Standard lobby layout

Each minigame (exception for arcade games and classic games) has it's own coins, quests and lobby. Coins are usually spent in shop for useful or just cosmetic upgrades, quests are helping you with progress to reach better items and in each lobby you can find thing like parkour, Mystery Vault or Delivery Man.

This is a list of all the available minigames on the network right now. They are put in categories here (these categories are from the Game Menu). You can also read about the main lobby and more down below.

Shooter Edit


There are currently 3 shooter minigames:

Survival Edit


Normal Edit

There are currently 5 normal survival minigames:

Team Edit

There are currently 4 team survival minigames:

Hardcore Edit

There is currently only 1 hardcore survival minigame:

Casual Edit


There are currently 2 casual lobbies, TNT Games and Arcade games, are full of other minigames.

Competitive Edit


There are currently 4 competitive games:

Racing Edit


There is currently only 1 racing minigame:

Prototype Edit

These games are still in development, if players enjoy them, the minigame will eventually have it’s own lobby, quests, coins and probably, cosmetics.

Others Edit

Adventure Lobby Edit

Adventure maps are Hypixel's first creations. From Wrath of the Fallen to Herobrine's Return, all of these maps are still one of the best adventure maps ever. Unfortunately right now, the lobby is removed and if it will be added back in the future is unknown. On the bright side, all Hypixel maps can be found here [1].

Housing Edit

Housing is a place where you get a little place to show your creative skills. Crucial feature for this minigame are blocks from Mystery Boxes and various upgrades for your plot like bigger size or various themes, everything for Mystery Dust.

Parkour Edit

Every lobby has it's own parkour race. Usually it's next to portal on the right side when you look at it. Try them and try to beat your friends or share your time on Hypixel forums!