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Hypixel SMP

Imagine free Minecraft SMP hosting from the Hypixel server that keeps your friend list, DMs and guild chat working. Imagine setting up your SMP world from in-game with 1 click, no extra accounts needed.
@Simon_Hypixel on Twitter[2]

Hypixel SMP (SMP) is a persistent gamemode on the Hypixel Network where players can create their own vanilla SMP worlds directly on the Hypixel server in the latest versions. It was announced by Simon on April 28th, 2021 in a Twitter post, and its closed beta was released weeks later on May 10th, 2021.[1]

Hypixel SMP currently available for versions 1.19.4, 1.20.3/1.20.4, 1.20.5/1.20.6, and 1.21 to players with rank [VIP+] or higher. As new updates come out, older versions will be depreciated over time.

Creating an SMP server[]

To create an SMP server, players must click on the white paper to create a server.

The "Create Server" menu has two options, those being Quick Start and Custom Settings. Quick Start instantly creates a preset server without modifications, while Custom Settings brings up a menu of five options to customize the server before creating it.

Custom World
  • Server Name - Can be changed any time after making the server by right clicking the slot.
  • Server Version - The Minecraft version used to play on the server.
  • World Seed - The seed used to generate the world for the server.
  • World Type - The type of world to use for the server, choose from Default, Superflat, Large Biomes, and Amplified! This option will also increase the first boot time of the server if changed from the default.
  • Hardcore Mode - Forces the server into Hardcore Mode for all players, giving them one life and making them spectators on death. The server owner can still use OP commands regardless of this setting.

Once either option is confirmed, a message will pop up in chat and at the center of the screen saying "Starting server, this can take a short while!". Once the server finishes loading, it'll automatically teleport into the world unless the player is using an unsupported version. Once created, the server owner can view and manage a few settings from inside and outside the world. They can change the server name, invite up to 20 players with no rank requirement, and support command blocks or upgrade the server version higher than what's currently selected.