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This page contains all the formats for each page on the Hypixel Wiki. Refer here if you are creating, or editing a page for new sections.

Game pages are articles created and made for complete minigames including available minigames on the Hypixel Network, Arcade Games, TNT Games, Classic Games, and removed games. Minigame pages will have at least two categories.

Game pages should have the following categories in this order: <GAME NAME>, Minigames, <GAME TYPE(S)>

  • Maintenance categories (WIP, Stub, Delete, Removed, etc.) should NOT be added manually.
  • Use Maintenance templates ({{WIP}}, {{Stub}}, {{Delete}}, {{Removed}}, etc) at the top of the page.

For an example page without instructions, see Hypixel Wiki:Format/gamespages/example.


Place Maintenance templates ({{WIP}}, {{Stub}}, {{Delete}}, {{Removed}}, etc) here at the top of the page.
{{WIP}} should almost always be first.
After Maintenance templates, put the game template (shown below)
This is the main page for Unannounced.
Find more articles of this category.

Use the {{Quote}} template to write the quote from the game, found here or from another useful source. The quote will always be italicized, in quotation marks, and at the top of the page.

Game Name is a...where... - Write a short summary of the game here; usually one paragraph—or two if necessary—is appropriate. It is good to include information about the game's past, then its release date(s) (and removal date if necessary) at the end.

An infobox should also be placed just before the first paragraph (in source mode). For the image in the infobox, use a file such as <Game Name>.png.


Write general gameplay information here. If there are multiple distinct modes, then write about the individual modes in their own headings rather than the general gameplay.

Examples: Bed Wars#Gameplay, Pixel Party#Normal mode

Other gameplay infomation[]

If there is more detail to be added to a specific aspect of the game, it may also be good to add subheadings with more information.


Write about the game's shop. If, for example, there is a special shop such as the Soul Well in SkyWars, there should be another heading for that. Add other sub-headings for different utilities in the shop if necesssary.

Example: TBD


Most games have a separate "My Cosmetics" section in their shop. If so, list cosmetics using wikitables under subheadings here or create a separate page <PAGENAME>/Cosmetics if there are a lot of items. If the shop only contains cosmetics, just place them under the "Shop" heading.

Use the order of columns listed in the following table. Only use the necessary columns.

Cosmetic type[]

Icon Name Description Rarity Cost (<game> <currency>) Rank Requirements
Not commonly used: Image or the {{Invslot}} template Item/cosmetic's name Not commonly used: Item's description {{Rarity}} template Item's cost in the game's currency {{Rank}} template Put any requirements to purchase. If completing the "requirement" automatically grants the cosmetic, list it under "Cost"
Example: TNT Games#Shop


Write about kits here either with sub-headings or with a table if there are many.

Examples: Wool Wars#Classes, Blitz Survival Games#Kits


Use a collapsed wikitable with images of the maps and links to the individual map pages.

Image Name Release date Status
Frameless 150px image Name of map (linked to the map page) MONTH DAY, YEAR Available, Open to Rotate, Permanantly Retired, etc.
Example: TBD

Quests & Challenges[]

Use {{qc|<game>}} to add quests and challenges. There may not be quests if a minigame just comes out, but include the template anyways as it will probably be updated in the near future.


Use the {{Achievements Summary}} template a collapsed wikitable (like the one below) to document the game's achievements.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points
Achievement Name Achievement Description Put the amount of AP the achievement gives.
If extra rewards are given, add them here and make the heading "Points/Rewards".

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier Description Points
Achievement Name I Achievement Description (e.g. ...25 kills.) Put the amount of AP the achievement gives.
If extra rewards are given, add them here and make the heading "Points/Rewards".
II (e.g. ...100 kills.)
III (e.g. ...250 kills.)
IV (e.g. ...500 kills.)
V (e.g. ...1,000 kills.)


(Optional) Add another sub-heading here if the game has legacy challenge and/or tiered achievements.

Challenge Achievements[]

Tiered Achievements[]


This section does not yet have a standard format.

Example: Sheep Wars#History

Tips and Tricks[]

This is an optional section and not commonly used on the wiki anymore, though some older pages may have it.

  • List interesting tips/tricks using bullet points.


This is an optional section.

  • Place interesting fun facts here using bullet points.
  • Place info here that doesn't belong in other sections but may be interesting to know.


