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Blitz Survival Games


Blitz Survival Games Lobby Info Board

"This is a free for all survival game with many maps varying between 12 and 32 players per round. Use your kit to take out your enemies in your fight for victory!

But be aware! After 5 Minutes the Blitz Star will be released. The one who finds it can use its power to use one of the many Blitz Attacks! In the end, only 1 person can win and survive"

Blitz Survival Games (a.k.a. Blitz SG, Blitz, or BSG) is a survival game inspired by the original Minecraft Survival Games genre. It has many unique twists such as kits, the Blitz Star, a custom balancing, and a deathmatch system. It is one of the oldest minigames on the Hypixel Network.


Blitz SG has two modes: a solo FFA mode, and a team mode. Both play the same with teams mode having players paired together.

Players spawn in a circle around the center of the map facing chests with basic items and gear. When the game begins, players can loot these chests or run further away to loot the many chests scattered around the map. As there is no grace period, players can attack and kill each other at any time. A compass is also given to everyone which helps track other players. In a usual game, there is a sequence of events designed to speed up the process of the game.

Players are given the kit they selected in the pre-game lobby 60 seconds after the game begins. The Blitz Star is released after 3 minutes into the game, hidden in a "Random Chest." Chests will refill their contents with better gear 4 minutes and 40 seconds[Confirm?] into the game.

A countdown to deathmatch will begin after [Confirm?] or when there is three or less players remaining. The Blitz Star is disabled 30 seconds before deathmatch starts. Remaining players will be put into a small arena where they will fight to the death after a short 15 second grace period. An outer border wall that damages players will slowly shrink over time. The last player standing wins.

Blitz Star[]

The Blitz Star is a powerful item released 3 minutes into the game, hidden in a "Random Chest." When opening a chest after the Blitz Star has been released, the player has a 5% chance for it to be in that chest. Each chest opened after increases the chance by 5%. Whoever gets it has access to available Blitz powers, super-powerful abilities giving its user some advantage to help win the game. Blitz Stars are available to unlock in the Blitz Shop.

When right clicking the Blitz Star in the hotbar, a menu of unlocked stars appears. Some will activate instantly when clicked, and others will give the player a separate item which will then activate when clicked.

Coin Chest[]

Coin chests will spawn randomly, and upon finding and clicking on a coin chest, the player receives 500 coins. Furthermore, a coin chest also functions as a regular chest, containing loot.

Blitz Shop[]

The Blitz Shop contains menus to unlock and upgrade kits, unlock Blitz Stars, buy kill effects, and purchase cosmetics. This shop uses Blitz SG coins for purchases.


One of the major things that set this minigame apart from other Survival Games servers is kits. Kits can be upgraded in the lobby shop using coins, and will allow you to gain certain extra items one minute after the game begins. All kits are different, and while some may work well for others, not all of them will work for you. As such, it's recommended that you try all the kits early on, and focus on using and upgrading the one that you like the best.

Basic Kits[]

All basic kits are unlocked by default.

Icon Kit Description
Archer Ranged attacks.
Meatmaster Harvest those mobs!
Iron Pickaxe
Speleologist It means you like caves
Baker Mmm, food!
Golden Sword
Knight Keep fighting!
Guardian Guarding for eternity.
Potion of Swiftness
Scout Keep running!
Hunter Chase down your prey!
Hype Train Can't stop this!
Fishing Rod
Fisherman Here - fishy fishy.
Item.Leather Chestplate
Armorer Not quite a bodyguard

Advanced Kits[]

Most advanced kits require a minimum Hypixel Level requirement and need to be bought with coins; however, pre-EULA donors keep any kits they originally unlocked with their ranks.

