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Bed Wars Dreams are a series of experimental modes that add different features or twists to the main Bed Wars gameplay. This was first introduced with Rush, an experimental mode released with the v1.5 update on April 30, 2018.[1] These modes rotate once per week, on Thursday afternoon (Eastern Time). The current rotation is Rush, Ultimate, Castle, Voidless, Lucky blocks, Swappage.




Rush is a Dreams mode originally introduced on April 30, 2018, alongside the v1.5 update.[1] The mode upgrades all generators to their maximum tier, automatically places a bed defense consisting of Bed > Wood > Wool > Blast-Proof Glass, reduces prices of items like Ender Pearls and Bridge Eggs, and makes wool expand into five blocks in the direction it was placed.

Rush v2 was announced on June 27, 2018,[2] and replaced the original Rush while changing new features, including doubled Potion prices, removal of Obsidian, Dragon Buff upgrade purchased by default, and toggleable expanding bridges with left-click.



Ultimate is a Dreams mode originally introduced on May 17, 2018.[3] Players can choose from seven different ultimate abilities and use them at any time.

  • Kangaroo: Ability to double-jump, 50% chance of keeping resources on death, gains Magic Milk upon destroying a Bed.
  • Swordsman: Ability to dash forward and damage players along the way, returns to original position if cooldown is active by right-clicking with sword, cooldown reset upon killing a player.
  • Healer: Ability to heal teammates within a small radius, self-heal granted upon right-clicking with a sword.
  • Frozo: Ability to slow enemies within a small radius, earns a snowball on kill (up to 16 can be held at once).
  • Builder: Ability to build bridges and walls out of wool, passively generates wool, creates wool defense over Bed if right-clicked.
  • Demolition: Ability to burn connected wool forward and back, drops TNT upon dying that explodes shortly after death, gains Creeper Egg upon destroying a Bed.
  • Gatherer: Ability to duplicate Diamond/Emeralds from generators (including emeralds from own generators, after upgrading Emerald Forge Team Upgrade), gains portable Ender Chest, automatically unlocks highest-cost team upgrade for free when team Bed is destroyed.

Ultimate v2 was introduced on July 11, 2018,[4] and replaced the original Ultimate while adding bonus perks to each kit.


Upgrades & Traps
Upgrades & Traps
Streak Powers
Streak Powers

Castle is a 40v40 Dreams mode originally introduced on June 6, 2018.[5] Players spawn in one of two teams of forty players, and must destroy all three beds of the opposing team and kill the team members to win.

Players spawn in a large castle with three separate parts, each part being labeled with a symbol and containing a bed. The team chest is replaced with a Resource Bank NPC that players can place their resources in to be used by any player on the team automatically when purchasing items or upgrades. There are six Diamond Generators and three Emerald Generators in total on the map, with three Diamond Generators on each side and the three Emerald Generators on different middle islands. Players can also earn an exclusive currency called Streak Points during games by killing enemies, gathering Diamonds/Emeralds, leaving resources at the Banker, or destroying enemy Beds. This currency can be used at the Streak Powers NPC to gain special powers lasting several minutes. Teams have three Beds on top of each castle island, and players will no longer respawn only when all three Beds are destroyed.

Castle v2 was introduced on August 1, 2018,[6] and replaced the original Castle mode while adding two new Streak Powers and fixing bugs.


Voidless is a Dreams mode introduced on August 22, 2019.[7] The game plays out as normal Bed Wars, but the defense from the Rush mode is automatically placed, and the void is replaced by a large surface with elevated team and generator islands.


Swappage is a Dream mode updated on the bedwars challenge update. In this mode, the team that has a swap swaps with the team that has bed as well, same as the team that have not a bed. If there's only a team has a bed, it won't swap. Also this is known as the worst bedwars dream mode throughout the community.

The replay system depend on the team that start with.

Lucky Blocks[]

Lucky Blocks is a Dreams mode introduced around early February 2019. The game adds to normal generator drops by occasionally generating lucky blocks, which can be placed and opened to earn different items or cause different events. Normal and Promising Lucky Blocks spawn in team generators, Fortunate and Offensive Lucky Blocks spawn in Diamond generators, and Miracle Lucky Blocks spawn in Emerald generators.

Lucky Blocks v2 was brought into rotation on July 10, 2020,[8] reviving the mode from its 17-month hiatus since its first appearance in early February 2019. This version made many balancing changes, along with introducing new events spawned from lucky blocks. As an MVP++, you can choose to have your private game include the features of Lucky Block mode.