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Bed Wars

Lotus is a Solo/Doubles map for Bed Wars released on April 20, 2017, alongside the v0.6 patch for Bed Wars. The map includes plants around the edges of team and Diamond Generator islands, with Emerald Generators on slightly elevated platforms on the middle island. Lotus was removed in an update on August 22, 2019,[2], revived in a map rotation on May 12, 2020,[3] and removed again on November 2, 2020.[4]


  • This map's bed defense is limited to two layers. The same thing happens in Waterfall.
  • Lotus received a Holiday-themed remake for the 2017 Holidays event named Lotice.
    • Despite Lotus being removed on August 22, 2019, Lotus' Holiday remake still returned in the 2019 Holidays event.