouch, the challenge will be failed

Portal Projectile Trail
Protect the President 1. One player on the team is selected as the President

2. Only the President has the authority to break enemy beds
3. If the President dies, you fail the challenge

President Sloth Shopkeeper Skin

Presidential Goons Island Topper

Can't Touch This "So you think you're pretty good, eh? Good luck not taking ANY damage"

1. You must not take any damage for the whole game
2. If you take any damage or fall into the void, the challenge will be failed
3. Your team must break at least 1 bed to complete the challenge

Elder Guardian Victory Dance

Guardian Rocket Final Kill Effect Fire Spiral Projectile Trail

In-game shops[]

Quick Buy
Purchase Enemy Tracker
Hotbar Manager
Rotating Items
Upgrades & Traps
Other Modes
Quick Buy
Purchase Enemy Tracker
Hotbar Manager
Rotating Items
Upgrades & Traps

Item Shop[]

Item Name Cost
Solo/Doubles 3v3s/4v4s
Wool (x16) 4 Iron
Hardened Clay (x16) 12 Iron
Wood (x16) 4 Gold
Blast Proof Glass (x4) 12 Iron
Endstone (x12) 24 Iron
Ladders (x8) 4 Iron
Obsidian (x4) 4 Emeralds
Stone Sword 10 Iron
Iron Sword  7 Gold
Diamond Sword 4 Emeralds 3 Emeralds
Knockback Stick (Knockback I) 5 Gold
Permanent Chain Armor (Leggings + Boots) 24 Iron
Permanent Iron Armor 12 Gold
Permanent Diamond Armor 6 Emeralds
Permanent Shears 20 Iron
Axe (tiered)

Wooden Axe (Efficiency I) - 10 Iron
Stone Axe (Efficiency I) - 10 Iron
Iron Axe (Efficiency II) - 3 Gold
Diamond Axe (Efficiency III) - 6 Gold

Pickaxe (tiered)

Wooden Pickaxe (Efficiency I) - 10 Iron
Iron Pickaxe (Efficiency II) - 10 Iron
Golden Pickaxe (Efficiency III, Sharpness II) - 3 Gold
Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency III) - 6 Gold

Bow  12 Gold
Bow (Power I) 20 Gold
Bow (Power I, Punch I) 6 Emeralds
Arrows (x6) 2 Gold
Speed II Potion (45 seconds) 1 Emerald
Jump Boost V Potion (45 seconds) 1 Emerald
Invisibility Potion (30 seconds) 2 Emeralds
Golden Apple 3 Gold
Bed Bug (Silverfish Snowball) 24 Iron
Dream Defender (Iron Golem) 120 Iron
Fireball  40 Iron
TNT 4 Gold 8 Gold
Ender Pearl 4 Emeralds
Water Bucket 2 Gold 3 Gold
Bridge Egg 1 Emerald
Magic Milk 4 Gold
Sponge (x4) 2 Gold 3 Gold
Compact Pop-up Tower 24 Iron

Upgrade Shop[]

Upgrade Name Cost
Solo/Doubles 3v3v3v3/4v4v4v4
Sharpened Swords (Sharpness I, applies to Swords and Axes) 4 Diamonds 8 Diamonds
Reinforced Armor (Protection I-IV, all armor pieces) I - 2 Diamonds
II - 4 Diamonds
III - 8 Diamonds
IV - 16 Diamonds
I - 5 Diamonds
II - 10 Diamonds
III - 20 Diamonds
IV - 30 Diamonds
Maniac Miner (Haste I-II) I - 2 Diamonds
II - 4 Diamonds
I - 4 Diamonds
II - 6 Diamonds
Forge (Tiers I - IV, affects resource generator) Iron - 2 Diamonds
Gold - 4 Diamonds
Emerald - 6 Diamonds
Molten - 8 Diamonds
Iron - 4 Diamonds
Gold - 8 Diamonds
Emerald - 12 Diamonds
Molten - 16 Diamonds
Heal Pool (Regeneration I at team island) 1 Diamond 3 Diamonds
Dragon Buff 5 Diamonds
Traps (It's a trap!, Miner Fatigue Trap, Alarm Trap) 1 - 1 Diamond
2 - 2 Diamonds
3 - 4 Diamonds

Slumber Hotel[]

Bed Wars Menu[]

The Bed Wars Menu contains quality of life customization features and a shop for buying cosmetics.

