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Bed Wars

"The rumours that these ancient tombs are cursed have long been up for debate. Visitors often vanish without a trace... much like the tombs themselves."

Crypt is a Solo/Doubles map for Bed Wars released on April 20, 2017.

Map rotations[]

  • Crypt was first removed early after its release during Bed Wars' prototype stage, on an unknown date.
    • Crypt was then revived on June 29, 2017.[2]
    • Crypt was removed again on August 22, 2019.[3]
    • Crypt was revived again on April 29, 2020,[4]
    • Crypt was removed once more on November 2, 2020.[5]
    • Crypt was finally revived again on February 12, 2021.[6]
  • Crypt has had the most changes in status of any map, being removed and replaced a total of six times through its lifespan.