Enderman Skin
The Enderman class has special teleportation powers and endurance.

The Enderman class can be compared to ninja/stealth classes in some other games. It hasn't got any good armor or other protection items, and can be easily killed by a group of good armored enemies. However, its ability teleports you to the player you are looking at, and you receive not only a major speed buff, but also the element of surprise. Although this class requires some skill, it can be very fun shocking enemies by teleporting to them, and catching them off guard.

The Enderman class is a playable class unlocked by default in Mega Walls

General Information Edit

Difficulty: Normal ★★☆☆

Type: Mobility, Rusher

Energy Per Hit: 30 (15 when under speed III effect)

Energy Per Second: 2 after wall fall, 1 when on Deathmatch

Upgrade Edit

Perks Edit

- Teleport [ABILITY]

Teleport up to X blocks towards to the nearest and gain Speed Y for 5 seconds, Halved energy per hit while Speed III is active. 5 seconds cooldown

Level 1 - Teleport up to 13 blocks, Speed 1

Level 2 - Teleport up to 16 blocks, Speed 1

Level 3 - Teleport up to 19 blocks, Speed II

Level 4 - Teleport up to 22 blocks, Speed II

Max Upgrade - Teleport up to 25 blocks, Speed III

- Ender Heart [PASSIVE]

You have X chance to keep inventory on death. When your wither is dead, heal Y on kill

Level 1 - 13% chance, Heal 1 HP

Level 2 - 26% chance, Heal 2 HP

Max Upgrade - 39% chance, Heal 3 HP

- Soul Charge [PASSIVE]

You get Regeneration I for X seconds once your energy bar is full.

Level 1 - 3.33 seconds

Level 2 - 6.67 seconds

Max Upgrade - 10 seconds

- Enderblocks [GATHERING]

When you mine ore or logs, you have an X chance to mine any adjacent blocks around it.

Level 1 - 12% chance

Level 2 - 24% chance

Max Upgrade - 36% chance

- Enderman Kit [KIT UPGRADE]

You don't start out with powerful stuff, and even with max upgrade, you only get diamond boots as defense. Which means you very rely on Hit and run tactics. Finally, with 2 Healing Potion allow you run to cover and heal up quick. The Diamond boots had 75% fall damage resistance, which mean you can survive the fall even with High ground.

Level 1 - Iron Sword, Iron Boots, Steak

Level 2 - Iron Sword, Iron Boots, 2 Steaks

Level 3 - Iron Sword, Iron Boots, 3 Steaks, Potion Of Heal(16 HP)

Level 4 - Iron Sword, Iron Boots, 3 Steaks, Potion Of Heal(16 HP), Potion of Speed II(0:15)

Max Upgrade - Iron Sword, Diamond Boots(75% Fall damage resistance), 3 Steaks, 2 Potion of Heal(16 HP), 2 Potion of Speed II(0:15)


Prestige 1 Two additional hearts 250,000 coins
Prestige 2 'Skillaura' '500 points'500,000 coins
Prestige 3 Skin: 'Prestige Enderman' '1,000 points'500,000 coins
Prestige 4 'Golden [END] Tag'+1 gold per kill '2,000 points'750,000 coins

ENDER CHEST [PERK] Allow player to have private storage with X rows

Level 1: 3 rows

Level 2: 4 rows

Max Upgrade: 5 rows

Skins Edit

Skin Description Acquisition
Enderman Skin
The default skin for Enderman Default
Enderman-Dash Skin
It might look like Dash teleports around.. in reality he jogs from one place to another 'Speedrun' Achievement
Enderman-Seeker Skin
Can track down enemies in the blink of an eye 'Untouchable' Achievement
Enderman-Gamer Skin
Portal-robot designed by scientists. Due to progress in artificial intelligence Gamer became self aware and escaped by teleporting himself into the worlds of Mega Walls 'Surprise' Achievement
Enderman-Shadow Skin
An expert in disguise who attacks from the shadows 'Sneak attack' Achievement
Enderman-Hoops Skin
An encounter with this cheerful dragon will leave you with a smile! 'Legendary Enderman' Achievement
Enderman-Jumper Skin
Playful and mischievous creature. With Jumper around, you should always watch your back! 5,000 Coins
Enderman-Entity 303 Skin
This mysterious white entity is said to be the "New Herobrine". He is skilled in the art of deception and is out to cast his wrath on the ones who have betrayed him 10,000 Coins
Enderman-Baron Skin
Malay dragon and guardian of the End gates. Baron is the protector of all Endermen Prestige III

Tips and Tricks Edit

While the Enderman does not get a diamond sword even when maxed, you can use the your abitity to gain the element of surprise, you can probably land 3 to 4 hits before your target reacts if you are fast enough, use it to gain speed for escaping if you have enough HP.