Hotbar Manager[]

The hotbar manager forces certain item types to prioritize different slots when bought or collected. The item types inlcude Blocks, Melee, Tools, Ranged, Potions, Utility, and Compass. If the compass item is not given a priority slot, it will not be given to the player in-game.

Quick Buy[]

The quick buy editor allows players to customize the Quick Buy tab in the item shop for Bed Wars games.


Cosmetics apply visual changes or effects to many aspects of Bed Wars from kill effects, skins, glyphs, and more. These do not grant in-game advantages and can be obtained through purchasing with tokens, unlocking in the Tribute Shop, event shop, seasonal quests, or the outdated Battle Pass.

Slumber Inventory[]

The Slumber Inventory is the main menu to view progress quests and items in the Slumber Hotel.


Solo/Doubles Maps[]

Image Name Release Date Status
Dragonlight (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Dragon Light February 6, 2024 Open to Rotate
Arcade (Bed Wars) Arcade January 15, 2024 Open to Rotate
Keep (Bed Wars) Keep Open to Rotate
Vigilante (Bed Wars) Vigilante December 19, 2023 Open to Rotate
Slumber (Bed Wars) Slumber December 15, 2023 Open to Rotate
Aetius (Bed Wars) Aetius December 5, 2023 Open to Rotate
Arid (Bed Wars) Arid Open to Rotate
Casita v2 (Bed Wars) Casita (v2) Open to Rotate
Nebuc (Bed Wars) Nebuc Open to Rotate
AmbushBW Ambush May 4, 2023 Open to Rotate
Impere Impere Open to Rotate
SanctumBW Sanctum Open to Rotate
UrbanPlaza Urban Plaza Open to Rotate
Tuzi2 Tuzi January 19, 2023 Open to Rotate
Casita v1 (Bed Wars) Casita (v1) November 8, 2022 Permanently Retired
Deadwood bedwars Deadwood Open to Rotate
Harvest (Bed Wars) Harvest Open to Rotate
Ironclad bedwars Ironclad Open to Rotate
Aqil bedwars Aqil May 3, 2022 Open to Rotate
Dockyard bedwars Dockyard Open to Rotate
Luckyrush bedwars Lucky Rush Open to Rotate
Mirage bedwars Mirage Open to Rotate
Pavilion bedwars Pavilion Open to Rotate
Polygon bedwars Polygon Open to Rotate
Scorchedsands bedwars Scorched Sands Open to Rotate
Serenity bedwars Serenity Open to Rotate
Yue lunar bedwars Yue January 28, 2022 Open to Rotate
Apollo Apollo February 12, 2021 Open to Rotate
Cascade Cascade Open to Rotate
Cliffside Cliffside Open to Rotate
Inca Meso Open to Rotate
Rooted Rooted Open to Rotate
Toro Toro February 10, 2021 Open to Rotate
Gateway Gateway November 2, 2020 Open to Rotate
Lightstone Lightstone Open to Rotate
Acropolis (Bed Wars) Acropolis September 8, 2020 Open to Rotate
Orbit Bed Wars Orbit July 31, 2020 Open to Rotate
Siege Bed Wars Siege Open to Rotate
Sky Rise Sky Rise July 5, 2020 Open to Rotate
Babylon Hanging Gardens May 12, 2020 Open to Rotate
Bio-Hazard Bio-Hazard April 29, 2020 Open to Rotate
Solace Solace August 22, 2019 Open to Rotate
Ashfire Ashfire Open to Rotate
Crogorm Crogorm Open to Rotate
Zarzul Zarzul Open to Rotate
OrchestraUpdated Orchestra (v2) May 9, 2018 Open to Rotate
Dragonstar Dragonstar Open to Rotate
LunarBlossom Blossom February 8, 2018 Open to Rotate
SteampunkBedWars Steampunk February 1, 2018 Open to Rotate
Glacier Glacier June 29, 2017 Open to Rotate
Amazon Amazon Open to Rotate
Airshow (Bed Wars) Airshow Open to Rotate
Speedway Speedway Open to Rotate
Playground Playground Open to Rotate
Orchestra Orchestra (v1) Permanently Retired
Lotus Lotus April 20, 2017 Open to Rotate
Crypt Crypt Open to Rotate
Rooftop Rooftop March 17, 2017 Open to Rotate
Lighthouse Lighthouse Open to Rotate
Waterfall Waterfall Open to Rotate
Perniciousv2 Pernicious (v2) March 10, 2017 Open to Rotate
Hollow Hollow Open to Rotate
Pernicious Pernicious (v1) February 23, 2017 Permanently Retired

