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Duels Lobby Info Board

Duels is a collection of minigames where players can battle each other in various different ways. It was released in the Prototype Lobby on January 19, 2017,[1] and had a v1.0 release on March 2, 2018[2]. Different modes have different selections of items given to each player, along with different maps to duel on. The objective for most duels is to damage the opponent until the opponent loses all their health to win.

Since its release, new modes and more have continued to release in later updates.



  • Blitz Duel
  • Bow Duel
  • Bow Spleef Duel (also known as TNT)
  • Boxing Duel
  • Bridge Duel
  • Classic Duel
  • Combo Duel
  • MegaWalls Duel
  • NoDebuff Duel
  • OP Duel
  • Skywars Duel
  • Sumo Duel
  • UHC Duel



  • Duel Arena
  • Hypixel Parkour
  • UHC Deathmatch

Division Titles[]

Division Titles can be obtained by winning duels. Each division has 5 levels, with the exception of WORLD'S BEST. Overall Division titles require double the amount of wins than individual gamemode titles. You can track your progress for both individual gamemodes or overall titles via the Duels Menu. Godlike was originally the max and had 10 levels[3], but World Elite, World Master and WORLD'S BEST, were added in Update v1.4 and come after Godlike. Later, these titles were renamed to Celestial, Divine, and Ascended, respectively.

All Divisions[]


[Show/Hide Titles]
  • Rookie - 50 Wins
  • Rookie II - 60 Wins
  • Rookie III - 70 Wins
  • Rookie IV - 80 Wins
  • Rookie V - 90 Wins
  • Iron - 100 Wins
  • Iron II - 130 Wins
  • Iron III - 160 Wins
  • Iron IV - 190 Wins
  • Iron V - 220 Wins
  • Gold - 250 Wins
  • Gold II - 300 Wins
  • Gold III - 350 Wins
  • Gold IV - 400 Wins
  • Gold V - 450 Wins
  • Diamond - 500 Wins
  • Diamond II - 600 Wins
  • Diamond III - 700 Wins
  • Diamond IV - 800 Wins
  • Diamond V - 900 Wins
  • Master - 1000 Wins
  • Master II - 1200 Wins
  • Master III - 1400 Wins
  • Master IV - 1600 Wins
  • Master V - 1800 Wins
  • Legend - 2000 Wins
  • Legend II - 2600 Wins
  • Legend III - 3200 Wins
  • Legend IV - 3800 Wins
  • Legend V - 4400 Wins
  • Grandmaster - 5000 Wins
  • Grandmaster II - 6000 Wins
  • Grandmaster III - 7000 Wins
  • Grandmaster IV - 8000 Wins
  • Grandmaster V - 9000 Wins
  • Godlike - 10,000 Wins
  • Godlike II - 13,000 Wins
  • Godlike III - 16,000 Wins
  • Godlike IV - 19,000 Wins
  • Godlike V - 22,000 Wins
  • Celestial - 25,000 Wins
  • Celestial II - 30,000 Wins
  • Celestial III - 35,000 Wins
  • Celestial IV - 40,000 Wins
  • Celestial V - 45,000 Wins
  • Divine - 50,000 Wins
  • Divine II - 60,000 Wins
  • Divine III - 70,000 Wins
  • Divine IV - 80,000 Wins
  • Divine V - 90,000 Wins
  • Ascended (1 to 50) - 100,000 to 590,000 Wins (increments of 10,000 Wins)


