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Bow Spleef is a minigame on the Hypixel Server where the floor is made out of TNT, and you can shoot this block with bows & arrows so that it drops down. The objective is to shoot the TNT and cause your opponents to fall into the void. You can buy double jumps, which give you an extra boost towards the direction you are looking at when the space key is pressed twice in succession. You can also buy Repulsors, which shoot players into the sky and give you time to shoot the blocks underneath them and kill them. Triple-shot is a third power-up a player can buy, which will shoot 3 arrows at once. You can buy up to 10 of each of these, plus an additional power-up for prestiging, for a total of 11 each.

As of the 2017 TNT-games prestige update, you can also select your arrow-trail from the following: Smoke (1,000 coins), Slime (2,500 coins), Emerald (2,500 coins), Golden (7,500 coins), Hearts (30,000 coins) or Music (250,000 coins).


Prestige Requirements[]

To gain an 11th triple-shot, double-jump or repulsor, you must complete the challenge requirements for their prestige as well as pay the cost of 200,000 TNT games coins. The requirements are shown below.