3v3v3v3/4v4v4v4 Maps[]

Image Name Release Date Status
Yandi (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Yandi February 6, 2024 Open to Rotate
Lost Temple (Bed Wars) Lost Temple December 19, 2023 Open to Rotate
Nostalgia (Bed Wars) Nostalgia December 15, 2023 Open to Rotate
Harvesting (Bed Wars) Harvesting December 5, 2023 Open to Rotate
Whiskers (Bed Wars) Whiskers Open to Rotate
Infinite Infinite May 4, 2023 Open to Rotate
Orchid Orchid Open to Rotate
Raze Raze Open to Rotate
Deposit bedwars Deposit November 8, 2022 Open to Rotate
Frogiton bedwars Frogiton Open to Rotate
Stilted bedwars Stilted Open to Rotate
Terminal bedwars Terminal Open to Rotate
Artemis Artemis May 3, 2022 Open to Rotate
BuildSite Build Site Open to Rotate
Daolong Daolong Open to Rotate
Kubo Kubo Open to Rotate
Paladin2 Paladin Open to Rotate
Paradox Paradox Open to Rotate
PoolParty Pool Party Open to Rotate
ZenPlaza Zen Plaza Open to Rotate
Extinction Extinction February 12, 2020 Open to Rotate
Relic Relic Open to Rotate
Holmgang Holmgang Open to Rotate
Planet 98 Planet 98 Open to Rotate
Enchanted Bed Wars Enchanted Open to Rotate
Rise Rise November 2, 2020 Open to Rotate
Fang Outpost Fang Outpost Open to Rotate
Katsu Katsu September 8, 2020 Open to Rotate
Horizon Horizon Open to Rotate
Graveship Graveship July 31, 2020 Open to Rotate
Fort Doon Fort Doon July 5, 2020 Open to Rotate
Pharaoh Pharaoh May 12, 2020 Open to Rotate
Catalyst Catalyst April 29, 2020 Open to Rotate
Carapace Carapace August 22, 2019 Open to Rotate
Dreamgrove Dreamgrove Open to Rotate
Unturned Unturned Open to Rotate
Obelisk Obelisk Open to Rotate
TempleBedWars Temple February 1, 2018 Open to Rotate
Jurassic Jurassic Open to Rotate
Aquarium Aquarium June 29, 2017 Open to Rotate
Stonekeep Stonekeep Open to Rotate
Invasion Invasion Open to Rotate
Archway Archway Open to Rotate
Swashbuckle Swashbuckle April 20, 2017 Open to Rotate
Chained Chained March 10, 2017 Open to Rotate
Eastwood Eastwood February 23, 2017 Open to Rotate
Lectus Lectus Open to Rotate
Boletum Boletum January 31, 2017 Open to Rotate
Ashore Ashore Open to Rotate
Treenan Treenan January 19, 2017 Open to Rotate

Miscellaneous Maps[]

All of these maps are available, except for Invicta (as it was only a trial map) and the Picnic map is only playable in 4v4 due to 4v4 Capture being removed.

