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Capture The Wool (CTW) is a competitive team Arcade Game similar to the game Capture the Flag, which was released on August 26, 2020.[2] Prior to being in the Arcade Lobby, it was added to the Prototype Lobby on September 21, 2018.[1]

CTW games are ongoing meaning that players will be sent to a game already in progress instead of queueing for another round.


Capture The Wool
0 Players

Skin.Capture the Wool

40 players are split into two teams, Red and Blue. Each team must build across the map in an attempt to capture the other team's two wools as well as defend their own wools from being taken; Red captures Blue's Green and Aqua wool, and Blue captures Red's Yellow and Orange wool. The woolholder(s) must get back to their home base and place the wool in the spaces at the back of their spawn.

Other tips/features[]

  • Multiple people are able to pick up the same wool.
  • Players on a given team cannot enter their own wool rooms.
  • Some parts of the map are breakable.
  • Multiple kits can be purchased at the same time.
  • Entering the enemy wool room rewards better gear.
  • The bossbar at the top of the screen shows where all wools are.


Gold (not to be confused with Hypixel Gold) is the main currency used for purchases in CTW. Gold is earned through various means from player kills to capturing wool. Each method grants different amounts of Gold.

  • Normal Kill: 20 Gold
  • Assist: 10 Gold
  • Defensive Assist: 20 Gold
  • Woolholder Kill: 40 Gold
  • Pickup Wool: 50 Gold
  • Capture Wool: 100 Gold


Item Quantity Price (Gold)
Golden Apple 2 10
Arrow 16 10
Snowball 8 15
Vine 8 20
Fishing Rod 1 25
Water Bucket 1 30
Iron Bars 16 30
End Stone 32 30
Potion of Speed III 1 40
TNT 1 40


Name Cost (Gold) Description
The Heist Perk 125 Every time you pick up a wool you gain +4% walk speed, up to a maximum of 20%.
The Last Stand Perk 125 Your walk speed increases by 10% when near an enemy woolholder.
Strongarm Perk 125 Killing a woolholder increases you damage towards woolholders by 3%, up to a miximum of 15%.
Haste Perk 125 You gain Haste II near enemy wool rooms.
Hardening Perk 125 You gain Resistance I when you have enemy wool.


Image Name Release date Status
Chrono (Capture The Wool) Chrono January 15, 2024[3] Available
Nebula (Capture The Wool) Nebula Available
Armada (Capture The Wool) Armada December 16, 2021[4] Available
Citadel (Capture The Wool) Citadel Available
Qubba (Capture The Wool) Qubba August 26, 2020[5] Available
Tudor Garden (Capture The Wool) Tudor Garden Available
Turrets (Capture The Wool) Turrets Available
Desert Palace (Capture The Wool) Desert Palace November 8, 2018[6] Available
Kaeji Gardens (Capture The Wool) Kaeji Gardens Available
Manhattan Showdown (Capture The Wool) Manhattan Showdown October 9, 2018[7] Available
Amun (Capture The Wool) Amun September 21, 2018[1] Available


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