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Murder Mystery

Yeehaw, and welcome to the township of Gold Rush. This pioneer town has seen better days, but things could be worse - you can still purchase horses to ride from the stable, and explosive Cactus Clearer from the merchant. We also heard a rumor that some bandits have put together a plan for a "huge score"... if you believe rumors of course.


The Gold Rush map was originally brought in in the first v1.0 release of Murder Mystery. Certain edits were made to the map in the September 2021 update.[1]




Cost: 3 × Gold Ingot Gold

Mounts the player on a horse that they can ride. All horses travel at the same speed. Pressing the sneak key will dismount the player from the horse.

Cactus Cleaner

Cost: 2 x Gold Ingot Gold

Gives the player one TNT that can be used to suicide or clear cactuses that drop gold.

Hidden Vault

Cost: 4 x Gold Ingot Gold

This gets you the "We're Set" achievement. You need two cactus cleaners. You can normally buy one and then blow up a cactus, which will get you enough money. You first have to blow up the mine, which is in the far left corner of the map. This normally has rails in front of it, and has a stone brick wall. You blow up the stone brick wall, and there is a chest in the center. You open the chest, and hover your cursor over the piece of paper. It has a two digit code, such as "71". Remember it.

Next, you find the sheriff office. There should be a jail. Blow up the stone wall closest to the bars of the inaccessible jail cell. After climbing into the inaccessible jail cell, there is chest, and you are supposed to open it. You hover over the piece of paper, and it should have a two digit code, such as "11". Remember it.

Finally, you go to the room next to the Sheriff office. Go to the back room. It should have 4 "0"s at the back. You have to manually use Mouse 2 until it matches a four digit code. The four digit code should be the two digits from the mine, and then the two digits from the jail. In the example, it would be "7111". Once you get the number correct, the vault should open, and there is Gold Ingot Gold in there to collect. Please note that the door opens very slowly, and the murderer will likely stab everyone in the room before it opens.



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