Icon Kit Description Unlock Cost (BSG Coins) Requirements
Horsetamer It's a real horse I ride 100,000 Hypixel Level 45
Iron Boots
Astronaut One mini step for man. 30,000 Hypixel Level 20
Witch Spawn Egg
Troll Trololololol. 35,000 Hypixel Level 15
Iron Hoe
Reaper Lurking in the darkness 10,000 Hypixel Level 45
Shark *Jaws theme plays* 30,000 Hypixel Level 40
Flint and Steel
RedDragon You saw it here first 50,000 Hypixel Level 35
Splash Potion of Poison
Toxicologist Make them taste their own medicine 30,000 Hypixel Level 25
Wooden Sword
Rogue Sneak attack! 30,000 Hypixel Level 20
Warlock Draining is existence. 20,000 Hypixel Level 40
SlimeySlime It's kinda Slimey 20,000 Hypixel Level 15
Ghast Spawn Egg
Jockey Spawn a friend, to fight a foe! 5,000 None!
Golden Apple
Golem May the ancient rise again 25,000 Hypixel Level 75
Viking Fear my axe. 10,000 Hypixel Level 15
Wither Skeleton Skull
Shadow Knight I'm not batman. 15,000 Hypixel Level 10
Cooked Porkchop
Pigman Bacon from Hell. 10,000 Hypixel Level 10
Iron Chestplate
Paladin Justice. 20,000 Hypixel Level 10
Rotten Flesh
Necromancer Living dead mobs 30,000 Hypixel Level 25
Florist Every rose has its thorn 10,000 Hypixel Level 10
Diamond Boots
Diver Dive deep into Blitz. 10,000 Hypixel Level 15
Arachnologist Some people might be scared 30,000 Hypixel Level 25
Blaze Rod
Blaze Burn, baby burn. 20,000 Hypixel Level 20
Wolftamer Howl at the moon! 40,000 Hypixel Level 20
Bottle o' Enchanting
Tim The Enchanter 40,000 Hypixel Level 25
Farmer Me chicken be layin' eggs 10,000 Hypixel Level 25
Creepertamer Explosions are tasty. 30,000 Hypixel Level 15
Snowman Full of festive spirit 385,000 Hypixel Level 55

Ultimate Kits[]

All ultimate kits are unlocked by completing their respective tiered achievements and are leveled up by gaining kit EXP. Kit EXP is only obtained for the kit being played with and cannot be transfered to other kits.

Icon Kit Description Unlock Cost
Ranger Gone beyond the wall Ranged Combat V achievement
Donkeytamer The finest loot Mob Master V achievement
Phoenix Reborn from the ashes Kit Collector V achievement
Stone Sword
Warrior Pure combat Fighting Expert V achievement
Milkman Hots the spot! Kit Experience Collector V achievement

Blitz Stars[]

Blitz stars are abilities that can be activated when finding the Blitz Star in a game.

Name Description Cost (BSG Coins)
Assassin Teleport to a random player and instantly damage them. 10,000
Stasis No players can move except you for 15s. 20,000
Vault Hunter Spawn an incredible chest only for 8 seconds. 15,000
Wither Warrior Every hit for 20 seconds after activation applies Wither III for 3 seconds. 10,000
Gremlin Clears the inventory and armor of the person with the most kills. 5,000
Roulette Kill a random player, might be you! 10,000
Invoker Gives you three random powerful incantations. 10,000
Ironman Reflects all damage onto your attacker for 30 seconds, while Iron Man is active gain Fire Resistance, Resistance and Weakness I. 10,000
Nuke Gives you a laser visor to drop a tactical nuke. 15,000
Ninja Silently go invisible for 2 minutes and gain incredible speed, your first hit while invisible makes you visible, reduces your speed, and blinds the target for 3 seconds. 5,000
Robinhood Instakill the first player your arrow hits within 15s. 10,000
Supplies Gives you one of three rare items randomly. 10,000
No country for old men Gives you a shotgun with 6 pellets. 20,000
Sweg Move Starts an early deathmatch. 20,000
Lockdown All chests, enchantment tables and crafting tables are being locked and cannot be opened anymore. 5,000
Time Warp Brings you back to where you were 10 seconds ago, heals 10 hearts. 10,000
Acid Rain It starts to rain for 30s and damages your enemies if they don't find cover. 15,000
Infection Your bare fists have the ability to apply poison and slowness to your enemies. 15,000
Pickpocket Gives a chance of disarming an enemy on hit. 5,000
Ragnarok For the rest of the game all enemies have only 7.5 hearts! 10,000
Gladiator Challenge an opponent to a fair fight in the Deathmatch Arena. 10,000
Zookeeper Gives you 5 mystery spawn eggs. 10,000
Switcheroo Switches your position with that of a random enemy! 10,000

Kill Effects[]

Kill effects grant boosts after killing a player.

