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Mega Walls


Mega Walls Lobby Info Board

"Mega Walls takes the game to an entirely new level. 100 players total, separated into 4 teams of 25. Spend the first 10 minutes gathering resources, and building defenses for your team. Once the wall drops, the battle begins. Like Walls, diamonds can be found in the very center. Coordinate your team, and defend the Wither that resides in your castle, or rush to attack enemy teams' wither. Once the team's wither is dead, players no longer respawn when they die. Destroy the withers, and defeat your enemies! Be the last team standing, and win the game!"


In Mega Walls, there are usually four teams: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Once the game starts, you will be given ten minutes to mine for loot and gather ores for gear. The main goal is to attack other team's Withers, bringing them from 1000/1500 health to 0. Once your Wither is dead, you can no longer respawn, works the same way for other teams. The Withers naturally decrease in health at a rate of 3 every few seconds while enraged, in order to quicken up the game. However, this will NOT bring a Wither's health below 1, and a player has to hit a Wither in order to kill it. (Edit: The last wither will now die shortly after it reaches 1 health, which can be shortly after the next to last wither is killed if they both are at 1 health.) Finally, when all Withers die, you are given ten seconds to get to the center of the map before you rapidly start losing hunger, and you starve to death. EDIT: Starvation now only does damage until you are down to 10 HP.



This mode is the normal Mega Walls gamemode. There are 4 teams which try to defeat each other's withers. Each Wither's health in this mode is 1000.


In this mode, there are only 2 teams and 40 players unlike the other 2, which contain a max of 100 players. There are only two maps currently avaliable in this mode, which is Forsaken and Dragonkeep. Each Wither's health in this mode is 1500.


You can change the rules of the game, such as prep. time and wither HP. This is for parties of 10-24. You can change the amount of teams, too.


Standard Maps[]

Image Name Status Creator
No image is currently available. Aftermath Permanently Retired Hypixel Build Team
No image is currently available. Anchored Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
No image is currently available. Aztec Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team
No image is currently available. Barrage Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
Bloodmoon (Mega Walls) Bloodmoon Available Hypixel Build Team
City (Mega Walls) City Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team
No image is currently available. Dragonkeep Available [Confirm?] Mithrintia
No image is currently available. Duskforge Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
No image is currently available. Dynasty Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
Ebonveil (Mega Walls) Ebonveil Available Hypixel Build Team
No image is currently available. Egypt Available [Confirm?] Mithrintia
No image is currently available. Forsaken Available [Confirm?] Mithrintia
No image is currently available. Frozen Permanently Retired Hypixel Build Team
No image is currently available. Goldforge Permanently Retired Hypixel Build Team
No image is currently available. Hades Permanently Retired Hypixel Build Team
No image is currently available. Harmony Permanently Retired Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
No image is currently available. Imperial Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
No image is currently available. Kingdom Available [Confirm?] Team Vadact
No image is currently available. Kirobiro Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
No image is currently available. Launchsite Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
No image is currently available. Mad Pixel Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
No image is currently available. Oasis Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
No image is currently available. Serenity Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
No image is currently available. Serpents Available [Confirm?] Craftpixel Team
No image is currently available. Shadowstone Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
Shanty Bay (Mega Walls) Shanty Bay Available Hypixel Build Team
No image is currently available. Solace Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team
No image is currently available. Steppes Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]
Stonehold (Mega Walls) Stonehold Available Hypixel Build Team
No image is currently available. Wonderland Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]

Face Off Maps[]

Image Name Status Creator
No image is currently available. Dragonkeep Available [Confirm?] Mithrintia [Confirm?]
No image is currently available. Forsaken Available [Confirm?] Mithrintia [Confirm?]
No image is currently available. Goldforge Available [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team [Confirm?]