[Show/Hide Titles]
  • Rookie - 100 Wins
  • Rookie II - 120 Wins
  • Rookie III - 140 Wins
  • Rookie IV - 160 Wins
  • Rookie V - 180 Wins
  • Iron - 200 Wins
  • Iron II - 260 Wins
  • Iron III - 320 Wins
  • Iron IV - 380 Wins
  • Iron V - 440 Wins
  • Gold - 500 Wins
  • Gold II - 600 Wins
  • Gold III - 700 Wins
  • Gold IV - 800 Wins
  • Gold V - 900 Wins
  • Diamond - 1000 Wins
  • Diamond II - 1200 Wins
  • Diamond III - 1400 Wins
  • Diamond IV - 1600 Wins
  • Diamond V - 1800 Wins
  • Master - 2000 Wins
  • Master II - 2400 Wins
  • Master III - 2800 Wins
  • Master IV - 3200 Wins
  • Master V - 3600 Wins
  • Legend - 4000 Wins
  • Legend II - 5200 Wins
  • Legend III - 6400 Wins
  • Legend IV - 7600 Wins
  • Legend V - 8800 Wins
  • Grandmaster - 10,000 Wins
  • Grandmaster II - 12,000 Wins
  • Grandmaster III - 14,000 Wins
  • Grandmaster IV - 16,000 Wins
  • Grandmaster V - 18,000 Wins
  • Godlike - 20,000 Wins
  • Godlike II - 26,000 Wins
  • Godlike III - 32,000 Wins
  • Godlike IV - 38,000 Wins
  • Godlike V - 44,000 Wins
  • Celestial - 50,000 Wins
  • Celestial II - 60,000 Wins
  • Celestial III - 70,000 Wins
  • Celestial IV - 80,000 Wins
  • Celestial V - 90,000 Wins
  • Divine I - 100,000 Wins
  • Divine II - 120,000 Wins
  • Divine III - 140,000 Wins
  • Divine IV - 160,000 Wins
  • Divine V - 180,000 Wins
  • Ascended (1 to 50) - 200,000 to 1,180,000 Wins (increments of 20,000 Wins)

Duels Menu[]

The Duels Menu houses cosmetics and general settings for duels gamemodes.




Match History[]

Kit Editor[]


There are 118 Achievements in Duels, giving a total of 1,430 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points/Rewards
1v1 Me! Challenge someone to a Bridge Duel using /duel 5/The Bridger
Ace! Kill all 4 enemies in a UHC Teams game 15/Hoops
Boxing Combo Reach a combo of 15 or more hits in Boxing Duels! 5
Build Battle Duel Place 128 blocks in a single Duels game and win 5
Burn Baby Burn Kill an enemy using lava or fire 5
Can I Axe you a Question? Win a game of UHC Duels without using your sword 10
Carried Score 5 goals in a Four Teams game of The Bridge 5/Team Pride
Clean Sweep Score 5 goals in a game of The Bridge Teams 5/Endermite
Close Call! Use all your health potions in a NoDebuff Duel and win 10
Community Oriented Play a game on a community-submitted map 5/Earth
Customizing! Unlock and change your Division Titles prefix! 5
Definitely Hungry Eat all 32 Golden Apples in a game of Combo Duels and win 10
Domination! Win a duel against the same player 3 times in a row 10
Express Yourself Use a glyph in The Bridge 5/Skeleton
Flawless Win a Parkour Duel without falling or teleporting to a checkpoint once 15/Pumpkin Popper
Fortification Win a Combo Duel after having at least 4 pieces of armor break 15/Offering Kill Message
GG Win a game of The Bridge with a score of 5-4 5/GG
Getting Loot Open a Duels Loot Chest 5
Gone Fishing Catch a fish 5
Got Ya! Kill an enemy while they are close to your goal in The Bridge 5/Lunar Dust
Hat Trick Score 3 goals in a game of The Bridge 5/LOL/Magician
Hawk's Eye Win a Bow Duels game with a 100% bow accuracy 10
Heart Hoarder Win a Four Teams game of The Bridge with 7 lives remaining 10/Slime/Sharp
Jack of All Trades Win a SkyWars Duel using 15 different kits 15/Evil Kill Message
Last Stand Score a goal with less than 1 HP remaining in The Bridge 5/Heart
Lobby Slayer Get a 10 kill streak in the lobby Battle Arena 10
Master Builders Place a total of 5000 blocks in Duels 10
My Preference Use the kit editor to edit the layout of a kit 5
Ninja'd Score a goal while an enemy is close to your goal in The Bridge 5/Rocket
Not Close at all Win a duel with only 1 heart remaining 10
Not Hungry Win a game of UHC Duels without eating any golden apples 10
On Fire Score 3 goals in a row for your team in The Bridge 5/Lava
Rematch! Win a rematch 5
Replay Use the recently played option in the join menu 5
Revenge! Win a Duel against a player that has beaten you twice in a row 10
Shut Down Defeat someone who is on a win streak of 15 or more 15/Reversed Kill Message
Silent Thief Steal the opponents flag and capture it without taking damage in Bridge CTF 10
Speed Duel Win a duel within 30 seconds 10
Speedster Win a Parkour Duel 2 full minutes ahead of second place 10
Speedy Sumo Win a Sumo Duels game in 5 seconds or less 5
Summoner Spawn a mob in Blitz Duel 5
Team Player Win a game of 4v4 UHC Duels 5
The Best Around Win a Duel in Arena 1 in the Duel Arena! 10
The Waiting Game Win a Solo SkyWars Duel without getting a kill 5
Trial by Combat Challenge a player using /duel 5
Untouchable Win a game of Duels without taking any damage 15/Noob Kill Message
Void Archer Knock a player into the void from 20 or more blocks away in the Bridge 5/Skull
Well Rounded Win a game in 5 different Duels modes 10

