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Dragon Wars[]

Dragon wars is an arcade game publicly released in June 20th of 2014 but the week prior being a ranked only gamemode. The game takes place in a FFA 12 player (formerly 16 player) arena. One game of Dragon Wars lasts 6 minutes (formerly 8 minutes). In those 6 minutes, players will fight with default iron armor (and feather falling 1, depth strider 1 iron boots) with the potion effects of Jump Boost 2 and Speed 1. After the 6 minutes are up, the player with the most kills is the winner. Alternatively, if a player reaches 25 kills they are immediately declared as the winner.


In Dragon Wars, there are a few different abilities which are very simple.

- Wither Blast (Blaze Rod): Shoots a wither skull which breaks parts of the map and deals damage to enemies if they are hit. Has a 3 second cooldown.

- Healing (Spider Eye): Heals a player for around 10 hearts. Has a 10 second cooldown.

- Riding Dragon (Blaze Powder): Every 2 minutes you are able to ride a Dragon in the sky which shoots fireballs at other players. The cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds if you die and by 10 if you get a kill.


  • Dragon Tamer: Kill 4 players while riding a Dragon. (+15)
  • Khaleesi: Kill a player while riding a Dragon. (+5)
  • Blast: Kill someone with your wither blast. (+5)
  • Dragon Slayer: Get 15 kills in 1 game of Dragon Wars. (+10)
  • Quick Win!: Win a game of Dragon Wars by kills in under 4 minutes. (+15)
  • Voidseeker: ??? [secret achievement]. (+5) Tiered Achievements:
  • Slayer: Get 50/100/500/1000/2000 kills in Dragon Wars. (+5/10/15/20/25)
  • Dragonborn: Mount a Dragon 10/50/100/250/500 times in Dragon Wars. (+5/10/15/20/25)