Practice Maps[]

Image Name Status Creator
No image is currently available. Practice Permanently Retired [Confirm?] Hypixel Build Team

Mega Walls Shop[]


Class Name Type Play Style Cost (Coins/Mythic Favor)
Cow Starter Support/Tank Free
Hunter Starter Ranged/Fighter Free
Shark Starter Fighter/Control Free
Golem Regular Tank/Control 5,000
Arcanist Regular Control/Fighter 5,000
Shaman Regular Control/Mobility 5,000
Dreadlord Regular Rusher/Damage 15,000
Pigman Regular Damage/Tank 15,000
Zombie Regular Tank/Support 15,000
Blaze Regular Damage/Ranged 15,000
Herobrine Regular Damage/Control 25,000
Squid Regular Control/Tank 25,000
Enderman Regular Mobility/Fighter 25,000
Spider Regular Mobility/Rusher 25,000
Creeper Regular Control/Damage 25,000
Skeleton Regular Ranged/Control 40,000
Pirate Regular Fighter/Damage 40,000
Werewolf Mythic Mobility/Tank 3 Mythic Favor
Phoenix Mythic Support/Tank 3 Mythic Favor
Moleman Mythic Damage/Mobility 3 Mythic Favor
Assassin Mythic Fighter/Mobility 5 Mythic Favor
Automation Mythic Tank/Fighter 5 Mythic Favor
Renegade Mythic Mobility/Ranged 5 mythic favor
Snowman Mythic Damage/Fighter 5 Mythic Favor

Class Types[]

Starter: These classes already unlocked for free.

Regular: Cost coins and a certain network level to unlock. Upgrading is the same as normal classes

Mythic: These classes require Mythic Favor to unlock. Mythic Favor obtained when player do final kills or win the game, their upgrades also require Mystic Favor.

Alternate Skill Effects[]

Alternate skill effects are effects that occur when you use your ability or when an ability is triggered, and are unique to each class. You can only have one equipped at a time. These are only available for VIP and up.

Name Description
Pirate: Boombox While playing the Pirate class, changes the default Cannonball into a Note Block, complete with tune!
Creeper: Love Bomb Gives your Detonate ability a shower of loveheart particles when you explode.
Hunter: Pig, Pig, Baby Your fully drawn bow fires baby pigs which lock in on nearby targets.
Zombie: Angelic Touch Brace your teammates with a healing halo of hearts.
Squid: Toxic Splash Infect your enemies with a lethal bio-agent and steal their health.
Enderman: 4th Dimensional Beatbox Enderman drops a beat so fly that he zips right out the other side
Skeleton: Bomberman Transform your explosive arrows into TNT projectiles.
Spider: Crazy Frog Summons several froggy friends when using the leap ability.
Herobrine: Apparitions While playing the Herobrine class, using Wrath will momentarily summon multiple Herobrine Apparitions around your target.
Pigman: Boiling Bubble While playing the Pigman class, changes the default Burning Soul visual into a bubble of boiling water.
Golem: Diamond Punch While playing the Golem class, changes the default iron punch visual into a diamond alternative.
Blaze: Burning Love While playing the Blaze class, changes the default Immolating Burst visual effect into a burst of burning passion.
Shaman: Cownado While playing the Shaman clss, cows appear in your tornado.
Arcanist: Deathray When playing the Arcanist class, changes the default arcane beam visual effect into a spiraling deathray.
Dreadlord: Shadow Wings Gain shadowy wings when activating your main ability as well as dark particle aura that glows outwards.


Warcries are cosmetics that show certain words when you hit or kill someone. All VIP exclusive.

This is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay.

Warcry Sayings
Aura Whisper *die* *give up now* *you are afraid* *you cannot run* *I see your fear*


Bend Will Hey baby. Did you fall from heaven? Are you from Jamaica?

Here's my number. Call me maybe?

Call Of Valor To arms! Comrades! Victory! DOOD-DOO-DALOO!

Let loose the dogs of war!

Clear Skies T@@ E@SY! C@M@ @T M@ BR@! D@ Y@@ @V@N LIFT?!




Feint Truce! Time-Out! Friends? WAIT! Peace?


Marked For Death Fish in a barrel. Picked the wrong fight. End of the line.

This is gonna tickle. Think I'm bluffing?

Unrelenting Force FUS! FUS-ROH! FUS-ROH-DAH!
Devour Soul nomnomnom! TASTY SOULS! Your soul tastes like lemons!

