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MVP++ (Most Valuable Player ++) is the fifth of five donator ranks on the Hypixel Network. It is the only subscription-based "rank addon"[1] purchasable on the Hypixel Store. Unlike the other donator ranks, MVP++ cannot be permanently bought and is instead an extension of the MVP+ rank. It also contains some exclusive features from the YouTuber rank. MVP++ can be bought for 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or 1 year; purchases are cumulative meaning they will stack (e.g. buying 30 days and then 90 days will give you 120 days of MVP++).

In order, it comes after the MVP+ rank.

MVP++ Prices
Time span Hypixel Store (USD) In-game store (Gold)
30 days $7.99 799
90 days $21.99 ($7.33/month) 2,199 (733/month)
180 days $39.99 ($6.67/month) 3,999 (667/month)
1 year $70.99 ($5.92/month) 7,099 (592/month)

Global Perks[]

MVP++ Frame

MVP++ animated frame on the forums

  • All the perks of VIP, VIP+, MVP, and MVP+.
  • [MVP++] chat prefix (defaults to red pluses)
  • Ability to switch between gold and aqua color overlay (color of the [MVP++]/[MVP++] tag).
  • Special join message and particles when entering lobbies: >>> [MVP++] <player> joined the lobby! <<<
  • Statuses
  • Access to private games and private game settings for certain games (Bed Wars, SkyWars, TNT Games, and UHC Champions)[Confirm?]
  • Limited access to the nickname system (6 changes per day & can only use server-generated usernames) (/nick)
  • Access to the /stream command which makes public parties (joinable with /party join <player>)
  • Emojis
  • Auto-Tipping (tips players with network boosters)
  • Golden Guild tag
  • Golden GG
  • x3.5 event silver multiplier
  • MVP++ forums avatar frame
  • MVP++ section on the forums
  • "MVP++ gold" reaction on the forums
  • MVP++ rank on the Hypixel Discord server
  • MVP++ channels on the Hypixel Discord server
Color Criteria Preview
Red Default [MVP++] [MVP++]
Gold Hypixel Level 35 [MVP++] [MVP++]
Green Hypixel Level 45 [MVP++] [MVP++]
Yellow Hypixel Level 55 [MVP++] [MVP++]
Light Purple Hypixel Level 65 [MVP++] [MVP++]
White Hypixel Level 75 [MVP++] [MVP++]
Blue Hypixel Level 85 [MVP++] [MVP++]
Dark Green Hypixel Level 95 [MVP++] [MVP++]
Dark Red Hypixel Level 150 [MVP++] [MVP++]
Dark Aqua [MVP++] [MVP++]
Dark Purple Hypixel Level 200 [MVP++] [MVP++]
Dark Gray [MVP++] [MVP++]
Black Hypixel Level 250 [MVP++] [MVP++]
Dark Blue Gifted Ranks: 50 [MVP++] [MVP++]
Code Emoji[note 1]
:shrug: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
:tableflip: (╯°□°)╯┻━┻
o/ ( ゚◡゚)
:123: 123
:totem: _
:typing: ...
:maths: (π+x)=L
:snail: @'-'
:thinking: (0.o?)
:gimme: ༼つ◕_◕༽つ
:wizard: ('-')⊃☆゚.*・。゚
:oof: OOF
:puffer: <('O')>

Game Features[]

Some quality of life features in games or upgrades are locked behind certain ranks.



  • 6 Cookies per pack


  • Private island guest limit increased to 7
  • x3.0 experience multiplier in Carpentry and Runecrafting


Type Subcategory Name
Click Effects Headpunch



  1. May render incorrectly on the wiki.


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