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MVP is currently the third highest donator rank on the network, and comes after VIP+, and before MVP+.

Global Perks

MVP Chat
  • The [MVP] Tag
  • Can open 5★ Mystery Boxes
  • Use /stats <player> to see stats of other players! (Cost: Free)
  • The Pyromaniac Gadget. Ignites you into a ball of fire for 10 seconds and then cools off. (Cost: Free)
  • The Magic 9 Ball Gadget. Learn answers for your problems by the world's greatest leaders. (Cost: Free)
  • The Railgun Gadget. Straight out of Quakecraft! (Cost: Free)
  • The Cryotube Gadget. Good for surviving any apocalypses. (Cost: Free)
  • The Kawarimi no Jutsu Gadget. Replace your body with a wood statue. (Cost: Free)
  • The Diamond Shower Gadget. Shower yourself in diamonds. (Cost: Free)
  • Cost: $29.99

Warlords Cosmetics

  • The Masterwork Chestplate (for all classes). It is a Cosmetic Chestplate
  • The Masterwork <class> Helmet (for all classes). It is a Cosmetic Helmet

Cops and Crims Cosmetics

  • The Raging Bull Magnum Skin. (Cost: 200 Coins)
  • The Sawed Off Shotgun Skin. (Cost: 200 Coins)
  • The Trench Knife Skin. (Cost: 200 Coins)
  • The Diving Knife Skin. (Cost: 200 Coins)
  • The Neck Knife Skin. (Cost: 200 Coins)
  • The Tactical Vest Mk2 Chestplate Skin. (Cost: 650 Coins)
  • The Jacket with Chain Chestplate Skin. (Cost: 650 Coins)
  • The Colt M1911 Pistol Skin. (Cost: Coins)
  • The P90 SMG Skin. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Enhanced AK-100 Rifle Skin. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Enhanced SCAR-H Carbine Skin. (Cost: Coins)

Blitz Survival Games Cosmetics

  • The Villager Music Band Taunt. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Rich James Taunt. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Cookie Taunt. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Rainbow Tron Trail Aura. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Flower Trail Aura. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Wheat Crops Trail Aura. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Dragon Rider Victory Dance. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Meteor Shower Victory Dance. (Cost: Coins)

VampireZ Cosmetics

This rank does not have any cosmetics for this game.


The Arcade Games Cosmetics

  • The Blocking Dead: Combat Knife melee weapon.  (Cost: 1000 Coins)
  • The Blocking Dead: Fire Axe melee weapon. (Cost: 5500 Coins)
  • The Targets Head Head for Bounty Hunters. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Rainbow Projectile Trail for Ender Spleef. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Zombie Disguise for Throw Out. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Snowman Disguise for Throw Out. (Cost: Coins)

Quakecraft Cosmetics

NOTICE: Hats won't be put on your head. They will instead be put on top your shoulders which covers the head.

  • The Bob Hat. (Cost: Coins) 
  • The Librarian Hat. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Radiant Hat. (Cost: Coins) 
  • The Medieval Kit. (Cost: Coins) 
  • The Budder Kit. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Level Up Kill Sound. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Villager MHM Kill Sound. (Cost: Coins)

Mega Walls Cosmetics

This rank does not have any cosmetic perks for this game.


The TNT Games Cosmetics

  • The Heart Particle Pack. (Cost: Coins)

Turbo Kart Racers Cosmetics

  • The Green Mantis Helmet. (Cost: Coins)
  • The White Mantis Helmet. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Purple Mantis Helmet. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Bubblegum Futurehelp Helmet. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Gobstopper Futurehelp Helmet. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Bonbon Futurehelp Helmet. (Cost: Coins)
  • The D Goggles Helmet. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Turbobrine Suit. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Alarm Horn. (Cost: Coins)
  • The Kloon Horn. (Cost: Coins)

Build Battle Cosmetics

This rank does not have any cosmetics for this game.

Games that do not have rank-based cosmetics:

Pre-EULA Perks

4x Coin Mastery without Level 75

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