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Ender Spleef is an Arcade Game inspired by the classic spleef gamemode where players try to break blocks below others to get them to fall. It was one of the first minigames added to Arcade and was released on June 6, 2014.[1]


Ender Spleef Iso

A render of the map, Excelsius.

Players disguised as Endermen spawn on platforms made of quartz, hardened clay/terracotta, and wood. Players use the Ender Gun (iron horse armor) in their hotbar to shoot snowballs which break blocks. Each block has 4 'lives,' meaning that it can be hit with a snowball 4 times before it breaks.

Players do not gain kills as there is no way to tell who has spleefed who. Coins are awarded whenever someone falls into the void, so the longer players survive, the more they earn. The last player standing after everyone else has fallen into the void wins the game.


Double Jumps[]

Players can double tap the spacebar to double jump, but it is limited. The experience bar has a level from 0-100, and using a double jump consumes 50 levels. The bar increases by 10 levels each second until reaching 100.

Ender Teleport[]

Ender Teleport allows players to instantly warp on top of whatever block or place they are looking at. If the player is looking at the bottom of a block, they will teleport on top of it. This ability has a 10 second cooldown.

Ender Blocks[]

Ender Blocks creates a small 3x3 platform of hardened clay beneath the player's feet, and it recharges after breaking 20 blocks. It can be used when players are falling to have a buffer to protect them from death; though, the blocks disappear after a short period of time.


Powerups are floating objects that spawn at random spots on the map and can be activated by walking through them.


Makes thrown snowballs destroy all blocks in a 3x3 area, instead of a 1x1 area.

Triple Shot[]

Makes the Ender Gun shoot 3 snowballs at once instead of one.


Image Name Release date Status
Excelsius (Ender Spleef) Excelsius December 16, 2021 Available
Flux (Ender Spleef) Flux June 6, 2014 Available


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