Name Description Cost (BSG Coins)
Speed Gain Speed II for 15 seconds and 0.5❤! Free!
Resistance Gain Resistance II for 15 seconds! 5,000
Regeneration Gain Regeneration II for 10 seconds! 5,000
Flaming Arrows For 20 seconds, your bow shoots flaming arrows! You also gain 1❤! 5,000
Level Up Gain 3 enchantment levels and 1.5❤! 5,000
Gravedigger Spawn a Zombie that helps you defeat your enemies! You also gain 1❤! 5,000



Taunting is a special action, which you can perform by typing /taunt in-game or left-clicking with a compass in your hand. If you will kill a player soon after taunting, you will be awarded additional coins. Be careful though, for you are a little bit weaker, meaning that going into a fight after you had taunted is risky. If you do not succeed in killing a player within the taunting time, which will be displayed above your screen as a purple bar, this message will be generated in the chat: "Your name humiliated themselves while taunting. But why ?". Furthermore, a taunt can be performed once a game. Taunts cost 2000 coins to unlock, and are not limited to donators. The non-donators receive a Default Taunt, while donators may select up to nine various taunts. You can find those in the cosmetic features.

Name Description Cost (BSG Coins) Rank Requirements
Taunt Ability - 1,000
Firework Explosion Ooh, so many colors! [VIP] Taunt Ability
I Refuse! While taunting, you will be grumpy. [VIP] Taunt Ability
Chicken Dance While taunting, two chickens fly around you while you cluck like a chicken. [VIP+] Taunt Ability
Pig Dance While taunting, two pigs walk around you while you squeal like a pig. [VIP+] Taunt Ability
Sheep Parade While taunting, 3 randomly colored sheep walk around you while you bleat like a sheep. [VIP+] Taunt Ability
Bat Dude While taunting, four noisy bats fly around your head. [VIP+] Taunt Ability
Wolf Pack While taunting, two wolves sit by your side while you howl like a wolf. [VIP+] Taunt Ability
Villager Music Band While taunting, 4 Villagers panic around you, attempting to make music. [MVP] Taunt Ability
Rich James While taunting, you flaunt your greed by showing off your diamonds. [MVP] Taunt Ability
Cookie While taunting, you throw up some still-edible cookies. [MVP] Taunt Ability
Prestige Show off your prestige status. 1,500 Taunt Ability, at least 1 kit Prestige II
Killer Bunny While taunting, a stack of killer bunnies hover above you to make you look more intimidating. Easter Event Shop Taunt Ability


Cosmetic particle auras that make you stand out!

Name Description Cost Rank
Red Particle Aura It's like it's almost blood, but it's not, plot twist! [VIP]
Blue Particle Aura Poof! [VIP]
Green Particle Aura Show that you support going green! [VIP]
Rainbow Particle Aura Sorry, it's only a single rainbow, can't do a double rainbow due to budget cuts! [VIP+]
Slime Particle Aura Slime Particle to make you look slimy! [VIP+]
Portal Particle Aura For when you're feeling out of this world! [MVP+]
Rainbow Dust Particle Aura Its all colorful and happy and dusty! [VIP+]
Enchanting Particle Aura Show off your intelligence! [MVP+]
Lava Particle Aura Lava Particle to make you look hot! [VIP+]
Snow Particle Aura Show off your cold hearted side! [VIP]
Water Particle Aura For when you're doing a little too hot! [VIP]
Daylight Sensor Particle Aura In case your phone dies mid-battle! [VIP]
Dragon Egg Particle Aura As delicate as a dragon's egg! How delicate is that...? Easter Event Shop
Mycelium Trail Now just some red and white colored cows and we're all set! [VIP+]
Netherrack Trail You're officially a demon. [VIP+]
Rainbow Tron Trail Great. Can it send me to Hawaii? [MVP]
Red Tron Trail The trail of blood! [VIP+]
Blue Tron Trail The trail of blue? [VIP+]
Green Tron Trail The trail of future grass! [VIP+]
Flower Trail Aww, I bet you have a crush!! [MVP]
Wheat Crops Trail Mooooooooooooooooooooo. [MVP]