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points/Rewards
Climbing the Ranks I Achieve Iron Title in any mode 5
II Achieve Gold Title in any mode 10
III Achieve Diamond Title in any mode 15
IV Achieve Master Title in any mode 20
V Achieve Legend Title in any mode 25
Duels Mastery I Unlock a Division Title in 4 different modes 5
II Unlock a Division Title in 6 different modes 10
III Unlock a Division Title in 8 different modes 15
IV Unlock a Division Title in 10 different modes 20
V Unlock a Division Title in 12 different modes 25
Duels Win Streak I Achieve an Overall Win Streak of 2 5
II Achieve an Overall Win Streak of 4 10
III Achieve an Overall Win Streak of 8 15
IV Achieve an Overall Win Streak of 12 20
V Achieve an Overall Win Streak of 20 25
Duels Winner I Win 25 Duels 5
II Win 100 Duels 10
III Win 250 Duels 15
IV Win 500 Duels 20
V Win 1,500 Duels 25
Four Teams Winner I Win 10 games in Four Teams modes 5/Beach Ball
II Win 25 games in Four Teams modes 10/Sponge
III Win 50 games in Four Teams modes 15/Witch Hut
IV Win 100 games in Four Teams modes 20/Snow Globe
V Win 250 games in Four Teams modes 25/Chicken/Confetti
The Bridge Conquerer I Win The Bridge games on 3 unique maps 5/Pirate
II Win The Bridge games on 6 unique maps 10/Water
III Win The Bridge games on 9 unique maps 15/Temple
IV Win The Bridge games on 12 unique maps 20/Let There Be Leather
V Win The Bridge games on 15 unique maps 25/Cheeseburger
The Bridge Doubles Winner I Win 10 games of The Bridge Doubles 5/Storm
II Win 50 games of The Bridge Doubles 10/Bed
III Win 100 games of The Bridge Doubles 15/Poseidon
IV Win 250 games of The Bridge Doubles 20/Sailboat/Snow
V Win 500 games of The Bridge Doubles 25/Fiery Wind/RIP
The Bridge Duel Winner I Win 10 The Bridge Duels 5/Slime
II Win 50 The Bridge Duels 10/Flower
III Win 100 The Bridge Duels 15/Flower
IV Win 250 The Bridge Duels 20/Melon
V Win 500 The Bridge Duels 25/Crayon/Rainbow
The Bridge Scorer I Score 25 goals in The Bridge 5/Burn
II Score 100 goals in The Bridge 10/Team Pride
III Score 250 goals in The Bridge 15/Hearts
IV Score 500 goals in The Bridge 20/Crayon
V Score 1,000 goals in The Bridge 25/Nicolas
The Bridge Streak I Get a win streak of 3 in The Bridge 5/Iron Steve
II Get a win streak of 6 in The Bridge 10/Gold Steve
III Get a win streak of 10 in The Bridge 15/Emerald Steve
IV Get a win streak of 15 in The Bridge 20/Diamond Steve
V Get a win streak of 25 in The Bridge 25/L
The Bridge Teams Winner I Win 10 games of The Bridge Teams 5/The Bridge
II Win 50 games of The Bridge Teams 10/Bee
III Win 100 games of The Bridge Teams 15/Mushroom
IV Win 250 games of The Bridge Teams 20/Silverfish
V Win 500 games of The Bridge Teams 25/UFO/Celebration Popper
The Bridge Winner I Win 20 games of The Bridge 5/No 1
II Win 100 games of The Bridge 10/L
III Win 200 games of The Bridge 15/Poop
IV Win 500 games of The Bridge 20/Twisted
V Win 1,000 games of The Bridge 25/Disc Jockey
Traveller I Win a Duel on 10 different maps 5
II Win a Duel on 15 different maps 10
III Win a Duel on 20 different maps 15
IV Win a Duel on 25 different maps 20
V Win a Duel on 30 different maps 25
Well Practiced I Win 50 rounds in Arena 1 in the Duel Arena 5
II Win 100 rounds in Arena 1 in the Duel Arena 10
III Win 250 rounds in Arena 1 in the Duel Arena 15
IV Win 500 rounds in Arena 1 in the Duel Arena 20
V Win 1,000 rounds in Arena 1 in the Duel Arena 25


