The First Quakecraft Pack was released on May 5TH 2013 and added new features to Quakecraft . The update also focused on fixing bugs and introduced MasterControl. They also moved to the new sign system.


  • Added Limbo, an overflow area for when things go haywire or the Main Hub gets full.
  • Added Master Control, a custom developed server management and load balancing system.
  • Moved to our new servers, providing 500 Minecraft server instances.
  • Moved to a custom build of BungeeCord with custom optimizations and MasterControl integration.
  • Moved to the new sign numbering system.
  • Upgraded player capacity to 1,500 players.
  • Rewrote networking system to be more stable/efficient.
  • Tiny performance improvments here and there.


  • Added new railgun in Quake, the BFG, with 1.1s reload tiem that fires blue fireworks on kill. - 17000 Coins
  • Added armor in Quake, cosmetic only:
  • Soldier Kit - Leather Armor - 650 Coins
  • Elite Kit - Blue Leather Armor - 2250 Coins
  • Majestic Kit - Yellow Leather Armor - 2250 Coins
  • Commander Kit - Black Leather Armor - 2550 Coins
  • Lowered price of Cold War map to 10 coins.

The WallsEdit

  • Added more Walls servers.


  • Fixed NullPool
  • Fixed Walls exploit of using pistons on walls.
  • Fixed PVP being disabled in walls.
  • Fixed animals being disabled on all servers.
  • Fixed signs jumping around while trying to click them.
  • Attempted to fix signs not working properly.