Creeper Skin

The Creeper class uses explosive based powers to win.

The Creeper class is a very explosive class. It can explode using it's skill causing lots of damage if upgraded. He can also use his willpower skill to quickly escape at will. When you die there is a chance a little Creeper minion will spawn and maybe even he will get some kills for you. Creeper is surprisingly highly underrated, so take advantage of this by baiting enemies into holes and killing them.

The Creeper class is a free and playable class in Mega Walls.

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Creeper (Damage, Control)Edit


- Detonate [ABILITY]

Detonate an explosion that deals up to X damage to nearby players. However, it takes 3 seconds to detonate.

This ability is truly powerful and if used correctly can really put out some damage. Since the Creeper can get energy very quickly this ability can used often in a fight. Once you charge up the skill it will take a few seconds for it to charge up then you will hear a sound and the explosion should of been done. You closer you are to a player, the more deadlier is the ability will be. It's one of the best when you are outnumbered. NOTICE: The Creeper will receive 20 Energy Per Hit by hitting players with your sword.

- Fission Heart [SKILL]

On kill you have X% chance to spawn Creeper on death

Placing TNT that instantly prime it and deal Y extra true damage but does not break blocks or prime nearby TNT. Sneaking place unprimed TNT

- Willpower [SKILL]

When you get below 7 hearts you gain speed for X seconds. This ability has a 15 second cooldown.

This is one of the best skills for close fights and combats. If you get below 7 hearts you will gain speed for a few seconds. It's very effective if you are about to die. It has a 15 second cooldown so don't think you are immune using it. Remember that upgraded classes can use their speed potions to catch you.


When you mine coal ore, you have X chance to get a TNT.

One of the worst gathering talents in the game. When mining coal you have a very very minor chance of getting a TNT block. TNT blocks them self are really good for blowing stuff. The reason why it's not that good is because it only works on coal and it's a very low chance even if you have it maxed upgraded.

- Creeper Kit [KIT UPGRADE]

A decent kit for a mediocre class. Your leggings will basically make you reduce damage against other creepers and TNT explosions. You also get the ordinary sword, steak and the potions. So very basic kit but it is worth it.

Default - Iron Sword, Iron Leggings, Potion of Healing (16 HP), 1 Steak

Upgrade II - Iron Sword, Iron Leggings(Blast Protection II, Protection I), Potion of Healing (16 HP), 3 Steaks

Upgrade III - Iron Sword, Iron Leggings(Blast Protection II, Protection I), Potion of Healing (16 HP), Potion of Speed (0:15), 3 Steaks

Upgrade IV - Iron Sword, Iron Leggings(Blast Protection VI, Protection I), Potion of Healing (16 HP), Potion of Speed (0:15), 3 Steaks

Max Upgrade V - Iron Sword, Diamond Leggings(Blast Protection VI, Protection I), 2 Potion of Healing (16 HP), 2 Potion of Speed (0:15), 3 Steaks


Prestige 1 Two additional hearts 250,000 coins
Prestige 2 'Skillaura' 250,000 coins
Prestige 3 Skin: ‘Slith’ 250,000 coins

ENDER CHEST [PERK] The Ender Chest perk will grant you an Ender Chest to hide your stuff in. It's handy since you can put stuff in the chest that no one will steal. It costs 10000 coins. Other teammates can use it if they got it unlocked for their class. They won't be able to loot from your items.


Skin Description Acquisition
Creeper Skin
The default skin for Creeper Default
Creeper-Johnny Skin
Thinks he's a real creeper. Nobody has the heart to tell little Johnny the truth 'Peacekeeper' Achievement
Creeper-Bomberdude Skin
It's what's on the inside that counts. For Bomberdude that'd be TNT 'Ready.. Set.. Boom!' Achievement
Creeper-Destructo Skin
A robotic experiment gone wrong: Destructo blew up the testing facility and escaped 'Mass destruction' Achievement
Creeper-Kreeft Skin
Creeper Scientist Kreeft investigates the properties of water to help his race overcome their prime weakness 'Remote detonation' Achievement
Creeper-Cricket Skin
Cricked the Ninja Cyborg has sworn to protect his village from Creepers 'Legendary Creeper' Achievement'
Creeper-Rainbow Creeper Skin
Rainbow Creeper
Some lands use Rainbow Creepers as fireworks. We just force 'em to play Mega Walls 5,000 Coins
Creeper-Slith Skin
Overlord Slith is the invisible force behind several thriving Creeper galaxies Prestige III

Tips and TricksEdit

MEGA WALLS! - CREEPER CLASS Gameplay and Review - Hypixel Server - KABOOM

MEGA WALLS! - CREEPER CLASS Gameplay and Review - Hypixel Server - KABOOM

A guide on the Creeper class.


* These tips are outdated

  • The Creeper is considered by the majority of the players as the worst class in the game, so the major tip would be not to play this class until a decent buff.
  • This class is based on explosive abilities and handling near-death situations. A classic example is Creeper Willpower, which could make you win a fight while severely damaged.
  • You have a chance to spawn a creeper on death, which will explode, and damage the enemies caught in the blast radius. You will receive the coins for eventual kills done by the creeper.
  • Remember : contrary to popular belief, creeper is NOT IMMUNE while charging up his detonation skill.