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Housing Lobby Info Board

"Housing is your very own plot of land in which you are able to build freely via the blocks you can unlock from the mystery box! Not only can you unlock blocks, but you can also unlock furniture, food, items, and plants."

Housing (a.k.a. Hypixel Housing or Player Housing) is a creative building gamemode where players are given individual square plots to build in called "houses" and can also visit and play in other players' houses. Despite the name, most houses contain minegames such as parkour, PvP, roleplay, or even full-fleged simulator modes. Housing was added with the Mystery Update on August 20, 2015.[1]


By default, players are given one house to build on but can have up to seven plots. Two slots are available through rank upgrades with VIP and MVP giving one slot each. The other four extra plots are purchased in the Hypixel Store for 1,000 gold each.

My Houses[]

The "My Houses" menu can be accessed through the /home command, or though the "My Houses" NPC in the Housing Lobby. Left-clicking on a slot will let the player join the house or create one if the slot is empty. Right-clicking will edit the house allowing the icon to be changed or the house to be duplicated or deleted.

My Houses

Player Housing[]

Players can join other people's houses by using the browsing menu which is accessed through the spruce door ("Travel to someone else's house") in the housing menu or through the "Browse Houses" NPC in the Housing Lobby. The browsing menu's rows (known as channels) can be changed by clicking on them. A specific player's houses can be found with /visit <player>.

Player Housing

Housing Menu[]

This section is a work in progress.

The Housing Menu is the central menu containing all of the main features in Housing. Depending on a player's permissions, the Housing Menu may look different with some features being modified or removed. It contains everything from custom items, settings, permissions, and more.

Housing Menu
Skull Packs

Some sections including Blocks, Plants, and PvP are mostly redundant as players have been able to use creative mode and its menu since March 2021.[2] They include most of the usable blocks and items in Housing including the barrier block in the Blocks menu. The Skull Packs menu offers custom retextured player heads/skulls in 22 different categories; the two SkyBlock packs, "Pet Skins Pack" and "Minion Skins Pack," require Housing+ to use. The Rewards section also includes 18 custom skulls available from reward cards.


The Items menu includes the custom placable and usable features in Housing. It also contains the dragon egg as well as all of the banners which are unlocked throughout the rest of the Hypixel Network.

Item Name Usage Limit Requirements
Mailbox Allow players to send messages (written books) to the house owner.
Egg Hunt Block Set up an egg hunt where players must find all the eggs.
Teleport Pad Teleport between teleport pads or various other destinations.
Slime Block
Launch Pad Launch the player forward or in the direction they are looking.
Parkour Block Set up a timed parkour challenge.
Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate
Action Pad Execute a set of actions when the pad (pressure plate) is stepped on.
Hologram Create floating text holograms where placed.
Player Head
NPC Create a custom NPC with click actions, skins, and more.
Action Button Execute a set of actions when the button is clicked.
Stat Leaderboard Display top players of a specific stat.
Parkour Leaderboard Display top times for the parkour challenge.
Trash Can Allows players to discard items.
Biome Stick Change the biome of certain areas of the house.




Social Heads Link to social media.
Various Banners Place unlocked Hypixel banners.

House Settings[]

House settings is a menu that helps you further customize aspects of your house such as the time, max plot size, and more. There are more technical features here too such as Event Actions, Functions, etc.


This section is a work in progress.

Housing+ (Housing Plus) is a one-time purchase item available on the Hypixel Store for 19.99 USD or 1,999 gold.


Despite being disabled from release, redstone now partially functions within housing, though it's a bit buggy. Currently, all redstone functions work within Housing; however, clocks don't work and burn out quickly. Pistons are also fairly buggy, sometimes creating ghost blocks around it that have to be fixed with /housing fixpiston.


The Jukebox is a feature allowing you to play music to all players in the house. It features many custom noteblock songs or versions of real songs like Never Gonna Give You Up (known as "Roll" in game) or The Entertainer (known as "Entertainer" in game).


There are 11 Achievements in Housing, giving a total of 55 Achievement Points.

Name Description Points
A little help from my friends Promote someone to Resident in your home 5
BFFs Join a Friend's home 5
Filling the Cookie Jar Receive a cookie 5
Grand Opening Open your house to the public 5
Guild & Chill Join a Guild Member's home 5
New Look Change your home's theme 5
Sharing is Caring Give someone a cookie 5
Staff Hangout Join a Staff Member's home 5
Trusted Become Resident in another home 5
Wandering Join a Random home 5
Youtube Party Join a Youtuber's home 5


This section is a work in progress.