Your death gives me strength! MORE SOULS!

Final Kill Effects[]

"Unlock cool visual Final Kill effects to humiliate your enemies and look awesome."

  • Happy Face - :)
  • Sad Face - :(
  • Crying Face - :'(
  • Face With A Nose - :¬)
  • Shocked Face - :o
  • Cheeky Face - :P
  • Crazy Face - :D

#rekt Holograms[]

#rekt Holograms are placed on the graves of anyone you kill once all Withers have died.

Sign Cost (Mystery Dust)
#rekt 100
Get Good 100
Ur Mama 100
Bad N Ez 100
#noscoped 100
L 1,000

Kill Messages[]

The kill messages are packs that feature different messages when you kill someone. Each pack costs 35 Mystery Dust .The packs are:

  • Default (Free)
  • Western
  • Fire
  • Love
  • Paladin
  • Pirate
  • Bbq
Default Lines Western Fire Love Paladin Pirate BBq
[X] was shot and killed by [Y] was filled full of lead by was struck down by was struck with Cupid's Arrow by was smote from afar by be shot and killed by was glazed in BBQ sauce by
[X] was snowballed to death by [Y] was iced by was turned to dust by was given the cold shoulder by was justly ended by be snowballed to death by was sprinkled with chilli powder by
[X] was killed by [Y] met their end by was turned to ash by was hugged too hard by was purified by be sent to Davy Jones' locker by was sliced up by
[X] was killed with a potion by [Y] lost a drinking contest with was melted by drank a love potion from was killed with holy water by be killed with rum by was overcooked by
[X] was killed with an explosion by [Y] was killed with dynamite by was incinerated by was hit by a love bomb from was dealt vengeful justice by be shot with cannon by was deep fried by
[X] was killed with magic by [Y] lost the draw to was vaporized by was no match for was returned to dust by be killed with magic by was boiled by


Shout /shout command 1 time per game - Level 2 + 1250 coins
Surface /surface command - Level 8 + 25000 coins

Quest Master[]


Type Title Description Reward
Daily Game of the Day Play a game of Mega Walls 3,850 Hypixel Experience
1,500 Mega Walls Coins
Win Win a game of Mega Walls with at least 1 kill 3,850 Hypixel Experience
1,500 Mega Walls Coins
Kills Kill 15 players in Mega Walls 3,850 Hypixel Experience
1,500 Mega Walls Coins
Weekly Mega Waller Play 15 games of Mega Walls
Kill 25 players in Mega Walls
23,100 Hypixel Experience
4,500 Mega Walls Coins


Title Description Rewards
Wither Deal at least 200 damage to a Wither during a game. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Protector Get at least 10 kills/assists defending your Wither. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Berserk Obtain a top 3 Final Kill place at the end of your game. 3,700 Hypixel Experience
Comeback Win a game while your Wither was not the last to fall. 3,700 Hypixel Experience


There are 186 Achievements in Mega Walls, giving a total of 2,175 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[]