This is an optional section. Use the {{Note}} template to make notes on the page and place a <references group="note"> reference list tag here.

Example: First instance[note 1] and second instance.[note 1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 This gives an example of what a note could look like.

See Also[]

This is an optional section.

  • Place links to other pages or external sites that may be useful to get more information using bullet points.


  • Use the references tags (<ref>example reference content link<ref />) and place the <references /> reference list tag in this section.
    • If a reference points to a forum post, use the: {{ForumsRef|<link>|<title>|<author>|<date>}} template.
    • For multiple uses of the same refernece, give the reference a suitable name (<ref name="release">example</ref>)
Examples: First instance[1] and second instance.[1]
  • If there are any other sources not referenced to in the article, list them in bullet points here.
  • For information directly from the Minecraft server, sources are not needed.
  1. 1.0 1.1 "Hypixel now supports Minecraft 1.19" by Donpireso (June 7, 2022)


Place Nav templates here.


User pages are meant for staff team members currently. The Hypixel Wiki's policy on other players on the network is that these are prohibited currently.

Give information about the user here.


Give history of the user. How they came to Hypixel, and previous experience.


This is the role the user has within the Hypixel Network. Or if otherwise stated outside the network.


  • Optional Trivia. These are fun facts about the person


List sources. This is crucial for User pages, as it would be hard to pull from a direct source

Map Pages[]

A neutral description of the map with its release date and seasonal versions in a separate sentence. If the map itself is a seasonal version, include the original version instead.


A description of the map's gameplay style (for Bed Wars, this means the official update log classification of Quick & Rushy or Long & Tactical) along with various other factoids about the map that would be important to players. Typically, this includes things like the build limit and generator speed for Bed Wars, middle chest locations and island distance for SkyWars, and other unique aspects for other games where it's seen fit.

Tips and Tricks[]

(Editor's comment: I'm still on the fence for this one, but am willing to allow it so long as the text isn't too opinionated) This is for specific strategies based on the map's advantages that could be helpful to the player and aren't already alluded to in the Gameplay section.

Rotation Cycle[]

Since Bed Wars and SkyWars operate on a biweekly (or sometimes more infrequent) map rotation cycle, insert a table here for the map's rotation cycle. This table should include the date of a status change, the status change in question, and a source linked next to the date. For other games, this can instead be a few short sentences if the map has had three or less rotations.


List updates to the map in a table. Include the date, the specific changes to the map, and a link to the source next to the date.


  • This is optional when creating an article, but it should also be in bullet points.
  • Typically, these are extra tidbits of official information (no memes unless officially endorsed!) that don't fit anywhere else in the article.


Enter "<references/>" here assuming you added sources in the form of <ref> tags here across the article.

Hypixel Wiki:Format/characterpages

Hypixel Wiki:Format/adventurepages

This page is to help people who want to add pages to games that have kits, such as Blitz Survival Games and Mega Walls.

Kit Page[]

The [Kitname] is a kit in the [Game Name]

Describe the kit here.

Kit Items[]

Level 1:  (Put the kit items for each level after the corresponding level)

Level 2:  

Level 3: 

Level 4: 

Level 5: 

Level 6: 

Level 7: 

Level 8: 

Level 9: 

Level 10: 

Kit Guide[]



-(Information / Tips)

Mega Walls[]

This area is for Mega Walls Kits only

(Description of the class

(Name of the class) []

(Cost of the class and if it is normal / hero)

Perks []

- (Name of ability) (ability) : (Description of weapon ability)

EPH: (How much energy is obtained with each hit of an enemy)

(Ability) Level Damage/Heal   Cost

(Name of skill) (skill) : (Description of skill)

(Skill) Level (Numbers)  ] Cost

(Name of skill) (skill) : (Description of skill)

(Skill) Level (Numbers)  Cost

(Name of talent) (talent) :  (Description of talent)

(Talent) Level (Numbers)   Cost

(Class) Kit[]

(Class) Kit I: 

(Class) Kit II: 

(Class) Kit III:

(Class) Kit IV: 

(Class) Kit V: 

(Class) Kit VI: 

(Class) Kit VII: 

(Class) Kit VIII: 

(Class) Kit IX:

Note: You cannot remove kit items from inventory, and when you die they don't drop on the ground


Note: (Add any notes here)

Tips and Tricks:

(Add any tips and tricks)