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The following article is for a Murder Mystery map.
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Murder Mystery

Explore the glitz and glammer of the movie biz in Hollywood. This movie set themed map is packed full of high octane features including purchasable Toy Guns, zip wires, and a dangerous explosive stunt that happens once per game and changes the map permanently. When the alarm sounds, stay off the streets.



Toy Gun

Cost: 2 × Gold Ingot Gold

Toy Guns can be bought that have 6 ammo, and they can be shot and will stun the player that they hit for about 1-2 seconds. This is particularly useful as a murderer to stun people before they run or to stun the murderer to kill/stall the murderer.

Zip Wire

There are two zip wires, both travel in the same direction and are at opposite ends of the road. The zip wire can be activated by standing on the heavy-weighted pressure plates. You can exit the zip line at any time by pressing the sneak key. When the player travels on the zip line a bold, yellow ZIP! will appear in the text area.



Every game, an alarm sounds before an explosive stunt takes place on the street. The explosions start at one end and go to the other, leaving anyone on the street dead.