This map is different than the other maps, as stated by Hypixel himself. The map features a sewer-like tunnel system, 6 strategic points at each team's base, three ways to enter a wither room and a skyscraper in the middle of the map.


City map overview

Lay-out Edit

Above ground level Edit

The base of each team can be globally divided into three main areas : the mine entrance, the park before the wither's room and very high buildings, which are the team walls. The mine entrance is open, and features a staircase to get out of the mine, and it leads directly to the sewer system. The park, directly in front of your team's spawn, contains the water, which can be used for defence, and wheat crops. There is a street leading from the main entrance of a team to the wither room, straight through the park. It is therefore suggested to block off that street to keep intruders from reaching the park. The wither room is in the big skyscraper in front of spawn, and it can be accessed in three ways : the first one is the main entrance of the room, which can be accessed by running straight through the park, the second one is the side entrance, which is next to the black wool at the end of the main street of a team. The last one is a ladder, which can be accessed from the sewer system, and it leads almost directly to the wither. The wall-like buildings can be used to keep off defenders by blocking the stairs off with blocks, and it has several other strategic points.

Below ground level Edit

Below ground, there are sewers that can be found leading directly from the mines. They meet in the central skyscraper and can be used for hiding underground during Deathmatch or taking another team's sewer to their wither.

Strategic points Edit

On one side of the entrance is a tower that houses a perfect place for Skeletons and Blazes or anyone with a bow as it overlooks the entire middle and the actual base.

Tips and tricks Edit

Collect snowballs and when an army comes after you throw snowballs and they take knock back. Although they don't take damage, it knocks them back very effectively.