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The following article is for a Murder Mystery map.
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Murder Mystery

Set sail for sunnier shores on Cruise Ship. Following a freak accident, this slowly capsizing vessel is the perfect place to hone your gaming skills. On the lower decks you can play arcade games for fun and profit, and if you're on the top deck watch out for the deadly storms that roll in - if the lightning hits you, you're toast.



Punch Me

Cost: 1 × Gold Ingot Gold

In Punch Me, you are seated around 8 end portal blocks. A green or red box will come out of them, saying "Punch Me!" and "Don't Punch me!" respectively. If you punch the green box, you gain a point. You have around 20 seconds to play, and you will gain gold for the amount of points you get. Keep in mind that the murderer can kill you while you are playing. Have fun!


Cost: 1 × Gold Ingot Gold

In Whack-a-Ball, you're supposed to rapidly swap between left and right click while you punch the ball. The hit registration can glitch, so you will probably not score top. Keep in mind that the murderer can kill you while you are playing, so watch out.

Water Polo

There are two beach-balls on the deck shown in the above image, although the beach balls are not there. You can hit the beach balls around, and play a little game. However, the murderer can kill you, and if lightning strikes you, you're dead.


  • Despite the map's description, the ship doesn't slowly capsize during the game.