This housing update includes features such as Parkour Blocks, a permissions system and fixes to the jukebox.

  • House Tags
    Users may now apply up to 3 different tags to their house. Other users can search for specific tags
  • House Name
    Names are now allowed for players' houses/
  • Permissions System
    Users can now add players to the ‘Resident’ group, and change specific settings for them. This includes allowing them to moderate their home by doing things like banning, kicking or muting. 
    Other permissions the user can set include: Teleport, Wood doors and trapdoors, Iron doors and trapdoors, fence gates and the permission to use Jukebox for Residents.
  • Chat Modes
    Players can set chat speeds in their home. Completely turn it off, instant chat or with a set delay up to 60 seconds.
  • Max Players
    Players can define the maximum amount of players allowed in their house. Max players ranges from 25 to 250.
  • Parkour blocks
    Parkour blocks have been added to the Mystery boxes. Parkour blocks have been added to the Housing menu under ‘Items’, and is displayed as a golden pressure plate.
    Players are able to define up to 3 checkpoints, simply place them in order from start to finish.
  • Youtuber changes
    Youtubers are now able to join any player’s home, even if they’re offline. Helpful for them to visit their fans!
    They are also able to set a password on their home, and have a bigger amount of maximum guests. The purpose of the password is to allow only true followers to join rather than people interested in that nice yellow rank name 
  • Reporting Homes
    Guests now have a ‘Report House’ anvil in their menu. Right-click the anvil to open the reporting menu, select one of the predefined reasons and we’ll send a moderator or helper to check it out.

General and Quality of Life changes

  • Proper sorting in block list.
  • Allow users to rotate log blocks by right-clicking them with the nether star.
  • Allow users to rotate mushroom blocks by right-clicking them with the nether star.
  • Allow users to plant and grow seeds by using seeds.
  • Users can quickly admin other players by right clicking them with the nether star or ghast tear.
  • Allow users to make tilled soil by right-clicking dirt with the nether star.
  • Added tips above the hotbar.
  • Cleaned up scoreboard and menu.
  • Added commands for settings to bypass the menu.


  • Fixed house reset
  • Fixed multiple world corruption bug
  • Fixed Jukebox playing sounds to the wrong players
  • Fixed players turning invisible sometimes
  • Reduce the chance of a server crashes
  • Fixed fire spread, ice melting.
  • Remove entities when house is reset.
  • Prevented falling blocks outside plot area
  • + Various other small bugfixes.