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Invicta is a 40v40 Castle map for Bed Wars released on June 6, 2023.

Invicta was added in a silent update, but confirmed by the Hypixel Build Team Lead (see source) to have been enabled to gather feedback and to test it.

After remaining enabled alongside Ivory Castle for that particular Castle Dream Mode rotation, it never returned in any subsequent Castle Dream Mode rotation, and is therefore considered to be permanently retired.

Gameplay Information[]

  • Minimum Build Limit: Unknown
  • Maximum Build Limit: Unknown
  • Build Radius: Unknown

Map Updates[]

No updates have been made to the map during its time in the game.


  • Invicta was the first Bed Wars map to be enabled without Enderchests. This is believed to either be a bug, or to encourage use of the in-game banker.
  • There is only one other castle map, Ivory Castle.