Name Description Points/Rewards
ALOTv1 Kill a wither as Zombie while being the last player alive on your team 10/Toon Skin for Zombie
Advanced Strategies Win a game of Faceoff without your wither dying 5
Alchemy: 100 Regenerate 1000 hearts with the Master Alchemist ability 10/Torny Skin for Assassin
Ashes to bashes Win a game as Phoenix whilst still alive, without having used Resurrection 10/Ember Skin for Phoenix
At least he tried Get a defensive final kill 10
Avalanche Refill 200 energy from Snowman Companion within 40 seconds 10/Abominable Skin for Snowman
BA-BOOM! Get 5 FK's or FA's with Animal Companion as Hunter 10/Sheep Skin for Hunter
Big Leap Final kill two enemies at once with a single leap 10/Frog Skin for Spider
Biological Restoration Heal 2,500 players with Soothing Moo and Refreshing Sip as Cow 15/Sacred Bull Skin for Cow
Bird's Eye Hit an enemy with Shadow Burst from over 35 blocks away 10/Crowe Skin for Dreadlord
Blaze party Have 6 Blazes active at once during deathmatch as Blaze 10/Scorch Skin for Blaze
Blood Lust Deal 700 damage to withers in one game 5
Born Talented Extract 15 arrows from a single Rend 10/Bedrock Skin for Renegade
Bow down Get 7 melee FK's or FA's as Skeleton in a single game 10/Space Armor Skin for Skeleton
Breadlord Craft 617 bread as Dreadlord 10/Breadlord Skin for Dreadlord
Bull Shark Hit someone with your full Blood Rage buff active 10/Wata Skin for Shark
Cake Hunter Find 150 different cakes in chests (as any class) 5/Cake Hunter Skin for Hunter
Captain Combo Regain 20,000 energy total from Grappling Hook 10/Hood Skin for Renegade
Chest Finder Find a chest while mining 5
Chill Sniper Have a single blot from your Ice Bolt skill damage 4 enemies 10/Gus Skin for Snowman
Collector Find 500 armor sets in chests as Pigman 10/Kai Skin for Pigman
Coming through! Hit 5 enemies while charging forward in deathmatch as Moleman 10/Jolly Skin for Moleman
Competitive Get top final kills at the end of the match 10
Constructor Place 15,000 total blocks in preparation time as Moleman 10/Brick Skin for Moleman
Cruising Flames Have one Sun Ray hit 5 teammates as Phoenix 10/Fringe Skin for Phoenix
Death from above Get 12 total FK's or FA's with Parrots as Pirate 10/Parrot Frank Skin for Pirate
Dirty dog Get 15 total FK's while under 10 HP as Werewolf 10/Crunch Skin for Werewolf
Don't Blink Hit 1200 enemies while coming out of Shadow Cloak 10/Hitguy Skin for Assassin
ESC Have sea legs activate 10 times during deathmatch in a single game as Pirate 10/Guy Skin for Pirate
Easy Mode Win before the Deathmatch, without dying 15
Exchange Purchase 10 Mythic Favor at once 15
Failed Experiment Cast EMP on 2 enemies with 0 energy during deathmatch 10/Failed Experiment Skin for Automaton
Fire in the hole Hit an enemy with your cannonball from over 50 blocks away as Pirate 10/Jameson Skin for Pirate
Front Line Mine Diamond Ore 10
Frosty Friendship Build 500 snowmen 10/Ice Bug Skin for Snowman
Geronimo! Fall a total of 25000 blocks as Spider 10/Flutter Skin for Spider
Going to the Gym Unlock your first Skill upgrade 5
Gone vegan Survive a whole game as Zombie, while eating nothing but bread, and win 10/Taco Skin for Zombie
Gotcha! Final kill 2 enemies with one ability use as Moleman 10/Truck Skin for Moleman
Grave robber Have the treasure looter ability activate 100 times as Pirate 10/Captain Bones Skin for Pirate
Great White Cast From the Depth on 7 players at once 10/Treasure Skin for Shark
Greedy Louis Drink 500 Ultra Pasteurized Milk as Cow 10/Skelly Moo Skin for Cow
Hammer down Damage 5 different players with one Iron Punch as Golem 10/Victor Skin for Golem
Hammerhead Kill 100 players while both you and them are in water 10/Shelly Skin for Shark
Happy Participate in a Happy Hour game 5
Hard as Steel Collect 5,000 iron ore with your Arcane beam as Arcanist 10/Steele Skin for Arcanist
Heavy Eater Eat 1,000 Junk Items as Moleman 10/Rat Skin for Moleman
Herobrine Super Saiyan Max out all Herobrine skills 10
High on ores Heal 2000 HP from mining iron ore as Blaze 10/Chaze Skin for Blaze
Hug me Heal at least 150 hearts to your teammates as Zombie in a single game 10/Jumbo Skin for Zombie
Hunting season Travel 50,000 blocks with Speed as Werewolf 10/Duster Skin for Werewolf
I Am Cow Heal 8 players with 1 Soothing Moo 10/Cow Suit Skin for Cow
