Hypixel Wiki
This policy pertains only to the Hypixel Wiki, and not the Hypixel Network as a whole. For more details on Hypixel's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, see the Hypixel Network Rules page or the Official Rules Pages.

The Hypixel Wiki is a community-run wiki about the Minecraft Java Edition server, Hypixel. Below is a set of rules that all users are required to follow to ensure a safe and useful environment while browsing the wiki. Breaking any of the rules will result in consquences (listed below). Not having read these policies is no excuse to break them.

General Polices

  1. As a part of the FANDOM platform, the FANDOM Terms of Use apply here.
    1. Users must be at least 13 years old as per FANDOM's TOS (linked above). Despite this, users should refrain from saying profanities.
  2. Vandalism: Do not maliciously delete or significantly edit/remove large portions of text.
  3. Spam: Do not blatantly advertise, add unnecessary links, or edit war (solve disagreements respectfully).
  4. Assume good faith in all edits and treat other users with respect.
  5. Tampering, editing, or vandalising other user's user pages is prohibited.
  6. Do not use inapproprite/offensive usernames and profile pictures.
  7. Do not upload unnecessary files or create unnecessary pages, categories, etc.
  8. Videos on articles (excludes user pages) is discouraged, but images are strongly encouraged.
  9. Multiple accounts used for block evasion or to circumvent policy are prohibited.


If any of the rules above are broken, various consequences may be imposed on the user.


Warnings may result from lightly breaking the rules. Further action (such as a block) may be imposed if the user continues to break the rules.

Temporary Block

More severe vandalism may invoke a block from editing on the wiki. Depending on the severity of a user's actions, a duration for the block will be decided, usually from one day to a month.

  • 1-7 Days: Light vandalism, mild spamming, profile page edits, mild profanity, unnecessary file/page creation
  • 8-30 Days: Severe vandalism, blatant/continuous spamming, severe profanity, threats, inappropriate files/external links

Note: The listed reasons for a block are just a guide. Punishment severity may vary based on the situation.

Permanant Block

Repetitive breaking of the rules such as vandalism or spamming, harassment, violations of FANDOM's TOS, block evasion, and other severe infractions will likely result in a permanant block from editing on the wiki.

Staff Policies

Staff members are responsible for determining a reasonable consequence. Staff who do not follow the rules or abuse their power will have their position and rights revoked.

Applying for Wiki Staff

If you wish to apply for a wiki staff position, please visit the rights request page.