Image Name Mode Release Date Status
Invicta (Bed Wars) Invicta 40v40 Castle June 6, 2023 Permanently Retired
Cryptic2 Cryptic 4v4 December 6, 2019 Available
Gardens2 Gardens Available
Lion'sTemple2 Lion's Temple Available
Ruins2 Ruins Available
Frost2 Frost August 23, 2019 Available
Varyth (Bed Wars) Varyth Voidless Doubles August 23, 2019 Available (With Voidless Mode)
No image is currently available Polemus Available (With Voidless Mode)
Entangle (Bed Wars) Entangle Voidless 4v4v4v4 August 23, 2019 Available (With Voidless Mode)
No image is currently available Mosdalr Available (With Voidless Mode)
Ivory Castle (Bed Wars) Ivory Castle 40v40 Castle June 7, 2018 Available (With Castle Mode)
Picnic Picnic 4v4/4v4 Capture February 1, 2018 Available (4v4), Unavailable (4v4 Capture)

Seasonal maps[]

Image Name Release Date Mode
Retreat (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Retreat June 25, 2024 Solo/Doubles
Salmon Bay (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Salmon Bay 3's/4's
Bloom (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Bloom March 13, 2024 Solo/Doubles
Dragonlight (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Dragon Light February 6, 2024 Solo/Doubles
Yandi (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Yandi 3's/4's
Snowy Square (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Snowy Square November 30, 2023 Solo/Doubles
Sweet Wonderland (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Sweet Wonderland
Toy Factory (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Toy Factory 3's/4's
Ghoulish (Bedwars) Ghoulish October 4, 2023 Solo/Doubles
Montipora (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Montipora June 29, 2023 Solo/Doubles
Beeeee (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Beeeee 3's/4's
Meadow2 Meadow April 4, 2023 Solo/Doubles
Bunnywars2 Bunnywars 3's/4's
Tuzi2 Tuzi January 19, 2023 Solo/Doubles
Usagi5 Usagi 3's/4's
Frosted (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Frosted December 1, 2022 Solo/Doubles
Loft festive bedwars Loft 3's/4's
Fruitbrawl (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Fruitbrawl Solo/Doubles
Gelato (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Gelato
Sunflower easter bedwars Sunflower Solo/Doubles
Springtide easter bedwars Springtide 3's/4's
Yue lunar bedwars Yue Solo/Doubles
Tigris lunar bedwars Tigris 3's/4's
Blitzen festive bedwars Blitzen December 1, 2021 Solo/Doubles
Fireplace festive bedwars Fireplace
Comet (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Comet 3's/4's
Grotto festive bedwars Grotto
Ominosity Ominosity October 11, 2021 Solo/Doubles
Scareshow (Bed Wars) Scareshow
Alaric (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Alaric 3's/4's
Mortuus Mortuus
Pumpkin-bay Pumpkin Bay
Boardwalk (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Boardwalk 3's/4's
Shark Attack (Bed Wars - Seasonal) Shark Attack
Easter Garden Easter Garden March 31, 2021 Solo/Doubles
Egg Run Egg Run 3's/4's
Toro Toro February 10, 2021 Solo/Doubles
Sky Festival Sky Festival 3's/4's
Steampumpkin Steampumpkin October 8, 2020 Solo/Doubles
Hell Temple Hell Temple 3's/4's
Unchained Unchained
Symphonic Symphonic July 5, 2020 Solo/Doubles
Coastal Coastal 3's/4's
EasterBasket Easter Basket April 7, 2020 Solo/Doubles
Darkened Darkened October 4, 2019 Solo/Doubles
Trick or Yeet Trick Or Yeet
EggHunt Egg Hunt April 15, 2019 Solo/Doubles
Burrow Burrow 3's/4's
LighthouseLunar Lunarhouse January 30, 2019 Solo/Doubles
EastwoodLunar Orientwood 3's/4's
Nutcracker Nutcracker December 11, 2018 Solo/Doubles
Winterland Winterland
Gingerbread Gingerbread 3's/4's
WrappedUp Wrapped Up
Sandcastle summer bedwars Sandcastle 3's/4's
LunarBlossom Blossom February 8, 2018 Solo/Doubles
LotusHolidays Lotice December 1, 2017 Solo/Doubles
StonekeepHolidays Snowkeep 3's/4's
Screamway Screamway October 12, 2017 Solo/Doubles
Cauldron Bed Wars Cauldron 3's/4's

