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Creeper Attack is an Arcade game in which players have to defend the trader (villager) at the center of the map from waves of creepers and fight other mosters.


Creeper Attack
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Skin.Creeper Attack

Fourteen players spawn in a plus-shaped map with four lanes. Creepers may spawn in any of the lanes, and players must kill them before they reach the trader at the center of the map and explode (taking around 25 seconds to do so). Each creeper explosion takes 10% off of the Trader's health. After all of the creepers are killed or explode, the next round begins after 10 seconds. Each round is more difficult than the last with more creepers and mobs spawning each round.

Right clicking the trader will bring up a menu of perks and consumables for the current game, which can be bought with gold (earned from team mob kills). At the start of the game, players get a stone sword, a bow, and leather armor, all of which can be upgraded via the trader.

If you die, 33% of your remaining gold is deducted as a penalty.


Mob Starting Wave Behavior Reward (gold)
Creeper 1 Spawns at the ends of each lane; doesn't attack/walks to trader and explodes (~25 seconds) 10
Zombie 2 Spawns from pipes next to the lanes; behave like regular zombies 3
Skeleton 6 Spawns on the horizontal beams above each lane; shoots nearby players 5
Iron Golem 5 Spawns every five waves; fast with lots of health; additional golem added every 10 waves after wave 5 75
Zombie Pigman 6 Spawns with creepers; starts as fast babies but decreases speed and increases health when they grow up 15
Charged Creeper 9 Same as regular creeper but with more health 20
Blaze 11 Spawns from corner "sewers" of the map; shoots explosive fireballs at nearby players; additional blaze added every 10 waves after wave 11 30

Items and Upgrades[]

Type Upgrade Cost (Gold)
Bow Upgrade Power I 800
Power II 1,600
Power IV + Punch I 2,800
Armor Upgrade Iron 600
Diamond 2,800
Sword Upgrade Iron 600
Diamond 2,100
Item Cost (Gold)
Melee Power Up Increases melee damage by 5 for 30 seconds 150 (+10 per round)
The Big Freeze Freezes all mobs except iron golems for 10 seconds 500 (+40 per round)
Explosive Arrows Arrows explode upon impact and do 5 extra damage for 30 seconds 300 (+20 per round)
Trader Arrows The trader rapidly fires arrows at mobs for 15 seconds 150 (+5 per round)
Heal Up Gives player a splash Healing potion that remains even if the player dies and respawns 150 coins (+10 per round)

Tips and Tricks[]

  • Try not to neglect creepers, since killing them is what causes the game to progress after all.
  • When attacking a Creeper don't stand on it, stand next to it so other players (who may have better weapons) can attack it too.
  • When being chased by an Iron Golem, run around the map and let your teammates attack it. If the golem is locked onto you, avoid battling it yourself unless it has almost no health remaining and you have sufficient health.
  • Activate Trader Arrows and Freeze All Mobs in the middle of a round instead of between rounds (which would cause them to be wasted due to the cooldown between rounds).
    • Also avoid activating Freeze All Mobs during golem waves as it will not freeze golems.
  • The same amount of gold is given regardless of whether you or another person made the kill, so attacking a mob that's not being attacked by another player is better than having multiple people attack the same mob (often neglecting other creepers in the process).
  • If you are close to dying, try to purchase powerups from the trader so you get their benefit and waste less gold.
  • Kill blazes as soon as possible, since they can do large amounts of damage with their explosive fireballs and it becomes harder to aim as more mobs spawn. A un-upgraded bow will kill them in one hit.

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