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Bounty Hunters is a semi-competitive FFA Arcade game where players must find and attack their target or other players to earn points. It is a recreation of the popular One in the Quiver or One in the Chamber gamemodes. The game was released sometime during the VIP Beta testing of the Arcade Games, around May or June of 2014.[1]


Players start spread out across the map with a wooden sword, bow, and compass that points to their target, which is a randomly selected player. Players can attack and kill any other player, even ones that are not their target. The bow will kill players in one shot, but only one arrow can be carried at a time; more arrows can be obtained from killing players or respawning.

Killing a player who is not a target awards one point, and killing one's target awards 5[Confirm?] points. About every [Confirm?], players recieve new targets.


Every thirty seconds or so you receive a target, killing this player gives you eight points. Your target is marked in gold under tab and ingame, whereas the other players are marked as red, and you are marked as green.


Image Name
File:Dam (Bounty Hunters).png Dam
File:Lost Abbey (Bounty Hunters).png Lost Abbey

(gallery shows the "Dam" map)


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