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Build battle

Build Battle is a competitive creative game, and Hypixel's first creative-based minigame.

Build Battle is an entire lobby, which is split into 4 categories (which you can see below). The main idea behind all of these gamemodes is to build a given "Theme", in a plot, over a period of time. To help you do this you are given creative mode, and can even set weather, floor, walls and use custom skulls and particles. As you win games you progress through cosmetic "ranks" that are displayed only in the Build Battle lobby or games.

You can now join Build Battle via the lobby command /lobby bb, or by it's icon on the compass, a crafting bench.


  • Solo
  • Teams
  • Pro
  • Guess the Build

Gameplay (For Solo and Teams Mode) Edit

Blocks Edit

You can use ALL blocks that are in 1.8.9; blocks added in versions 1.9+ cannot be used. When attempting to use an 1.9+ item, the server will delete the item from the player's inventory and display a notification.

Build Phase Edit

During Build Phase, you are given a 27x27 area of land, creative mode, and some extra tools to make building easier. You have a Nether Star in the bottom right hand of your hotbar at all times, which can be used to access the Plot Options. The Plot Options contains 10 features: Weather, Time, Biome, Plot Floor, Custom Skulls, Custom Particles, Banner Builder, Save Loadout, Jukebox, and the Language Selector.

Plot weather Edit

By Default, your Plot Weather is selected to Sunny, but you can also choose Stormy, Rainy and Snowing.

Plot time Edit

By Default, your is selected to 12PM, but you can also select 6AM, 9AM, 3PM, 6PM, 9PM, 12AM, 3AM, and 6AM.

Plot biome Edit

By Default, your Plot Biome is selected to Plains, but you can also select Mesa, Ocean, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Ice Plains, Swamp, and Savanna.

Plot floor Edit

Your Plot Floor is by default White Stained Clay, but you can drag and drop a block from your hotbar to the Plot Floor slot in the options menu to change it.

Backdrop/Plot Theme Edit

A backdrop is a cosmetic which gives your plot a little more attractiveness. Check out the emerald in your inventory in any Build Battle lobby and choose the brick item for these backdrops!

Custom Skulls Edit

There are 7 different categories of custom heads you can choose from: Colors, Animals, Blocks, Foods, Interior, Miscellaneous and Mobs. Colors include Hot Pink, Crimson, Aqua, Green and more; Animals include Pandas, Bees, Turtles and more.

There are also many different blocks, including Redstone Torch Top, Hay, Sand, Polished & Unpolished Stone; Jams, cookies, fruits and doughnuts are in the foods section, and plant boxes, lamps, buckets and more are in the interior section.

Miscellaneous consists of other blocks that can't be classified into the other six sections, like Easter eggs, Lava Cores and a Gold Nugget head! Mobs include different mobs, like wolves, ghasts, different types of zombie, and a few more. You cannot get all custom heads, but a large variety are in the custom heads menu.

You can also make a skull of another player by typing  /skull [username].

Rating Phase Edit

After the Building Phase ends, the rating phase starts. All the builders will be teleported to a single plot of any player to view their builds - they can then rate on how good their build is, keeping the theme in mind. They have 6 options, shown with different appropriate colors:

  • Dark Red - Super Poop
  • Red - Poop
  • Blue - Meh
  • Green - OK
  • Darker Green - Good
  • Purple - Epic
  • Yellow - Legendary

Legendary Rain Edit

When many people have voted legendary on a build, diamonds will rain from the sky all over the build.

Guess the Build Edit

Guess the Build is a Build Battles gamemode still in development. In this gamemode, a player is chosen to build as the others guess about what he is building.

Players Edit

Up to 10 players per round.

The Builder Edit

When a player is chosen to be the builder, he/she is given a few seconds to choose from three options about which theme he/she is required to build. The themes are in three difficulties and after the theme selection, the builder will start building. The rules of building is very similar to Solo and Teams gamemodes, but the time is limited to 2 minutes instead. If a guesser guessed correctly, he/she and the builder both get points, so the builder will try to build as relevant as possible in order to gain more points.

The Guesser Edit

After the builder chose his/her theme, the guessers will start guessing by typing in their guess in chat. The guessers have unlimited attempts but only have the two minutes to guess as the builder builds. If he/she made a wrong guess, it will be displayed in chat; however, if he/she made the correct guess, the chat message would be replaced by a success message that is seen by everyone in the game. With time, more and more clues are given to the guessers, including the length of the word of the theme, specific letters of the theme and etc., making the guessers complete a hangman puzzle based on the build.

Rotation Edit

After the two minutes of building time, a new builder will be randomly selected to all players who had not been the builder before, and the normal rules apply again. The game ends when all players had been the builder.

Score System Edit

The amount of points in a round would be determined when the builder first chooses his/her theme. If he/she chooses the easy, medium or hard theme, the points in this round would be 1, 2 and 3 respectively. If a guesser correctly guesses the theme, he/she and the builder both gets the points for this round.

Build Battle Ranks Edit

Build Battle ranks only display in the Build Battle lobby or in-game:

Rank Name Colour Required Score
Rookie White 0
Untrained Gray 100
Amateur Yellow 250
Apprentice Green 500
Experienced Pink 1,000
Seasoned Aqua 2,000
Trained Dark Green 3,500
Skilled Dark Aqua 5,000
Talented Orange 7,500
Professional Purple 10,000
Expert Dark Blue 15,000
Master Dark Red 20,000
#1 Builder Orange Top 10 Leaderboard Score

Build Battle Backdrops Edit

Quest Master Edit


Type Title Description Rewards
Daily Build Battle Player Play 3 games of Build Battle 2,500 Hypixel Experience
5,000 Build Battle Coins
Build Battle Winner Win a game of Build Battle 2,500 Hypixel Experience
5,000 Build Battle Coins
Weekly Master Architect Play 30 games of Build Battle 15,000 Hypixel Experience
50,000 SkyWars Coins


Title Description Rewards
Top 3 Challenge Finish a game in the top 3. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Guesser Challenge Guess 5 themes correctly in Guess The Build mode. 2400 Hypixel Experience