Turtle Companion

Companions are pets that can be obtained them from special mystery boxes, donating, or reaching a certain amount of achievement completion.

"Support Hypixel with these custom-built Companions - most are available to unlock on the Hypixel Store! How many can you collect?"

There are 17 Companions:

Name Cost in USD How to get Description
Penguin $9.99 Donate He's migrating all the way from the North Pole to your friends list! Collect this cute little Penguin companion today.
Turtle $9.99 Need someone to help you come out of your shell? Slow and steady always wins the race with this Turtle companion!
Black Pug $0.00 Crafted Mystery Box #2 Yelping, whimpering, howling away in the middle of night.. and that's just your friends when they see your cool canine friend! Take this Black Pug companion for a walk today.
Duck $3.99 Donate Looking for an Egg-cellent companion? This quacking little friend can't be beak! Become birds of a feather with this dashing Duck companion!
Frog $3.99 He was once a beautiful human prince, transformed by an old witch's curse... or at least that's what he tells people. This friendly Frog companion is just a hop, skip and jump away!
Sloth $6.99 Neeeeeed aaaaaa friennnnnnnnd? Hypixel's favourite animal arrives in the form of this cute Sloth companion!
HP-8 $3.99 BLEEP-BLOOP. BLOOP-BLEEP. Bwwwoooooooo! That's robot for "I love you". From a desert plant to the Hypixel lobby, get ready to roll out with this lovable HP8 companion!
White Pug $3.99 If dog is a man's best friend, then this little guy is man's BEST best friend! Embrace the pug life with this White Pug companion
Shibe $3.99 Such pet. Many fluffy. Much doge. Wow. befriend the cutest, fluffiest meme ever with this dank Shibe companion!
Chimp $6.99 Monkey see, monkey do, monkey gonna follow you. Go bananas with this swinging Chimp companion!
Gorilla $6.99 You can ask him why he beats his chest, you can ask him why he loves bananas, but whatever you do... DON'T ask him where he got those glasses! Meet the real king of the jungle with this garish Gorilla companion.
Panda $3.99 He may not know Kung Fu, but give this little guy a bamboo stick and he'll be your friend for life. Grin and bear it with this lazy Panda companion!
Elephant $9.99 They say an elephant never forgets... to follow you around the Hypixel Lobby! Pack up your trunk and join the herd with this tiny Elephant companion.
Magic Dog $3.99 What time is it? Time to stretch your legs and go for a walk with this adventurous Magic Dog companion!
HP9-B At least $13.99 Donate during 2017 Christmas Event Equipped with an infra-red eye and a stealthy coat of black paint, spread the rules of the Hypixel Empire across all the lobbies with this upgraded HP9-B companion.
Gifterino N/A 100 Gift Milestone Reward These little guys tend to follow the most generous person ever, and that person is you!
Achievements Totem N/A Minimum of 3000 Achievement Points   Make your way to the stars with this special achievements totem. You can customized this companion in the Achievement Rewards menu!

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