Leveling System[]

Bedwars prestiges

Bed Wars includes a leveling system that shows stars in the main lobby and besides a player's name when chatting. These levels are advanced through Bed Wars Experience, which is earned by playing (earned per minute), winning, and completing quests. Additional experience multipliers can be used by purchasing the +5% Bed Wars XP perk in the Tournament Hall or playing in a team party.

In each prestige, from 0 stars to 1 star into the prestige you will require 500 Experience to level up. From 1 star to 2 stars you will require 1,000 Experience to level up. For every other level up until you reach the next prestige, you will require 5,000 Experience to level up.

List of prestiges[]

  • Level 1-99 = Stone Prestige (Grey)
  • Level 100 = Iron Prestige (White)
  • Level 200 = Gold Prestige (Gold)
  • Level 300 = Diamond Prestige (Aqua)
  • Level 400 = Emerald Prestige (Dark Green)
  • Level 500 = Sapphire Prestige (Cyan)
  • Level 600 = Ruby Prestige (Dark Red)
  • Level 700 = Crystal Prestige (Fuchsia)
  • Level 800 = Opal Prestige (Dark Blue)
  • Level 900 = Amethyst Prestige (Purple)
  • Level 1000 = Rainbow Prestige (Rainbow)
  • Level 1100 = Iron Prime Prestige (White)
  • Level 1200 = Gold Prime Prestige (Yellow)
  • Level 1300 = Diamond Prime Prestige (Aqua)
  • Level 1400 = Emerald Prime Prestige (Dark Green)
  • Level 1500 = Sapphire Prime Prestige (Cyan)
  • Level 1600 = Ruby Prime Prestige (Dark Red)
  • Level 1700 = Crystal Prime Prestige (Fuchsia)
  • Level 1800 = Opal Prime Prestige (Dark Blue)
  • Level 1900 = Amethyst Prime Prestige (Purple)
  • Level 2000 = Mirror Prestige (Grey + Silver)
  • Level 2100 = Light Prestige (White + Yellow + Orange)
  • Level 2200 = Dawn Prestige (Orange + White + Aqua)
  • Level 2300 = Dusk Prestige (Purple + Fuchsia + Orange)
  • Level 2400 = Air Prestige (Aqua + White + Grey)
  • Level 2500 = Wind Prestige (White + Light Green + Dark Green)
  • Level 2600 = Nebula Prestige (Dark Red + Light Red + Fuchsia)
  • Level 2700 = Thunder Prestige (Yellow + White + Black)
  • Level 2800 = Earth Prestige (Light Green + Dark Green + Gold)
  • Level 2900 = Water Prestige (Aqua + Cyan + Dark Blue)
  • Level 3000 = Fire Prestige (Yellow + Orange + Red)
  • Level 3100 = Sunrise Prestige (Blue + Aqua + Gold)
  • Level 3200 = Eclipse Prestige (Dark Red + Grey + Dark Red)
  • Level 3300 = Gamma Prestige (Blue + Fuchsia + Red)
  • Level 3400 = Majestic Prestige (Dark Green + Light Green + Fuchsia)
  • Level 3500 = Andesine Prestige (Red + Dark Red + Green)
  • Level 3600 = Marine Prestige (Light Green + Cyan + Blue)
  • Level 3700 = Element Prestige (Dark Red + Red + Cyan)
  • Level 3800 = Galaxy Prestige (Dark Blue + Blue + Purple)
  • Level 3900 = Atomic Prestige (Dark Red + Dark Green + Aqua)
  • Level 4000 = Sunset Prestige (Purple + Red + Gold)
  • Level 4100 = Time Prestige (Yellow + Gold + Red + Fuchsia)
  • Level 4200 = Winter Prestige (Blue + Aqua + Cyan + White)
  • Level 4300 = Obsidian Prestige (Purple + Grey + Purple)
  • Level 4400 = Spring Prestige (Dark Green + Light Green + Yellow + Gold)
  • Level 4500 = Ice Prestige (White + Cyan + Aqua)
  • Level 4600 = Summer Prestige (Cyan + Yellow + Gold)
  • Level 4700 = Spinel Prestige (Dark Red + Red + Blue)
  • Level 4800 = Autumn Prestige (Purple + Red + Gold + Yellow)
  • Level 4900 = Mystic Prestige (Light Green + White + Light Green)
  • Level 5000+ = Eternal Prestige (Dark Red + Fuchsia + Blue)