Victory Dances[]

A victory dance is a cosmetic action which can be used to celebrate a victory in a BSG game. This feature is one of the cosmetic features only available to ranked donators. A non-donator has no victory dance.

Name Description Cost Rank
Dragon Rider If you win, celebrate by riding a Dragon capable of destroying the map. [MVP]
Player Firework If you win, celebrate by having your very own fireworks show with your name in the sky! [VIP+]
Earth After a victory, an earth appears above you. "Today Blitz and tomorrow the world!". [VIP]
Creeper If you win, celebrate by having creepers explode around you! [VIP]
Blazing Speed If you win, celebrate by running around the map with extreme speed, leaving a trail of fire behind you. [VIP+]
Meteor Shower If you win, celebrate by calling down a destructive meteor shower. [MVP]
Leaping Bunnies If you win, celebrate with a bunch of bunnies that can jump really high! Easter Event Shop
Colorful Chicken Rain If you win, chickens fly above you and spew out colorful rain in celebration of your victory. Easter Event Shop


"Unlock unique Finishers to humiliate your opponents."

Name Description Cost (Mystery Dust)
Boom Show your dominance by nuking the place. 20
Lightning Strikes Strike even more lightning on your victim. 20
Creeper Firework Launch a creeper firework where your victim stood. 20
Infestation Silverfish jump out of your victim's body and eat its remains. 40
Gravestone Pay your respects to your victims with a sweet gravestone. 40
Squid Missile Launches a squid missile straight to the moon. 40
#rekt Hologram Spawn a hologram in the air with #rekt written on it. Much salt. 100
Rabbit A bundle full of surprises! Easter Event Shop

Kill Counters[]

Name Preview Requirement
Retro [0] None!
Default [1000] None!
Green [25000] 25,000 kills
Red [50000] 50,000 kills
Aqua [75000] 75,000 kills
Gold [100000] 100,000 kills
Dark Purple [150000] 150,000 kills
Dark Red [200000] 200,000 kills
Blue [250000] 250,000 kills
Dark Green [300000] 300,000 kills


Here is a list of all maps in Blitz Survival Games. Click on a link for detailed schemes and information about the map:

Image Map Release Date Status Players
File:Alice (Blitz Survival Games).png Alice October 25, 2016[2]
File:Enthorran (Blitz Survival Games).png Enthorran
File:Hamani (Blitz Survival Games).png Hamani solo 24
File:Seafloor (Blitz Survival Games).png Seafloor
File:Egypt (Blitz Survival Games).png Egypt March 30, 2014[3]
Rainforest removed 28
Winter 24
Mithril removed 24
Despair v1 solo 24
Despair v2 24
Docks v1 solo 24
Docks v2 solo 24
Thorin solo 24
K'tulu Island 24
City 24
Citadel solo 18
Island removed
Peaks solo
Greece solo
Darkstone teams
Caelum v2 solo 16
Caelum solo 12
Mithril Revived solo 24
Mirador Basin teams 24
Riverside solo
Alexandria solo

Quests & Challenges[]