There are 9 Legacy Achievements in Duels, which are not obtainable anymore, giving a total of 110 Legacy Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
CHAMPION! Win a Duels Tournament 15
Competitor Participate in a Duels Tournament 5
More Damage Win a round of a Duels Tournament after the timer runs out by dealing the most damage 5
Smash your Keyboard Come Second Place in a Duels Tournament 10

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Duels Trophies I Obtain 1 Trophy by winning Duels Tournaments 5
II Obtain 10 Trophies by winning Duels Tournaments 10
III Obtain 25 Trophies by winning Duels Tournaments 15
IV Obtain 50 Trophies by winning Duels Tournaments 20
V Obtain 100 Trophies by winning Duels Tournaments 25


This section is a work in progress.

Date Content
Oct 27, 2021 After 3 years, Duels v1.4 released, bringing 5 new modes - The Duel Arena, Hypixel Parkour, Boxing Duels, Bridge 3v3 and Bridge CTF Threes. In addition, division titles were greatly expanded with new rewards, and nearly all modes received some big changes to gameplay. This update also introduced a whole range of new maps, and a new Duels Lobby.[4]
Oct 24, 2018 Duels v1.3 released, bringing "The Bridge Duels" to Duels. Additionally, many new maps were added across many duels - including terrain changes to improve gameplay. Additionally, some general changes were made, like alltime winstreak tracking for modes.[5]
Sep 10, 2018 Duels v1.2 released, introducing Duels Seasons, and 3 new SkyWars Duels maps - "Meteor", "Agni Temple" and "Swamp". Additionally, statuses and division titles were introduced for all modes. The update also added various achievements and gameplay changes.[6]
Apr 5, 2018 Duels v1.1 released, adding a new mode - "Sumo Duels", as well as a tournament version. Additionally, new cosmetics were added, including some exclusive to Duels. The update also introduced progression rewards and ratings.[7]
Mar 2, 2018 Duels v1.0 released, adding a separate Duels Lobby and in turn leaving the Prototype Lobby. Additionally, 4 new maps - "Backwoods", "Battledome", "Fractal" and "Skyport" - were added, alongside 4 new modes - "Blitz Duels", "Bow Spleef Duels", "UHC Tournament" and "SkyWars Tournament". The update also introduced leaderboards and stats for the individual modes, QOL improvements and new Achievements and Quests.[2]
Dec 11, 2017 Duels v0.5 released, adding 2 new maps called "Neon" and "Arena", as well as 4 new modes, those of which being SkyWars duels, OP doubles duels, Combo duels, and NoDebuff duels (replacing Potion duels). The update also introduced the /duel command, which allowed players to duel another player by typing /duel [Player] [Duel mode], or by typing /duel [Player] and clicking on one of the modes shown in the menu. Skywars, Mega Walls, and UHC duel NPCs were added to their respective lobbies, and other changes + bug fixes were made.[8]
Aug 22, 2017 Duels v0.4 released, which revamped the lobby menu to seperate solo and team modes, while also adding a player's last 3 played modes below. Additionally, the update added a rematch system, which allowed players dueling each other to vote on if they'd like a rematch in the same mode up to 3 times. The update made some changes to the gamemode, and fixed bugs.[9]
Mar 22, 2017 Duels v0.3 released, which introduced various different features. These features include a Mega Walls duel mode, 2v2 and 4v4 modes for both UHC Duels and Mega Walls Duels, and a new map for the 4v4 modes named "Courtyard 4v4". Soup Duels, a mode introduced in the v0.2 update, was removed due to lack of popularity. 

Guild tags were added to the daily leaderboards in each duel mode, while a seperate new weekly leaderboard was created for guilds, which was only available for 2v2 and 4v4 duels. The guild leaderboard would count both wins and losses, adding points for winning and deducting points for losing. The guild leaderboard would only count points for the guild if all players in the team were from the same guild. Additionally, a weekly solo win - loss leaderboard was added to all solo modes, which added points for winning and deducted points for losing. Several bugs were fixed in the update.[10]

Jan 19, 2017 Duels accompanied the release of the Prototype Lobby, along with UHC Deathmatch, BedWars, and Survival Dash. Duels originally had 4 different modes, those being Bow Duel, Classic Duel, Vanilla Duel, and OP Duel. Duels also had a single map to play on named "Courtyard".