Quests & Challenges[]

Bed Wars Quests
Special Daily: Gifting Spirit


Type Title Description Rewards
Daily First Win of the Day Win a game of Bed Wars 3,850 Hypixel Experience
250 Bed Wars Experience
250 Bed Wars Tokens
One More Game! Play 3 games of Bed Wars 3,850 Hypixel Experience
250 Bed Wars Experience
250 Bed Wars Tokens
Painsomnia Break 3 beds in Bed Wars 3,850 Hypixel Experience
250 Bed Wars Experience
250 Bed Wars Tokens
Head Hunter Final Kill 15 players in Bed Wars 3,850 Hypixel Experience
250 Bed Wars Experience
250 Bed Wars Tokens
Weekly Bed Removal Co. Break 25 Beds in Bed Wars 7,700 Hypixel Experience
5,000 Bed Wars Experience
5,000 Bed Wars Tokens
Sleep Tight. Win 10 dream games in Bed Wars 7,700 Hypixel Experience
5,000 Bed Wars Experience
5,000 Bed Wars Tokens
Challenger Complete 5 Bed Wars Challenges 7,700 Hypixel Experience
5,000 Bed Wars Experience
5,000 Bed Wars Tokens
Finishing The Job Final Kill 150 players in Bed Wars 7,700 Hypixel Experience
5,000 Bed Wars Experience
5,000 Bed Wars Tokens


Title Description Rewards
Defensive Defend your bed against 5 attackers in a single game. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Support Collect 10 diamonds from generators in a single game. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Offensive Destroy 2 beds in a single game. 3,700 Hypixel Experience


There are 84 Achievements in Bed Wars, giving a total of 930 Achievement Points.

Regular Achievements[]

