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Ever wanted to make your friends jealous by making a trampoline appear or just feel like throwing a poop bomb at them? Then Gadgets are for you! These fun little toys can be used while in a lobby.


Gadgets are toy collectibles that can be used in lobbies. They can be purchased using Mystery Dust, buying a rank, or through seasonal event shops. Gadgets is the 7th category in the Collectibles menu and is represented as a piston.

There is currently a total of 109 gadgets.

The Gadgets menu is divided into 13 categories. The tables below list the gadgets based on their order with the "No Sort" setting.

Fun & Games[]

Play games or just generally mess around in lobbies with these fun gadgets! (8 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Hot Potato Ranked Fishing or Passing on a hot potato given to you by an [ADMIN]. Hot, hot, hot!
Block of Coal
Magic 9 Ball MVP Learn the answers to your problems through some of the world's greatest leaders.
Roll Over MVP+ Causes your pet to roll over, allowing you to rub their belly.
Fortune Cookie Common 15 What's better than a cookie? A cookie that gives solid life advice! Enjoy a sweet treat and wise words with this Fortune Cookie gadget.
Tennis Ball Epic 85 A Tennis Ball gadget. It's a ball, usually used for tennis. Don't play tennis? Well, if you have a pet you can play fetch!
Oak Fence
Tetherball Spawns a pole, complete with a tether ball - perfect for a quick game of tetherball!
Four in a Row Legendary Tournament Hall (250 Tributes) Challenge your friends to a game of Four in a Row. Who will be the winner?
Rock Paper Shears 500 Challenge your friends to a Rock Paper Shears game. Who will be the (lucky) winner?

Mobs & NPCs[]

Spawn and play with wacky creatures using these Mobs & NPC gadgets! (10 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Ocelot Spawn Egg
CATapult Ranked MVP+ Attack your enemies with their worst fear, cats! Launches 4-6 exploding cats in the direction you aim.
When Pigs Fly Spawns a flying pig with you riding it into battle!
Creeper Spawn Egg
Creeper Astronaut Rare 45 Shoot a creeper into the air, if it makes it to the top, enjoy the spectacular show!
Sheep Spawn Egg
Exploding Sheep 36 Right out of Farm Hunt, it's the one and only Explosive Sheep back and more explosive than ever.
Nether Quartz
Secret Service Epic 85 Turn yourself into the real VIP with these Secret Service guards.
Dragon Rider Legendary 200 Ranks Gifted Reward Ride around on a magnificent Ender Dragon!
Ducklings Not currently obtainable! Spawns 3 ducklings who will follow you around the lobby.
Piggy Bank Hypixel Store Exclusive Explode a piggy and get all the gold.
Piñata 5 Ranks Gifted Reward Grab your friends and smack the Pinata. You can keep the candy.
Armor Stand
Up, Up and Away Tournament Hall (200 Tributes) Summon clones and send them up, up and away.


Change the way you walk, run or fly around lobbies with these movement-altering gadgets! (10 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Cowboy Ranked MVP+ Allows you to ride the nearest player. Create towers by riding pets and then riding other players!
Blaze Rod
Teleport Stick Allows you to teleport anywhere in the lobby by right-clicking and pointing with this magical stick.
Blaze Spawn Egg
Fire Trail Rare 30 Gives you Speed II and leaves a trail of blazing fire behind you.
Iron Chestplate
Jetpack 40 "3... 2... 1... we have lift off! Hold on... wait for it... yep, he hit a tree!" Blast off to infinity and beyond with this rocket-powered Jetpack gadget.
Magenta Dye
Paint Trail 32 Leaves a trail of randomly colored clay behind you that disappears a few seconds later.
Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate
Magic Carpet Epic 80 Pretty much just a regular, normal carpet. Except for the whole flying thing of course. A whole new world awaits you on this Magic Carpet gadget.
Parachute 60 Rockets you into the sky, shortly before deploying your parachute for a soft landing.
Eye of Ender
Teleporter 70 In the blink of an eye you vanish, and magically appear somewhere else. Traverse the space-time continuum with this Teleporter gadget.
Fishing Rod
Grappling Hook Legendary Talk to Lobby Explorer Oliver Sometimes you have to grapple with serious issues... and other times you just have to grapple! Swing around with your favourite lobby with this Grappling Hook gadget.
Hype Train 500 Lets you start a hype train! Ride the air and have other players join you by clicking on the train.


Make some noise with these sound-emitting musical gadgets! (4 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Music Disc Cat
iPixel Ranked MVP+ Allows you to open a music player where you can select from various C418 hit singles to play.
Light Blue Stained Glass
Disco Ball Epic 90 Spawns a Disco Ball, complete with fancy affects and music.
Music Disc 13
Hypixel Radio Legendary 250 The lobbies are alive with the sound of music! Listen to your favourite Noteblock hits with this patented Radio gadget!
Quartz Stairs
Synthesizer Not currently obtainable! Play music using your keyboard as a piano!