I feel sick Activate your gathering talent 8 times and consume 8 absorption potions in one game as Squid 10/Grumps Skin for Squid
Into the Future! Kill a wither using your Sharpness 1 Pants 10/Fender Skin for Automaton
Inventory Management Hold 8 potions from your Looting skill in your inventory as Renegade 10/Ara Skin for Renegade
It's all Ogre now! As Golem, kill the last Wither in the game and win within 12 minutes 10/Ogre Skin for Golem
King of the Springs Activate Burning Soul 4 times within 21 seconds 10/King Pig Skin for Pigman
Laser Precision Damage ten different players with ten consecutive arcane beams without dying as Arcanist 10/Byron Boy Skin for Arcanist
Legendary Arcanist Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Arcanist 15/Emperor Skin for Shaman
Legendary Assassin Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Assassin 15/Okamoto Skin for Assassin
Legendary Automaton Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Automaton 15/Crank Skin for Automaton
Legendary Blaze Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Blaze 15/Ghaze Skin for Blaze
Legendary Cow Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Cow 15/One Serious Bull Skin for Cow
Legendary Creeper Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Creeper 15/Cricket Skin for Creeper
Legendary Dreadlord Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Dreadlord 15/Sweets Skin for Dreadlord
Legendary Enderman Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Enderman 15/Hoops Skin for Enderman
Legendary Golem Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Golem 15/Gray Skin for Golem
Legendary Herobrine Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Herobrine 15/Odin Skin for Herobrine
Legenary Hunter Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Hunter 15/Kuba the Caveman Skin for Hunter
Legendary Moleman Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Moleman 15/Graen Skin for Moleman
Legendary Phoenix Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Phoenix 15/Falcon X Skin for Phoenix
Legendary Pigman Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Pigman 15/Bandit Skin for Pigman
Legendary Pirate Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Pirate 15/Fjodor Skin for Pirate
Legendary Renegade Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Renegade 15/Morde Skin for Renegade
Legendary Shaman Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Shaman 15/Nikolaos Skin for Shaman
Legendary Shark Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Shark 15/Bblurgbl Skin for Shark
Legendary Skeleton Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Skeleton 15/Red Ted Skin for Skeleton
Legendary Snowman Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Snowman 15/Dobu Skin for Snowman
Legendary Spider Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Spider 15/Shade Skin for Spider
Legendary Squid Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Squid 15/Sea Warrior Skin for Squid
Legendary Werewolf Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Werewolf 15/Cruze Skin for Werewolf
Legendary Zombie Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Zombie 15/Gorilla Skin for Zombie
Lucky Sunny Find 1000 chests while playing Herobrine 10/Sunny Skin for Herobrine
Magnate Unlock a Prestige IV upgrade for a class 20
Marksman Get 25 FK's from over 30 blocks as Skeleton 10/Trick Skin for Skeleton
Mass destruction Break 3,000 blocks with detonate as Creeper 10/Destructo Skin for Creeper
Masterpiece Kill an enemy wither with a painting as Pigman 10/Picasso Skin for Pigman
Max render distance Land a fire arrow from 100 blocks away as Blaze 10/Proto Skin for Blaze
Maximum Effort Get 3 Final Kills in 12 seconds as Dreadlord 10/Doomboy Skin for Dreadlord
Moo Brawl Have 600 buckets of your Bucket Barrier break to defend you 10/Iron Cow Skin for Cow
Moodsetter Craft your own jukebox and play a tune 10/Jazz Hands Skin for Skeleton
Morra Shadow Step to an enemy from exactly 20 blocks away 10/Blu Skin for Assassin
Much dogs Spawn 500 wolves as Shaman 10/Doggo Skin for Shaman
Multi-kill! Get 5 FK's or FA's in a period of 15 seconds as Herobrine 10/Boxer Skin for Herobrine
Night's Rest Heal teammates for 1000 total HP using Sun Ray as Phoenix 10/Owl Skin for Phoenix
Ninja 7s Craft an iron sword and get 7 FK's with that sword as Spider 10/Vinny Skin for Spider
Not a Golem Win a game as Herobrine wearing a Diamond Chestplate and Diamond Boots 10/Larry Skin for Herobrine