Type Title Description Reward
Daily Game of the Day Play a game of Blitz 3,575 Hypixel Experience
2,500 Blitz SG Coins
Win Normal Win a game of Blitz Normal 3,575 Hypixel Experience
2,500 Blitz SG Coins
Chest Looter Loot 25 Chests 3,575 Hypixel Experience
2,500 Blitz SG Coins
Kills Kill 5 players in Blitz 3,575 Hypixel Experience
2,500 Blitz SG Coins
Weekly Blitz Master Play 15 games of Blitz
Win 5 games of Blitz
Kill 30 players in Blitz
22,000 Hypixel Experience
5,000 Blitz SG Coins
Blitz Expert Loot 100 Chests
Deal 250 Damage to Players
22,000 Hypixel Experience
5,000 Blitz SG Coins


Title Description Rewards
Star Use the Blitz Star. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Iron Man Wear a full set of Iron Armor. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Blitz Win a game before Deathmatch. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Resistance Kill a player before 1 minute mark. 3,700 Hypixel Experience


There are 145 Achievements in Blitz Survival Games, giving a total of 1,810 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
#pigrider77 Ride a pig during deathmatch 10
Afterburner Kill a player with Fire 5
Are you not entertained? Use the Gladiator Blitz Star 5
BURN THEM ALL! Use Apocalypse Blitz 10
Blitz Maniac Purchase 10 Blitz Stars 5
Bomberman Kill a player with TNT 10
Brutal Warrior Max out the Warrior Kit 10
Can't Decide! Purchase one level of at least 7 kits 5
Champion Kill a player that is using a level X Kit 5
Close Call Kill a player whilst being on 0.5 hp 5
Coin Festival Find a Coin Chest 5
Collector Unlock 3 level X kits 20
Cooking Expert Craft a Golden Apple 10
Counterplay? Drink milk while blinded 5
Donkeytamer Master Max out the Donkeytamer Kit 10
Even Shinier Unlock a Prestige II kit 15
Experimentation Activate every single kill effect at least once 10
Finally Get a kit to level X 15
First Blood Get the first kill in a game 5
First Ranger Max out the Ranger Kit 10
Frame of Mind Kill the player who found the Blitz Star 10
HORSEEEYYY Spawn a horse 10
Hoarder Fill up your inventory 5
IMPOSSIBRU Win without looting any chests 10
Immortal Win before the deathmatch 10
Invincible Win a game without taking any damage 15
Is it Christmas already? Find the Delivery Man's head 10
It all begins here Play Blitz for the first time 5
Jack of All Trades Unlock every kit 15
Lucky #7 Get a kit to level 7 10
Lucky minions Spawn 13 mobs in a game 10
Max Blitz Wear an Iron Helmet, Iron Chestplate, Chain Leggings and Iron Boots 5
My Precious Obtain a Diamond Sword 10
Nickname Rename a kit item in the shop 5
No Problem Win a game without killing anyone 10
No regrets Craft a Diamond Hoe 5
Ooh...Magic! Enchant a sword 10
Party Animal Win a Deathmatch with 6 or more players 10
Peeta Mellark Craft bread 5
Phoenix Master Max out the Phoenix Kit 10
Pounded Kill someone with the 1 Pound Fish 10
Preference Edit your kit layout in the shop 5
Rabbit's Foot Survive a fall of at least 50 blocks 10
Raised by Wolves Use the WolfTamer kit 5
Rambo Kill a player using the Rambo kit 10
Rambo Indeed Get 5 or more kills in a game when using the Rambo kit 10
Rampage Get 10 kills in one game 15
Safety First Survive until deathmatch without taking any damage 10
Sail Away Travel 500 blocks by boat in a single game while using the Viking kit 10
Shieldwall Wear a fully enchanted armor set 10
So Shiny Unlock a prestige kit 20
So powerful... Find a Blitz Star 10
Speed Kills Kill two people before you get your kit 10
Summoner Summon a rare mob using the Zookeeper Blitz Star 10
TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING Get a kill with the Nuke Blitz Star 5
There are Levels to This Get 50 levels in a single game 15
This is not SkyWars Throw a player into the void 5
Titanium Wear a full set of diamond armor 15
Too Basic Use every single basic kit at least once 10
Ultimate Combatant Kill someone while using Ultimate kit 5
Ultimate Completist Max out an Ultimate Kit 15
Ultimate Prestiger Prestige an Ultimate Kit 15
Under the sea Use a Fishing Rod to catch a Clownfish 5
Unfortunate Get killed by your own roulette 10
Unstoppable Kill 4 players within 12 seconds 10