Date Content
Sep 12, 2022 New Features
  • Functions
  • Global Stats
  • Inventory Layouts
  • Game Rules
  • Player Quit, Nether Portal Use, Player Damage, and Block Broken Event Actions
  • Offline building perms
  • Added the %%ping%% placeholder
  • Added the Exit action inside Conditionals and Random Actions
  • Added the Cancel Damage Action inside the Player Damage Event Action
  • Added Walls and Wireframe Pro Tools
  • Added the ability to toggle item flags in /edit


  • NPCs can now hold/wear items
  • The max amount of stats that can be held is now 40, the same is true for global stats.
  • When a stat changes to 0, it's no longer counted toward the stat limit
  • Some text input systems now use chat
  • Non-Owners can now modify Conditionals, NPCs, and more items in the Items menu with the right permissions
  • Changed the Set Health Action to the Change Health Action
  • Added the ability to check if any conditions in a Conditional are true, instead of just if all are true.
May 16, 2022 New Features
  • Conditional actions
  • Item actions that can be applied with /edit
  • Persistent Stats
  • Added Set Gamemode, Set Health, Set Hunger Level, and Random Actions
  • Added Use Held Item Action to Item Actions only
  • Added a Trash Can item
  • Start Parkour, Group Change, PVP State Change, and Fish Caught Event Actions


  • New Placeholders
  • Action Buttons and Action Pads can now have their material type changed
Dec 20, 2021 New Features
  • Scoreboard Editor
  • Event Actions
  • Local Stats
  • Custom Commands
  • Change Stat, Teleport Player, Fail Parkour, Play Sound, Set Compass Target, and Remove Item Actions
  • Added the Parkour Leaderboard item


  • /clear and /stuck can now be removed
  • You can now toggle daylight cycle
  • You can now edit the color of leather armor with /edit
  • Vanilla Theme is now compatible with 101x101x101 plot theme
  • /setspawn no longer requires VIP
  • Hologram lines can now be edited
  • Removed most limits on Redstone
Mar 15, 2021 New Features
  • 101x101x101 plot size
  • Custom NPCs
  • Item Editor
  • Skull Packs
  • Added Give EXP action
  • Added Send to Lobby action
  • Added %%player%% to display a player's name


  • /enchant now uses regular enchantment names instead of internal names
  • Groups limit increased to 15
Nov 9, 2020 New Features
  • Custom Groups
  • Give Item, Send Chat Message, and Give Potion Effect Actions
  • Audit logs


  • Added the ability to use multiple Actions at once
Aug 20, 2020 New Features
  • Regions
  • Actions
  • Action Pads
  • Added the Set Pro Tool
  • Added commands for each Pro Tool
  • Added Holograms
  • Added the ability to duplicate your House


  • Chests are now useable and have different settings
Mar 16, 2020 New Features
  • New lobby
  • Ability to have multiple houses
  • PVP
  • Teleport Pads
  • Launch Pads
  • Added Barrier blocks
  • Added the ability to /visit a players house, even if they're offline
  • Added icons for Houses
  • Added the ability for VIP and up to use /setspawn


  • /tp now supports coordinates
  • MVP++ Now give 6 Cookies
  • Guild EXP is now awarded for playing Housing
  • Reworked the way Houses re-instance
  • Beam social head is now Mixer social head
Apr 1, 2019 New Features
  • Furniture


  • Blocks no longer cost mystery dust, and are instead free
Jan 29, 2019 New Features
  • Player Location saving
  • 3x3 Slime Launch Pads (With toggle)
  • Automatic door/gate resetting
  • Pro Tools
  • Pets in Housing
  • Buttons in Housing
  • Option for building perms for guests
  • Language tags
  • Companions in Housing
  • Cloaks and Particle packs in Housing


  • Partially enabled Redstone
  • Fixed needing to relog when getting Resident
  • Fixed nether and end skies crashing in 1.13
  • Fixed theme swapping
Oct 31, 2018 Changes
  • Introduced player caps in Houses
Dec 7, 2015 New Features
  • Added Mailboxes
  • Added Co-Owner Rank
  • Added Beam Social
  • Added Featured Houses


  • Signs and Ladders are now default blocks
Oct 12, 2015 MultiBuild
  • Added ability to give residents build powers
  • Residents only build while you are at home
  • Residents respect housing mode
  • Residents get housing menu with restrictions
  • Residents only get the blocks you have


  • Thunder weather added
  • Haunted mansion theme added
Sep 30, 2015 New Features
  • Added Bin item
  • Added the ability to hollow your plot
  • ble
  • Changed dropping item to whole stack
Sep 17, 2015 Themes Revamp
  • All themes unlockable via Mystery Boxes
  • Players start with 5 themes
  • 25 new themes
  • New themes for those with the [YOUTUBER] rank.

General Changes

  • Added Housing Achievements
  • Random House Visiting
  • Staff/YouTuber House filtering
  • Social Media Blocks
  • Build Mode Border
  • Parkour Upgrades
  • Sign Editor
  • Party warping
  • Added food category
  • Simplified tag sorting
  • Rate houses by giving cookies
Sep 8, 2015 House Settings
  • House Tags
  • House Name
  • Permissions System
  • Chat Modes
  • Max Players
  • Parkour Blocks
  • YouTuber Changes
  • Reporting Homes

General Changes

  • Rotate blocks with nether star
  • Till soil with nether star
  • Admin other players using nether star
  • Added tips
  • Proper sorting in block list
  • Added commands for settings


Housing info: https://hypixel.net/threads/guide-housing.401132/

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