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Murder Mystery

Mountain is a Winter-themed map released on January 10, 2018


The map is split into three parts: at the very end a small market surrounded by cottages and stores, and at the other side, A larger section of the town with two very large houses with sloped roofs. In between these two section is the mountain itself, which gradually slopes downward until it flattens out near the market portion of the village.

Above the mountain is a ski lift, which crosses from one side of the town to the other. Inside the mountain is an icy cave that leads up to the base of the taller side of the ski lift. Near the side of the map is a line of trees, where behind it lies a small patch a mountain hidden from sight. Halfway up the mountain is a large snowman, which one can climb into.


This map has a variety of features located throughout the houses and mountain. Inside houses at the base and top of the mountain are shopkeepers who sell shovels for 1 Gold Ingot Gold. One can then use these shovels to mine up to 30 snowballs and hit people with them, causing large knockback but no damage. Every ten hits a blue and white firework explodes around the targeted played.

Between the two sectors is the ski lift, which people can ride on from one side to the other. Unlike the zipline in Hollywood, this one doesn't automatically deposit you once reach the end, meaning one can ride on it eternally, without any interruptions.