On Point Land twelve successful arrow hits in a row on twelve different enemies as Hunter 10/Edge Skin for Hunter
Peacekreeper Win and survive a whole game as Creeper, without ever using your detonate ability 10/Johnny Skin for Creeper
Potions of Death Get 8 Final Kills with Arcane Explosion as Arcanist 10/Drufus Skin for Arcanist
Ready.. Set.. Boom! Collect 2 stacks of TNT from your gathering talent 10/Bomberdude Skin for Creeper
Recycling Gather 3000 total arrows back from Rend 10/Traitor Skin for Renegade
Remote detonation Get 5 total FK's or FA's with your Minion as Creeper 10/Kreeft Skin for Creeper
Revenge of the Wolves Get 5 total FK's or FA's with your wolves as Shaman 10/Wolf Skin for Shaman
Rushlord Deal 20,000 wither damage total as Dreadlord 10/Rushlord Skin for Dreadlord
Save your stuff Buy an Enderchest upgrade 5
School Cancelled Slow enemies for a cumulative 7200 seconds with your Blizzard ability 10/Frozen Skin for Snowman
Seasons Greetings Give away 1000 pieces of iron armor to your team during the month of December (party members excluded) 10/Santabrine Skin for Herobrine
Short Circut Siphon energy from 6 enemies with one of EMP's pulses as Automaton 10/Atomic Skin for Automaton
Skeleton Supremacy Max out all Skeleton skills 10
Skeleton's best friend Mine 50 diamond ore as Skeleton 10/Spookster Skin for Skeleton
Skitterama Trigger Skitter 4 times within 2 minutes 10/Lethal Skin for Spider
Sleepytime Craft an place a bed in 50 games as Zombie 10/Yawn Skin for Zombie
Sneak attack Get 100 total FK's or FA's from behind as Enderman 10/Shadow Skin for Enderman
Soul BBQ Target 8 players with a single Burning Soul 10/Super Pig Skin for Pigman
Speedrun Attack all three enemy withers within 3 minutes after the walls have fallen as Enderman 10/Dash Skin for Enderman
Speedy mineman Have shortcut activated for 5 minutes non-stop during deathmatch 10/Mineman Tyler Skin for Moleman
Stayin' Alive Win a game without dying and get THE final kill with a Jukebox as Shaman 10/Brian the Disco Bear Skin for Shaman
Strategic Mind Attack an enemy's Wither 5
Surprise! Teleport to 2500 total players as Enderman 10/Gamer Skin for Enderman
Taking the heat Kill an enemy wither while on fire as Golem 10/Flint Skin for Golem
Team Player Affect 5 allies with a single refreshing sip during deathmatch as Cow 10/Fungu Madness Skin for Cow
Terminated Script Siphon 3000 energy energy from killing enemies 10/Vacuum Skin for Automaton
Thanks Connor Catch 30 arrows in a single game 10/Connor Skin for Assassin
The Blood of My Enemies Win with your Wither still alive 15
The Gatherer Unlock your first Gathering Skill upgrade 5
This Is Not Even My Final Form Max out all skills for a non-starter class 10
This is my final form! Unlock a Prestige upgrade for a class 10
Throwing hot coconuts Get 3 Final Kills with Fireballs as Blaze in one game 10/Mango Skin for Blaze
Thunder Get 2 Final kills with one wrath while playing Herobrine 10/Thunders Skin for Herobrine
Tiger Shark Trigger Food Hunt 4 times within 40 second during deathmatch 10/Devourer Skin for Shark
Timber! Chop 5,000 pieces of wood as Golem 10/Bryce Skin for Golem
Time to diet Eat 750 Steaks as Werewolf 10/Bloo Skin for Werewolf
Time to feast Harvest 40 Steaks from killing players in a single game 10/Jake Skin for Werewolf
To Infinity Activate Tempest 3 times in a row, without losing Speed III 10/Chester Skin for Arcanist
Treasure hunter Find 300 Golden Apples total from your gathering skill as Hunter 10/Tucson Skin for Hunter
Trust me I'm a doctor Heal 2,500 total HP as Squid 10/Doctor Squish Skin for Squid
Untouchable Melee 7 different enemies consecutively without taking damage as Enderman 10/Seeker Skin for Enderman
Veteran Unlock 12 Classes 15
What's the big idea!? Final kill an enemy after splashing them with a regen potion as Phoenix, before the potion expires 10/Sailor Sid Skin for Phoenix
Whirlpool Damage 4 different players with one Tier V Splash as Squid 10/K'Tulu Skin for Squid
Whirlwind Damage 6 players with one tornado as Shaman 10/Totem Skin for Shaman
Wunderbar Unlock a Prestige III upgrade for a class 15
Yeehaw! Kill a wither while riding a pig as Hunter 10/Huppie Moon Skin for Hunter
You shall not pass! Get 10 total defensive FK's or FA's as Squid 10/Guardian Skin for Squid
Zombie Leader Max out all Zombie skills 10

