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The Hypixel Wiki Style Guide is a resource to help keep the wiki's formatting consistent. Wikipedia's Manual of Style and the Hypixel Skyblock Wiki's Style Manual are also useful resources.


Server and company

The official name of the server documented on this wiki is the Hypixel Network, commonly shortened to Hypixel, which is the name used on this wiki.

Hypixel Inc. is the parent company of the Hypixel Network. Hypixel Studios is Hypixel Inc.’s sister company owned by Riot Games and is working on the development of Hytale.


Many games may have ambiguous or multiple acceptable names. Below is a table that clarifies the name for some of these games (This is not an exhaustive list of all games. For a complete list, see Hypixel Wiki:All Pages)

Official/Preferred Alternates/Incorrect in red
Arcade Games Arcade, The Arcade Games
The Blocking Dead Blocking Dead
Capture The Wool Capture the Wool, CTW
Hide and Seek Hide And Seek
Hole in the Wall Hole In The Wall, HITW
Bed Wars Bedwars, BedWars
Blitz Survival Games Blitz SG, Blitz, BSG
Arena Brawl Arena
Paintball Warfare Paintball
Quakecraft Quake
The Walls Walls
Turbo Kart Racers TKR, Turbo Cart Racers
Cops and Crims C&C, Cops And Crims
Parkour Duels Hypixel Parkour
Housing Hypixel Housing, Player Housing
Hypixel SMP SMP
SkyBlock Hypixel SkyBlock, Skyblock, Sky Block
SkyWars Skywars, Sky Wars
Smash Heroes Smash
The Pit The Hypixel Pit, Pit
TNT Games The TNT Games
TNT Wizards Wizards
Warlords WarLords, War Lords
Wool Wars Woolwars, WoolWars
SkyClash Skyclash, Sky Clash
King of the Hill King Of The Hill, KOTH
Tower Wars Towerwars, TowerWars


Media such as images and screenshots are an excellent way of showing content without blocks of text. Any images used on article pages should be relevant to the article.

Image files are encouraged to use the .png file type, though other files (e.g. .jpeg, etc.) are allowed.


In-game screenshots are encouraged to use 1.8.9 textures with no resource packs unless the screenshot comes from a game with a required resource pack. Shaders are also discouraged as they do not accurately depict what a regular player would see joining the server.

  • Consistency: Try to keep screenshots relatively consistent, especially if multiple are used in the same article.
  • FOV: Any FOV is okay as long as it is not distracting and accurately captures what is being photographed.
  • Resolution: High-definition (HD) screenshots are recommended.
  • Post-Processing: Avoid any edits using external software (image-editors) that take away from the default look of the photo. Cropping and removing borders or compression artifacts are allowed.


Renders of in-game items, NPCs, heads, etc. should use 1.8.9 textures as 1.8.9 is currently the most popular version for players on Hypixel, but pre-Texture Update assets are not explicitly required. Resource packs should not be used unless the render comes from a game with a required resource pack.

Hypixel artwork

Hypixel Artwork includes art, drawings, and similar media; renders; and UI banners or elements and found in official news forums posts, from official Hypixel social media pages, or from directly on the Hypixel Network website (hypixel.net). These files are used with credit to Hypixel as well as categorized with the Hypixel Art category.

Other file types

Files other than images (including but not limited to GIFs, videos, audio) should be used sparingly. GIFs can be used in place of an image to display a repeating animation. As with image media, footage of Hypixel is encouraged to use 1.8.9 textures and no resource packs or shaders.

Naming files

To make files easily searchable and usable, it is good to give files a suitable name. If the file is part of a larger group of related files (e.g. head renders, map images, game icons), their specific naming conventions should be used. If the file is original and uploaded by its author (e.g. screenshots, screen recordings), it is usually up to the author to create a suitable name. Uploading files with their default/automatically generated names (e.g. 2024-02-07_20.48.15.png) is discouraged.

Below are some file naming conventions established on the Hypixel Wiki:

  • Game Icons: Gameicon-<Game>.png
  • Info Boards: Info.<Game>.png
  • Interactive Map Images: Map.<Year> <Season> <Game> Lobby.png
  • Reward Cards: Reward Card.<Rarity>.<Amount/Type> <Item>.png (Do not use punctuation for larger numbers [e.g. 40000 instead of 40,000])
  • Skin Renders: Skin.<Name>.png

Below are file naming conventions specifically for items and head renders:

  • Head Renders: Item.<Name>.png
  • Banners: Item.Banner.<Name>.png
  • Emotes: Item.Emote.<Name>.png
  • Gadgets: Item.Gadget.<Name>.png
  • Hats: Item.Hat.<Name>.png
  • Languages: Item.Language.<Language>.png
  • Pets: Item.Pet.<Name>.png
  • Suits: Item.Suit.<Name>.png
  • Custom Head in a specific game: Item.<Game>.<Name>.png

Below are miscellaneous file naming conventions:

  • Dyed Leather Armor: Item.<Item>.<HEX Color Code>.png

Images with revisions (such as the icon for a specific rank) have a number added to differentiate.

  • VIP (the current version)
  • VIP-0 (the oldest version)
  • VIP-1 (the second-oldest cersion)
  • etc.

The official image for a game should just be the game name as the file name (e.g. Bed Wars.png).

Titles and headings

Titles and headings should be concise and recognizable as well as consistent with related articles.

  • Always capitalize the first letter in a title (except for very rare cases).
  • Treat titles as nouns or noun phrases.
  • Use sentence case (Written like this) instead of title case (Written Like This). (recommended)


Disambiguation pages should be made if there are multiple (typically more than two) articles with the same or very similar titles. In cases like this, put parentheses and a clarifying word or game name. The ambiguous name should then be turned into a disambiguation page. If the ambiguous name is the primary topic, the disambiguation page should be made with "(disambiguation)" at the end of the title. For more info, see Wikipedia:Disambiguation.

Examples: Courtyard, Courtyard (SkyWars), Courtyard (Paintball Warfare), Gold (disambiguation)


Various choices below are chosen due to Hypixel being a Canadian/American company.

  • Dates: use Canadian / American formatting (MM.DD.YYYY - ex: January 1st, 1972)
  • Decimal separator - This wiki again uses Canadian / American formatting (so the number "ten-thousand five and one-tenth" would be written as "10,005.1"
  • American spelling should be used as it is the most prevalent on the wiki (ex: defense, not defence)
  • Anything with a specified gender (male, female, inanimate) should use their respective pronouns (he/him/his, she/her/hers, it/its/its). Things with no apparent gender but not "inanimate" should use neutral pronouns (they/them/their).