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For any missing files, they can be requested here.

Important Templates[]

Whenever suitable, a file info template should be added to the file page once an image is uploaded. This is a list of available templates:

File Info Templates

License Templates

File Creation Tools[]

These are existing tools that may help creating files. If you don't want to do it, you may request a file instead.

WikiTools H+[]

WikiTools H+ is a MC 1.8.9 mod that provides certain image and UI elements creation features that suits the design for this wiki, which operates on the H+ UI Framework. It is a fork of Charzard4261's WikiTools which works on other Minecraft wikis on the Basic UI Framework, such as the HSW.

Download WikiTools H+ Here.

The usage is the same as the basic version of WikiTools, so you may read w:c:hypixel-skyblock:Project:Resources#Wikitools for information on how to use the mod.


Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki Tools (https://skyblock-wiki.github.io/) is a website that can help with rendering player heads.

HSW Resources[]

A list of Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki resources can be viewed on w:c:hypixel-skyblock:Project:Resources.

Isometric Renders[]

Isometric Renders is a Fabric mod that can make isometric and perpendicular views of an area on the server. This is unlike Mineshot, which requires downloading the world and generally useful when working on a larger area.

Current Requests[]

You may add entries on the following table when you want to request a file.
For head render requests, please also provide the texture ID as extra information. (Can be obtained from the Z key function of WikiTools H+)

Requested By Requested File File Type Extra Information

Completed Requests[]

Completed requests are kept here for at least one year.

Completed By Requested By Requested File File Type Extra Information