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Murder Mystery

Library is the 2nd map added in Murder Mystery released on April 11th, 2017.



Mystery Potion

Throughout the map, there are brewing stations which require 1 × Gold Ingot Gold to use, giving one random-colored potion. Once consumed, it will give a random effect.

  • Blindness for 10 seconds
  • Slowness for 10 seconds
  • Speed for 20 seconds
  • Invisibility for 14 seconds
  • Invincibility for 20 seconds

You can only have one potion effect active at once. In every round, potions with the same colors give the same effects. When a potion of one color is first granted, its effect will be unknown, forcing the player to consume it to find out what it does. Once consumed, every potion of the same color/effect brewed afterwards will state the effect it gives.