Tiered Achievements[]

Name Tier


Cake Hunter Tiered I Find 3 different types of cake while mining as any class 5
II Find 10 different types of cake while mining as any class 10
III Find 25 different types of cake while mining as any class 15
IV Find 75 different types of cake while mining as any class 20
V Find 150 different types of cake while mining as any class 25
Jack of all Trades I Collect 6 classes 5
II Collect 10 classes 10
III Collect 15 classes 15
IV Collect 20 classes 20
V Collect 24 classes 25
Mega Walls Banker I Earn 5,000 coins in Mega Walls 5
II Earn 10,000 coins in Mega Walls 10
III Earn 35,000 coins in Mega Walls 15
IV Earn 55,000 coins in Mega Walls 20
V Earn 75,000 coins in Mega Walls 25
Mega Walls Champion I Win 10 games 5
II Win 50 games 10
III Win 100 games 15
IV Win 250 games 20
V Win 500 games 25
Mega Walls Guardian I Get 5 defender kills 5
II Get 50 defender kills 10
III Get 250 defender kills 15
IV Get 500 defender kills 20
V Get 1,000 defender kills 25
Mega Walls Rusher I Deal 250 damage to withers 5
II Deal 2,000 damage to withers 10
III Deal 5,000 damage to withers 15
IV Deal 15,000 damage to withers 20
V Deal 50,000 damage to withers 25
Mega Walls Slayer I Kill 10 players 5
II Kill 50 players 10
III Kill 250 players 15
IV Kill 1,500 players 20
V Kill 4,500 players 25
Moctezuma I Unlock 2 Prestige upgrades 5
II Unlock 4 Prestige upgrades 10
III Unlock 8 Prestige upgrades 15
IV Unlock 12 Prestige upgrades 20
V Unlock 16 Prestige upgrades 25

Tips and Tricks[]

Before we get into various game plans, let's take a look at how various classes can be used well. (WIP)

Enderchest - An enderchest can be bought to store your spare armor, food and supplies. It reappears in your inventory each time you are killed and you can access the contents by right clicking it. It is a much more secure way to store your gear at the cost of buying the chest for every class you want to use it with.

Diamond ore - Each map holds 8+ diamond ore that can be found in the center of the map. Rushing these diamonds is something a lot of people like to do, so you're unlikely to get enough for a diamond chestplate. Egypt is the exception, with 6 diamond ores and 4 diamond swords located in underground chests.

Clutching - Clutching is when a player stockpiles food before deathmatch, and then kills players as they try to attack him/her while the player is highly outnumbered by 4 to 1 or more. In Egypt, teams usually head the top of the middle tower to clutch. In Forsaken and Dragonkeep, people reside in the hunger zones, so players will most likely lose ability to regenerate or be weakened by the time they reach the clutcher. Another popular strategy on all maps for hole classes is to dig down to bedrock, where you wait for people to try and find you.