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
Alchemist Buy 10 Potions in a game 5
Builder Place over 200 blocks in a game
Distraction Get a kill while you have your glyph active
First Blood Be the first player to kill an enemy
Geared up! Purchase the Diamond armor & sword
Great lord of fire! Have 10 Fireballs in your inventory at the same time
Iron Punch Get a kill with an Iron Golem
It's Dark Down There Fall into the void
Merciless Final Kill 5 enemies in one game
Mission Control Use the Quick Communications menu to send a team message
Pointless Challenge Win a game without killing an enemy with a sword
Prime Marksmanship Land 5 consecutive shots with a bow
Rejoining the Dream! Use the /rejoin command to warp back into a Bed Wars game
Savvy Shopper Change the Shopkeeper skin
Shear Luck Kill a player with shears!
Showoff Destroy a bed in style (Use a Bed Destroy cosmetic)
Sneaky Rusher Destroy a bed while being invisible
Speedy Bridger! Be the first player to obtain an Emerald from the middle island
Team Player Place an Emerald in your team chest
That's a First Win your first game of Bed Wars
The Ultimate Defense Place 8 Obsidian blocks around your bed
You Can't Do That! Attempt to break your team's bed
You Can't Trap Me! Destroy a bed within 10 seconds of activating the enemy trap
Already over? Win a game within 10 minutes 10
Bomber Use 5 TNTs in a single game of Bed Wars
Diamond Hoarder Collect at least 50 Diamonds from generators in a game
Emerald Hoarder Collect at least 25 Emeralds from generators in a game
Getting the job done Destroy half of the beds in one game
Golem's Rose Kill 5 enemy Golems in a single game
I don't need a bed! Survive for 10 minutes without a bed
Like a Ninja Use Magic Milk to make a trap not activate
Minefield Have 3 traps activated at once
Stay Away From Me! Knock 5 players into the void in a single game using a Knockback Stick
Strategist Purchase the Reinforced Armor IV team upgrade
Super looter Obtain at least 20 Gold Ingots from enemies in a game
Survivor Win a game without dying
The Sniper Kill a player from at least 40 blocks away
Cutting It Close! Win a game with less than 30 seconds before bed destruction 15
Dragon Slayer Kill an Ender Dragon
Getting The Job Done Better Destroy all of the beds in a single game
Out Of Stock Purchase and max out all team upgrades in a single game
Revenge Final kill the player that destroyed your bed
The Last Of Us Win a game by being the last player alive on your team
Forged in Fire Obtain the mystery item from the Blacksmith's quest line 20
The Man who Sold the Dreamscape Meet the Owner of the Slumber Hotel

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Bed Removal I Destroy 10 Beds 5
II Destroy 25 Beds 10
III Destroy 100 Beds 15
IV Destroy 250 Beds 20
V Destroy 500 Beds 25
Bed Wars Killer I Get 25 final kills 5
II Get 100 final kills 10
III Get 250 final kills 15
IV Get 500 final kills 20
V Get 1,500 final kills 25
Collectors Edition I Collect 25 wool from enemy teams 5
II Collect 50 wool from enemy teams 10
III Collect 100 wool from enemy teams 15
IV Collect 250 wool from enemy teams 20
V Collect 500 wool from enemy teams 25
Dream Catcher I Obtain 25 Slumber Tickets 5
II Obtain 100 Slumber Tickets 10
III Obtain 500 Slumber Tickets 15
IV Obtain 1,000 Slumber Tickets 20
Road to Prestige I Reach 5 Bed Wars Level 5
II Reach 25 Bed Wars Level 10
III Reach 50 Bed Wars Level 15
IV Reach 75 Bed Wars Level 20
V Reach 100 Bed Wars Level 25
True Challenger I Complete 1 Challenge 5
II Complete 5 Challenges 10
III Complete 10 Challenges 15
IV Complete 20 Challenges 20
V Complete 30 Challenges 25
Victory Dancer I Win 25 games 5
II Win 75 games 10
III Win 200 games 15
IV Win 500 games 20
V Win 1,000 games 25

Seasonal Achievements[]

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Event Points
Big Bag o' Gifts Claim 6 gifts at the same time in Bed Wars Christmas 5
Holidays Ruined Kill a player who was holding an Epic or Legendary gift in Bed Wars
Marvelous Hat Win a Bed Wars game with a Holiday island topper enabled
Holiday Miracle Claim 2 legendary gifts at the same time in Bed Wars 10
Jumpstart Investment Buy 3 jump boost potions in a game of Bed Wars Easter 5
Midspring Night's Dream Win 3 Bed Wars games 10
Pep in Your Step Kill 3 players without dying while having Jump Boost active in Bed Wars
You Didn't See That Coming Kill a player in Bed Wars while having Jump Boost and Invisibility potion effects 15
Punch Out Knock a player into the void using a Punch enchanted bow in Bed Wars Summer 5
Kind Refreshment Place water on an enemy team's island in Bed Wars
Tricked! Have a player set off a trap in your base in Bed Wars Halloween 5
Fear The Pumpkinator Complete the Pumpkinator Special Weekly Quest in Bed Wars 10
Pumpkinator Rampage Bring 10 pumpkins at once to a Shopkeeper in Bed Wars