Fire at will! Shoot your way around the lobbies with these fun projectile gadgets! (7 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Blaze Rod
MobGun Ranked MVP+ Launch exploding projectiles using 18 different types of mobs.
Diamond Hoe
Railgun MVP Straight from Quakecraft, it's the basic railgun ready to fire at will!
Explosive Bow Common 15 Teleport Sticks are for losers. All the cool kids use the Explosive Bow.
Diamond Horse Armor
Paintball Gun What better way to spruce up the lobby than with a little color? Or a lot, who's counting?
Iron Hoe
TNT Wizards Wand Epic 60 Drawing from the power of the TNT Wizards, you can cycle through the deadly magics of Kinetic, Ice and Blood! Become a magic user with this Wizard Wand gadget.
Orange Terracotta
Pong Legendary 500 Shoot a pong ball in front of you. The ball can be hit by anyone to send it flying around!
Ender Pearl
Rush Pearl Cruise around the lobby with this special enderpearl!


Change the way you or the lobby looks with these visual gadgets! (11 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Cryotube Ranked MVP Freezes you inside ice, great if you're planning on surviving any random apocalypses.
Diamond Shower Showers you in Diamonds, fantastic for showing off your amazing wealth.
Gold Nugget
Gold Fountain VIP What's the best thing to do with Gold? Making it rain Gold.
Oak Log
Kawarimi no Jutsu MVP With this technique, users replace their own body with a block of wood.
Flint and Steel
Pyromaniac Ignites you into a ball of fire for 10 seconds, before cooling off.
Ghast Spawn Egg
Ghosts Rare 45 Spawns floating ghost heads that fly away before disappearing as soon as they came.
Jack o'Lantern
Horror Movie Epic 60 You see flashes of lightning, hear blood-curdling screams, and feel the calling of a long dead King... We've got a bad feeling about this Horror Movie gadget!
Ender Chest
Party Popper 80 Explodes you into a confetti complete with noises and everything to make your lobby party amazing.
Cocoa Beans
Poop Bomb 70 If the name doesn't say enough, this is pretty much just a bomb that explodes, releasing poop everywhere. Yup.
Rainbow Legendary 160 Spawns a complete rainbow, featuring all the colors you love and can possibly see.
TNT Fountain 175 Spawns an animated fountain that rains down primed TNT.


Gadgets that shape the world around you, from trampolines to rockets! (7 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Meteorite Epic 85 Don't worry, activating this gadget won't create another age of extinction... but it will scare your friends! crash to earth in a fiery explosion with this galactic Meteorite gadget.
Golden Sword
Anniversary Knight Legendary Treasure Hunt <year> achievement Spawn a glorious knight to guard the lobby!
Golden Boots
Anniversary Trampoline Construct a trampoline that shows off your veteran status on the Hypixel Network!
Diving Board 250 Everything was going swimmingly, until suddenly... CANNONBALL!. Show off your aquatic skills with this Diving Board gadget.
Portable Pond Main Lobby Fishing Bring the fish wherever you go!
Firework Rocket
Rocket 200 Blast off to the moon with this large scale rocket complete with countdown, sounds and an explosive ending.
Swing 500 Spawn the swingiest of swings.
Trampoline 250 Constructs a trampoline that sends you into the air. Invite your friends!

Competitive Showoff[]

Cosmetic rewards for some of our most competitive players. (4 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Duels Season Banner Legendary Duels Season reward Place a banner to show off your amazing score in a Duels Season.
SkyWars Ranked Banner SkyWars Ranked reward Place a banner to show off your amazing score in SkyWars Ranked.
TKR Grand Prix Banner TKR Grand Prix reward Place a banner to show off your amazing score in the Turbo Kart Race Grand Prix.
Tournament Hall Banner Tournament Hall Place a banner to show off your position in an event from the Tournament Hall.


Spooktacular gadgets that are available during Halloween events! (13 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Bat Spawn Egg
Bat Launcher Rare Halloween Event Shop Unleash a wave of bats on your command!
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Cannon Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Soup. Pumpkin Spice. And now, Pumpkin Cannon! Jack up someone's lanterns with this versatile vegetable.
Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Rain Let the pumpkins rain!
Golden Apple
Treat Fountain Treat yourself to some Pumpkin Pie, Cake, Golden Apples, and Cookies with this sugary fountain!
Lava Bucket
Corrupted Epic Halloween Event Shop Corrupt the world around you.
Fishing Rod
Flammable Grappling Hook Sometimes you have to grapple with serious issues... and other times you just have to grapple! Swing around with your favourite lobby with this Grappling Hook gadget.
Graveyard Turn the area into a graveyard stirring with ghosts!
Swarm Spawn a swarm of spiders to creep out those around you!
Witch's Cauldron Bring the alchemy wherever you go!
12ft Giant-Sized Skeleton Legendary Halloween Event Shop Makes a spine-tingling centerpiece for Halloween.
Jack o'Lantern
Scarecrow Spawns a scarecrow that changes the head of nearby players into a pumpkin.
Spooky Fish Main Lobby Fishing The fish are flying!
Trick or Treat Halloween Event Shop Trick or Treat! Use this gadget on another player to offer them a choice, but will they get a nice treat... or a terrible trick!?