Skybase - Teams create bases in the sky for their team to pile into, so the risk of their team dying out becomes lower. Also, when in the air, it is more dangerous for people to try and pillar up to it, as they can be knocked off of it and die, unless it is a base with stairs. The Skeleton and Enderman classes work great with skybasing as they can snipe off the base or easily take the fall down and lose enemies that come up, respectively. Also note that the Skeleton's Explosive Arrow ability and Dreadlord's Wither Blast ability can easily destroy a skybase, making them a great counter to the tactic as well.

Walling - Teams build walls for defending and prevent attacks. Usually made before the walls fall. Wooden plank or dirt walls are suggested, as people are less likely to have the tools to mine these efficiently.

Trenching - Teams dig a trench behind their of the wall for defending. Usually built before the walls fall. Placing slabs on the trench or flooding the trench is a good idea to upgrade it.

Block Spam - There are tunnels in the underground that leads to the other teams' Withers. Therefore, teams usually spam blocks in the underground to make it more difficult for an enemy to pass through the tunnels.

Jhopping - A technique usually used when clutching. Players will dig into the ground and make a small hole underneath, they will then place some blocks to cover up half of the tunnel that they dug down from. This usually causes enemies who are after them to chase them and jump into the hole. Since half of the bottom of the hole is blocked, they cannot escape and the jhopper will easily eliminate them. This method was originally popularized by a player back then known as Jhop27, however currently known as Jhop post-name changes.

Bridging - A technique of building which involves building elevated platforms/pathways allowing for fast and safe access to other team's withers (not to be confused with Wall Running). This also leads to the creation of skybases.

Meta Teams: This is an offensive strategy in which of group of people, generally with good swords and armor, stick together to wipe out a certain enemy. An assassin group all heads at one team, or wither. This is a very advanced and preparation-worthy strategy that requires a lot of coordination and effort. The general amount of people you would want as meta would probably be 3-7.There are certain preferable meta teams of classes that generally work well, as follows:

Zombie, Herobrine, Spider: The idea of this strategy is to have the zombie(s) tank it (take most of the blows) and heal the spider and Herobrine class people. The Herobrine(s) will go behind the person/wither and out. Finally, the Spider will slow and help kill the enemy targeted using its leap ability.

Skeleton, Blaze, Arcanist: This is mainly a ranged meta strategy, basically a group of ADC and APC (Attack Damage Carry and Ability Damage Carry). Therefore it has its combat flaws. The blaze and skeleton will perch on a wall or place to shoot while the arcanist distracts the player. As the arcanist gains energy and shoots arcane beams, the skeleton and blaze will be able to use their abilities to shoot flaming and exploding arrows, killing the enemy. Watch out for groups of players!

Dreadlord, Golem, Blaze: This is a lot like the first combination in which the Golem acts as the main tank (blow taker) and the Dreadlord acts as the bruiser/off-tank (deals the damage). The blaze can either shoot arrows at the target or help in the combat (ADC). So basically a tank, bruiser and ADC.

Shaman, Enderman, Creeper, Pigman: This might be considered one of the most deadly combinations. Best for ganking enemy players. The Enderman will run forward at the target, with the Pigman right behind. As soon as the Enderman is near, he will teleport behind the target, and the Pigman gets its chance to strike blows, with the Enderman behind. At this point, the shaman and creeper will close around the target, entrapping it. This is especially good against buff tank players, like golems and zombies, because it allows the creeper to be able to really put its explosion into effect.

Meta teams are also commonly known as rushing.


  • MW is the 12th most popular Hypixel game. (behind TNT Games, The Pit, UHC and 8 others)
  • This is one of two minigames to feature Challenge Mode. The other is Cops and Crims.
  • One of the most well- known Hypixel games 2013 - 2015


Date Content
January 17, 2014
  • Disabled pistons temporarily due to exploits
  • Disabled dispensers temporarily due to exploits
  • Rebalanced Dreadlord a bit
  • Fixed Dreadlords always having max regen perk in the code
  • Fixed Skeleton block break ability
  • Blocked structure growth
  • Fixed ghost bug when a Zombie accidentally healed an already-dead player
  • Implemented a new respawn system to help with the above