Hypixel Wiki


  • Continue to promote the wiki and create a growing community
    • This is the most important step on our to-do list. The more members we have, the easier it will be to finish this list
  • Add information for Article Stubs articles.
  • Fill out the information for WIP pages.
  • Make pages for Wanted Pages, and for pages that do not exist yet.
  • Update all pages with needed information
  • Make sure every article has proper grammar and spelling
    • Make changes for consistency
  • Finish the Page Format area
    • Update pages to these formats
  • Update the Duels stuff
  • Put images on pages without one [Found Here] (link not working).
  • Add more Smash Heroes and Crazy Walls information- Perhaps basic class overviews, a map listing, etc.
  • Finish the Maps section on all games/add map pages
    • All SkyWars New Maps
      • Update every seasonal SkyWars map to the new names they were given in 2021
      • All SkyWars Ranked Maps
    • All Bed Wars New Maps
  • Add an image for every Reward Card
  • All BedWars Halloween cosmetics
  • Fill in the information for more Smash Heroes classes.
  • Add official map pages. Use sources from here.
  • Continue the use of templates
  • Create pages for every game's lobby ???
  • Featured Article Template Implementation onto pages ???


  • UIs (Borrowed from Minecraft Wiki):
    • Anvil
    • Smithing Table
    • Stonecutter
    • Loom
    • Grindstone
    • Hotbar
    • Inventory
    • Sign
  • UIs (Not on Minecraft Wiki):
    • Enchanting Table
    • Book Page


  • Upload all missing Housing custom skull image files (Scrapped: DON'T DO)
  • Add the Prototype Lobby to the Wiki [DONE]
    • Add it to the Games and Minigames sections.
  • Add pages for the following: Modifications
  • Update pages with the Quests template, and the Game template
  • Update game categories with the Gamecategory template
  • Make player pages such as the Hypixel (player) page
  • Create all Arcade Games minigame pages, and TNT Games minigame pages
  • Fix the following pages: VIP, VIP+, MVP, MVP+, Moderators, Helpers
  • Change the header on the wiki to:
    • Wiki Header