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Hypixel Says is an arcade game loosely based off of the real-life game "Simon Says". It was added on February 1, 2016[1] and is temporarily replaced each year for a short time by the game's holiday counterpart, Santa Says. Santa Says is basically identical but has slightly different and themed tasks. Hypixel Says is one of the few games which were featured on the Pocket Edition Server.


Ten players complete a total of 15 tasks in quick succession. The goal is to get the most points by the end of the game by completing each challenge correctly and as fast as possible. Each task is fairly simple and self-explanatory from the prompt as the game is very fast-paced.


There are 55 tasks in Hypixel says. Tasks award points differently depending on the type of task. Tasks can be split into "participation" tasks where all finishers get a point and "placement" tasks where only the top finishers get points.

Participation Tasks[]

"Participation" tasks will give all players who successfully complete them a point.

Task Explanation
Enter the End Portal Jump into the End Portal, NOT the Nether Portal
Enter the Nether Portal Jump into the Nether Portal, NOT the End Portal
Extinguish yourself Place water under yourself
Get in a bed Get in an available bed
Get into a minecart Get in an available minecart
Give Grandma a flower Run to Grandma's house and give her your flower
Jump into the air on the spot Jump while standing still. Do not be moving
Jump into the water safely without hitting solid blocks! Jump into the water pockets and not the diamond blocks
Look at a [Block] block Look at the specified block
Look at a player's head Look at another player's head
Look at the sky Look directly upwards
Nod by looking up and down Repeatedly look all the way up and all the way down.
Play a song with the Noteblocks Continuously click on a noteblock
Press the [Material] Button Press one of the buttons of the specified material (wood/stone)
Remove the Poison effect Drink milk
Slap a player with [Item] Hit another player while holding the specified item
Spin around in a full circle Turn your player head
Stand completely still Don't move (sneaking and moving your head is okay)
Stand on the cobblestone Stand on the cobblestone, NOT the mossy cobblestone
Throw a diamond at a player Drop a diamond while facing another player
Throw eggs at other players Throw eggs while facing another player

Placement Tasks[]

"Placement" tasks will only award the top 3 players who complete the task the fastest (or do the most of the specified task such as breaking grass) with points; 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, and 3rd place gets 1 point while everyone else gets nothing.

Task Explanation
Add [Enchant] to a [Material] sword Use an anvil to add the specified enchantment onto the specified sword
Bounce as high as you can (Hold Sneak) Hold sneak while above the slime block platform
Break a [Block] block Use your tools to break the specified block
Brew a Potion of [Effect] using [Item] Use the brewing stands to brew the specified potion using the specified item
Build an Iron Golem Build a T-shape out of the 4 iron blocks and place the pumpkin on top
Climb to the middle Parkour to the diamond block
Craft a [Item] Use the materials in your inventory to craft the specified item
Cure the Zombie Villager Click the zombie villager with the potion of weakness, then the golden apple
Don't get killed by the TNT Stay as far away from the falling TNT
Don't get killed by the zombies or the void Run away from the zombies chasing you
Drink a Potion of [Effect] Drink the correct potion
Eat Mushroom Stew Click on the mooshroom with the bowl and eat the resulting mushroom stew
Eat until you're full Eat items that give you the most hunger points to fill your hunger bar
Enchant a [Item] Splash yourself with bottle o' enchantings, then use the enchantment tables to add an enchantment to the specified item
Feed both sheep Click on both sheep with the wheat
Fully equip [MATERIAL] Armor Equip all pieces of the specified armor
Get yourself to full health Use the items given to regenerate and heal
Grow a tree Place the sapling on the dirt, then continuously click it with the bonemeal
Insert a music disc into the jukebox Click on the jukebox with the music disc, NOT the other items
Jump off the platform Jump off of the platform
Jump up to the floating platform using a Potion of Leaping Drink the jump boost potion (potion of leaping), then jump on the diamond platform
Keep punching the Dragon Egg Continuously find and click the dragon egg
Kill a [Animal] Use your sword to kill the specified animal
Make your inventory completely full Use the given stack of items to completely fill your inventory
Place a beacon on top of the pyramid Place the beacon on top of the block pyramid
Punch the most tall grass Break as much grass as possible
Put [Item] on the armor stand Click the armor stand while holding the specified item
Repair a [Item] to full durability Use the anvil to repair the specified item to full durability
Ride a pig off the platform Guide your pig off of the platform using your carrot on a stick
Shear the sheep Use your shears to shear as many sheep as fast as you can
Shoot as many slimes as possible Use your bow to shoot as many slimes in the sky as possible
Shoot yourself with an arrow Look directly upwards, then shoot your bow and hit yourself with the arrow
Smelt [Material] Ore Use the furnaces to smelt the specified ore
Tame the Horse by feeding it Use the food items to tame the horse. DIfferent items make the taming faster.
Item Percent (%)
Apple 15%
Wheat 10%
Sugar 5%


  • Simon is the name of the creator of Hypixel, so the game inspiration, "Simon Says", really fits!
  • Many people say z's in chat during the sleeping task (Get in a bed).


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