With the holidays in the air, these gadgets are only available during chilly Holiday events! (14 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Firework Launcher Rare Holidays Event Shop It's a time for celebration!
Let It Snow Release a small snowstorm around you, covering the area in white for a short amount of time!
New Year Countdown Hype up yourself and those around you! It's so close! (or so far?).
Spawn Egg
Snowman Do you wanna build a... wait a minute. Right click to start building a snowman, keep clicking to build it all the way up.
The Advent Proof Advent Calendar The proof that you were there during a holiday season.
Tripwire Hook
Christmas Cracker Epic Holidays Event Shop Found throughout Europe, it's a traditional Christmas Cracker! Right-click another player to open the cracker with them; 1 of the 2 of you will receive a holiday joke!
Cornucopia Whether the horn of an immortal goat or a river god, this horn is capable of spewing forth unlimited, high-velocity nutrition.
Dreidel Spin and see what you get!
Holiday Choir Jingle bells, jingle bells!
Sled Use this fun sled to slide down the hills of the lobbies! You can use /sledtype to change your sled!
Snow Globe Celebrate with festive tunes in the lobby!
Rose Bush
Holiday Tree Legendary Holidays Event Shop Run... Let's see what presents we got under the tree!
Ice Skating Create a chilly ice skating rink right here in the lobby!
Firework Rocket
New Year Should Auld acquaintance be forgot? Celebrate the end of another year with this New Years Celebration countdown gadget.


While the temperatures are high, cool off with these fun gadgets that are available during our Summer events! (14 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Beach Ball Rare Summer Event Shop There's nothing more fun than playing with a beach ball, ask your friends to join you!
Flower Pot
Flower Giver Spread the good vibes by giving flowers to everyone around you!
Frisbee Toss this carpet... err, frisbee to your friends for maximum fun!
Sand Castle Build your own castle with real sand!
Blue Stained Glass
Tidal Wave Unleash the sea and send forth a tidal wave in front of you!
BBQ Grill Epic Summer Event Shop Come on, you earned it! Celebrate a real party BBQ style!
Iron Horse Armor
Chicken Cannon Experimental cannon with chicken ammo. What could go wrong with this one?
Dice Don't worry, this dice won't get lost even if it falls under your sofa!
Latte All the energy you need.
Pocket Beach Can't go to the beach? No problem! Carry your own spot in your pocket!
Water Balloon This summer's surely warm! Let's all chill throwing water balloons at each other!
DJ Booth Legendary Summer Event Shop If you've ever wanted to become a DJ, it's now or never! Mesmerize your friends with this DJ set and dancefloor.
Ice Cream Stand "I'll have a vanilla fudge ice cream, thanks!"
Tic Tac Toe Challenge your friends to a tic-tac-toe game. Who will be the winner?

Lunar New Year[]

With a new lunar year come these gadgets available during our Lunar New Year events! (2 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Mice Legendary Hypixel Store Exclusive Spawns some mice that are hungry! Give them some cheese to make them happy.
Piggy Bank Explode a piggy and get all the gold.


Spring is upon us and so are our allergies, escape them with these gadgets from our Easter events! (4 items)

Item Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Rabbit's Foot
Bunny Party Rare Easter Event Shop So many bunnies!
Flaming Egg Launcher Epic Blast them all!!!
Oak Sapling
Tree Planter Help the Earth, plant a tree in the lobby!
Ducklings Legendary Not currently obtainable! Spawns 3 ducklings who will follow you around the lobby.


These MCProHosting-related gadgets are not able to be found in the regular gadgets menu.

Name Rarity Cost (Mystery Dust) Description
Kookie Fountain Ranked MCProHosting promotional offer (/mcph) Makes kookies rain around you!
MCProHosting Firework Sets off a firework show, brodcasting MCPH into the sky!


  • The Magic 9-Ball Gadget is a reference to the Magic 8 Ball series of toys, and includes quotes of characters from Batman, Portal, Teletubbies, Barney the Dinosaur, Doctor Who, Minecraft, Sesame Street, various celebrities, animals, and Hypixel admins.
  • One of the possible fortunes you can get from the Fortune Cookie Gadget is “You tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is: never try.” This is a quote from The Simpsons.
  • The description of the Jetpack Gadget is a reference to Disney’s Toy Story.
  • The description of the Magic Carpet Gadget is a reference to Disney’s Aladdin.
  • Kawarimi no Jutsu (translated as Body Replacement Technique) is an ability from Naruto where a ninja switches places with a nearby object, such as a block of wood, to avoid attacks.
  • The Snowman Gadget’s description is a reference to Disney’s Frozen.