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Blitz Banker I Earn 5,000 coins in Blitz 5
II Earn 10,000 coins in Blitz 10
III Earn 35,000 coins in Blitz 15
IV Earn 55,000 coins in Blitz 20
V Earn 75,000 coins in Blitz 25
Blitz Slayer I Kill 10 players 5
II Kill 100 players 10
III Kill 1,000 players 15
IV Kill 5,000 players 20
V Kill 12,000 players 25
DISRESPECT. I Get 25 Taunt Kills 5
II Get 50 Taunt Kills 10
III Get 100 Taunt Kills 15
IV Get 250 Taunt Kills 20
V Get 500 Taunt Kills 25
Fighting Expert I Kill 10 players using a sword or axe 5
II Kill 100 players using a sword or axe 10
III Kill 250 players using a sword or axe 15
IV Kill 500 players using a sword or axe 20
V Kill 1,000 players using a sword or axe 25
Kit Collector I Unlock 1 Advanced or Ultimate kit 5
II Unlock 5 Advanced or Ultimate kits 10
III Unlock 10 Advanced or Ultimate kits 15
IV Unlock 15 Advanced or Ultimate kits 20
V Unlock 20 Advanced or Ultimate kits 25
Kit Experience Collector I Collect 5,000 Ultimate Kit Experience 5
II Collect 10,000 Ultimate Kit Experience 10
III Collect 15,000 Ultimate Kit Experience 15
IV Collect 20,000 Ultimate Kit Experience 20
V Collect 25,000 Ultimate Kit Experience 25
Kit Expert I Kill 100 players using a single kit 5
II Kill 500 players using a single kit 10
III Kill 1,000 players using a single kit 15
IV Kill 2,500 players using a single kit 20
V Kill 5,000 players using a single kit 25
Looter I Open a total of 100 chests 5
II Open a total of 1,000 chests 10
III Open a total of 2,500 chests 15
IV Open a total of 5,000 chests 20
V Open a total of 10,000 chests 25
Master of Kits I Win 10 games using a single kit 5
II Win 50 games using a single kit 10
III Win 100 games using a single kit 15
IV Win 250 games using a single kit 20
V Win 500 games using a single kit 25
Mob Master I Spawn 10 mobs 5
II Spawn 100 mobs 10
III Spawn 250 mobs 15
IV Spawn 500 mobs 20
V Spawn 1,000 mobs 25
One Man Army I Win 10 solo games 5
II Win 100 solo games 10
III Win 250 solo games 15
IV Win 500 solo games 20
V Win 1,200 solo games 25
RNG Master I Win 10 games using the random kit option 5
II Win 20 games using the random kit option 10
III Win 50 games using the random kit option 15
IV Win 100 games using the random kit option 20
V Win 250 games using the random kit option 25
Ranged Combat I Kill 10 players using a bow and arrow 5
II Kill 100 players using a bow and arrow 10
III Kill 250 players using a bow and arrow 15
IV Kill 500 players using a bow and arrow 20
V Kill 1,000 players using a bow and arrow 25
Treasure Seeker I Find the Blitz Star 1 time 5
II Find the Blitz Star 5 times 10
III Find the Blitz Star 10 times 15
IV Find the Blitz Star 25 times 20
V Find the Blitz Star 100 times 25
Two Man Army I Win 10 team games 5
II Win 100 team games 10
III Win 250 team games 15
IV Win 500 team games 20
V Win 1,200 team games 25
War Veteran I Win a game with the Rambo Kit 1 time 5
II Win a game with the Rambo Kit 5 times 10
III Win a game with the Rambo Kit 15 times 15
IV Win a game with the Rambo Kit 25 times 20
V Win a game with the Rambo Kit 50 times 25


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