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This article concerns a minigame or feature on the Hypixel Network that has since been removed.

The Moderator (Mod) rank was a volunteer staff rank on the Hypixel server and was granted to volunteers who previously worked as a Helper. Moderators were responsible for customer support, rule enforcement, quality assurance, etc. and were provided access to server command and network permissions. The Moderator rank was officially discontinued on August 9, 2021 as Hypixel stepped away from volunteer staff ranks, and players with the rank were promoted to Game Master or reverted to the rank they had before volunteering for staff.[1]


The moderator rank could not be directly applied for (unlike Helper and Administrator), so players wanting the rank needed to go through the Helper rank before being promoted to a Moderator.

Global Perks/Permissions[]

All the perks and permissions of the Moderator rank were not publicly listed or available, so this is not an exhaustive list. The permissions given to moderators may vary depending on their job/role on the staff team, though their work is mostly moderation-related.[note 1]

  • All the perks of the donator ranks, YouTube rank, and Helper rank.
  • [MOD] chat prefix
  • Access to high level moderation and punishment commands (/mute, /ban, etc.)
  • Ability to access and respond to bug reports
  • Ability to lock, delete and move threads on the forums
  • Moderator forums avatar frame
  • "Mod Emerald" reaction on the forums
  • Moderator rank on the Hypixel Discord server
  • and more...?


  1. This list was revised after the rank was removed; information may be incorrect.