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points Event
Present Collector I Give in 5 Presents in Bed Wars 5 Christmas
II Give in 50 Presents in Bed Wars 10
III Give in 250 Presents in Bed Wars 15
IV Give in 500 Presents in Bed Wars 20
V Give in 1,000 Presents in Bed Wars 25
Shopaholic! I Buy 750 Items in Bed Wars 5 Summer
II Buy 1,500 Items in Bed Wars 10
III Buy 2,500 Items in Bed Wars 15
IV Buy 5,000 Items in Bed Wars 20
V Buy 7,500 Items in Bed Wars 25
Pumpkinator Collector I Collect 5 Pumpkins in Bed Wars 5 Halloween
II Collect 25 Pumpkins in Bed Wars 10
III Collect 100 Pumpkins in Bed Wars 15
IV Collect 250 Pumpkins in Bed Wars 20
V Collect 1,000 Pumpkins in Bed Wars 25

Legacy Achievements[]

Regular Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Crate Looter I Open 10 Loot Chests 5
II Open 25 Loot Chests 10
III Open 50 Loot Chests 15
IV Open 100 Loot Chests 20
V Open 250 Loot Chests 25

Seasonal Achievements[]

Name Description Event Points
Santa Helper Bring the right items back to every special chacter in a single Bed Wars game Christmas 5
Sharing is Caring Give one of your wrapped presents to another player in Bed Wars
Spooky Spooky Open 3 Bed Wars Spooky Chests Halloween 5

Removed Features[]

Loot Chests[]

Loot Chests were cosmetic boxes that dropped cosmetics or coins when opened. Loot Chests were able to be obtained either from leveling up, collecting seasonal event bonuses, or from the Hypixel Store. When opened, Loot Chests would drop three items consisting of either cosmetics, or bags of coins. Duplicate cosmetics would reward 10% of their shop price in coins.

On February 8, 2024, all Loot Chests, seasonal and non-seasonal, were removed as part of an ongoing effort to remove random mechanics for earning cosmetics across the server.[9] As a part of this change, Loot Chests could no longer be purchased from the store, Loot Chests were made so they were no longer obtainable from anywhere on the server and any remaining Loot Chests players had were forcibly opened and any items or coins obtained were given to players. Also a part of this change, coins were renamed to tokens to make it more clear across the server which currencies were used for cosmetics, and which were used for in-game perks and kits.

Seasonal Loot Chests[]

Seasonal Loot Chests were special Loot Chests available exclusively during seasonal events. They had a chance of granting exclusive seasonal cosmetics that were usually only available during their event period. When a seasonal event was active, they replaced regular Loot Chests for the duration of the seasonal event. A free seasonal chest was given as a promotion for each event, and other chests had to be purchased directly through the Hypixel Store.

On February 11, 2021, Lunar Loot Chests were phased out to transition future Lunar New Year events into something more permanent, rather than content which only lasted for a couple of weeks.[10] Lunar cosmetics were made available in the cosmetic shop and regular Loot Chests year-round, until the overall removal of Loot Chests.

Name Release Date Status
Lunar Chests Feburary 8, 2018 [11] Permanently Retired
Easter Chests April 1, 2018 [12] Permanently Retired
Spooky Chests October 12, 2017 [13] Permanently Retired
Merry Chests December 1, 2017 [14] Permanently Retired


  • Bed Wars was the only Prototype Lobby game to not support solo gameplay until the release of Solo and Doubles modes in late February of 2017.
  • Bed Wars is the first Prototype Lobby game to receive a full release.
  • Bed Wars is the first full game to not support Network Boosters and the second to only have cosmetic items purchasable in its shop, following the Arcade Games lobby.
  • Bed Wars is the first game to introduce Loot Chests, a cosmetic system that can be earned in-game or purchased through the shop and rewards three random cosmetics upon being opened.
  • Bed Wars' leveling system would later make its way to SkyWars in December of 2018, though with several adjustments.


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